Typically this is the time of year that we look ahead with optimism at the beginning of a new year and a fresh start, however if you are a smoker you know that 2014 could be full of the same well-documented smoking health risks, which are just some of the many reasons to quit smoking.

For you and your family, the best new years resolution may be the same one you battle with year after year.

This is the time of the year is when you typically get hit over the head with data and advice. Friends, family and coworkers are surely pointing you toward what they think is your best new years resolution.

If they haven't already, friends who want you to quit smoking with beg and pester you to quit with nicotine gum.

They will be armed with reasons to quit smoking and first-hand stories of success and failure alike. A lot of the prodding will sounds the same; “get on the patch,” “get some nicotine gum,” “quit cold turkey” or just simply “do whatever you need to do!”

What’s a guy (or gal) to do? Well, in case you haven’t yet gotten the advice we think is the best, here is a different voice from that choir: your best new years resolution is switching to an electronic cigarette. If you had not heard about e-cigs before, this past year may have been the year that word got around to you on these innovative devices.

3 reasons we think switching to an e-cig is the best new years resolution

While you may have heard some great things about e-cigarettes, you may have also heard talk of electronic cigarette health risks. Some are skeptical regarding e-cigs and others, backed up by studies such as this one, are flush with enthusiasm. We won’t get into all that back and forth in this space, but suffice to say that we are huge fans of the incredible potential e-cigs have in changing lives. These are the 3 reasons we think switching to an e-cig is the best new years resolution you can make for 2014:

Making the switch from tobacco to e-cigs is less about what device you use and more about leaving a harmful habit behind.

1. Do it for them. Now I’m as much of a freedom lover as the next guy. It’s my life and I’ll choose how to live it, I’ve always said. But I can’t ignore the fact that, beyond any smoking health risks, when I was a full-time smoker I was just not that fun for everyone else that I cared about. I smelled like an ashtray (which means I was no fun to kiss either), my teeth were yellow, and I always had to take breaks to run outside and get my nicotine fix. E-cigs changed all that for everyone around me. My electronic cigarette doesn’t produce any smell, doesn’t make my teeth yellow, and I could take a drag or two while indoors and never miss a thing. All of a sudden I was around much more often and without that cigarette odor everybody was giving me a hard time about.

2. Do it for you. Here we go, back to telling everyone to mind their own business lol. Not quite, but we can’t ignore what switching to an e-cig will do for you, because after all it has to make a difference in your life for it to stick. This one could read like any other list of reasons to quit smoking, but there is more beyond the feeling better, breathing better, and looking better angle. The key to avoiding all those smoking health risks is to make the switch easier. E-cigs feel like real cigarettes and give you the familiar feeling you get after lighting up a traditional cigarette. You still get to hold the thing in your hand, take a drag, and feel that throat hit that quenches your craving. As opposed to nicotine gum or the patch, you can still have that feeling of smoking while having your coffee in the morning, or an after dinner puff after a great meal. It doesn’t change your way of doing things in an extreme way, which is part of the genius of it.

There are plenty of people in your life worth making the switch for, but don't just quit smoking for them, do it for yourself.

3. Do it for your wallet. I guess this could fit into our second reason above, but it really deserved a spotlight of its own. Switching to electronic cigarettes will make your wallet smile! With current cartomizer prices averaging out to a relative $2 per pack of cigarettes, e-cigarettes can save you a ton of money over traditional smokes. And that’s before the tobacco tax hikes that are set to kick in soon in many places around the country, such as Chicago and Oregon.

Even if your city or state isn’t raising your cigarette prices right now, it is likely they are trying to. A whopping 35 states had their legislatures considering cigarette tax and tobacco tax bills in 2013, so don’t think you aren’t in line for the same. A possible savings of thousands of dollars a year? That’s a legitimate reason to “do it for your wallet,” making switching to e-cigs the best new years resolution for smokers.

A secondary advantage of quitting smoking is the financial benefit.

Electronic cigarettes are a breakthrough for many, many cigarette smokers. With smoking health risks now popular knowledge, reasons to quit smoking have only increased, but the tools to do so were iffy at best. Here at Expert Vaping we think your best new years resolution could very well be a switch to e-cigarettes. If these 3 reasons left you thirsty for more, you can check out other e-cig news and topics we’ve covered, such as the psychological effects of smoking and how e-cigarettes can help.  New Years is just around the corner, making now the time to consider a switch to e-cigs as your top resolution for 2014. Expert Vaping is your news source for any information you may need, and we’re happy to help. Here’s to a 2014 full of accomplished resolutions for us all!

Happy New Year!