Public Health England has released an ambition harm reduction program. In a report titled “Towards A Smoke Free Government“, PHE has identified electronic cigarettes and vaping as an asset to be utilized to reduce tobacco harm.

200 people a day. In the outset of their report PHE brings us right to the number that we often seen desensitized to. That is the fact that right now in England 200 people die every day from smoking related illness. While people argue about how to reduce the damage, real people are lost every day. It is so important to focus on the real issue.

public health England study on vaping results 95 percent safer than smoking

PHE has stated that they have several benchmarks that they want to achieve by 2022. The goals are to reduce teen smoking from 8% to 3%, to reduce the overall smoking rate from 15.2% to under 12%, to reduce smoking rates among people in higher risk categories, to reduce smoking during pregnancy. In addition they want to create more smoke free spaces going forward. But, those smoke free spaces do not include vaping.

Do Not Include Vaping In Smoking Bans – PHE

Public Health England is urging pubic bodies and businesses to not include vapor with any smoking bans. In perhaps the most comprehensive study done to date, PHE has found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. As a result, they are urging that electronic cigarettes not be included in any smoke free legislation. They also want employers to exclude vaping and e-cigs from any smokefree company policies. They do not want anyone to confuse vaping with smoking. PHE regards vaping as an ally in the fight against smoking.

England is keeping the primary goal first and foremost in mind. Their goal is to save those 200 people who are losing their lives to smoking every single day. They are not forcing the public to wait for a perfect, easy solution to quickly stamp out smoking addiction. No, PHE recognizes that vaping is an asset. PHE is going to be on the right side of history. Wonder if anyone at the FDA is noticing?