What a ride we have been on for the last 18 months. Whatever side of the spectrum you were on, it’s time for all to come together. It was an ugly campaign where issues and details did not even play a minor part. Issues and details barely made cameo appearances. The country needs to heel. For those on the right, know that liberals are not all socialists who want government handouts. For those on the left, know that conservatives are not all intolerant and heartless. Let’s put all of the stereotypes away and move forward as a group that now has to recognize the value each side brings to the table and learn from each other.

As the crazy election season ends, we have results on the Proposition 56 measure in California. Prop 56 calls for a tax on cigarettes, at $2 a pack, and on electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Prop 56 received a 60% plus “Yes” vote. It wins. That means that a tax on tobacco products is a go in the State of California. And as vapers, we have a new fight on our hands.

Smokers upset after passage prop 56 raises taxes can call state representatives.

When we first covered Prop 56 over a month ago, at that time no details were known about what the specifics of the tax on vapor products would be. It was rumored to be a potentially very large tax. Well more details have emerged as to the intended level of those vape taxes. What we are hearing is a 67% tax on e-liquids. That would be a massive hit to California vape shops and to the public health interest of Californians.

Heel, Come Together And Fight The CA Vape Tax

Just like the country needs to come together after an ugly election, the vaping community in California needs to come together and make its case to State lawmakers. If you live in California, you can begin by finding your state reps, assembly and Senate, and inform them about your opposition to a tax on vapor products. Tell your rep your personal story about smoking and vaping. They need to know that vaping is an asset in the fight against tobacco and not an enemy.

Californians, find your state reps here:

California State Assembly weighs in on vaping.

California, you candy this! In Pennsylvania a similar tax was proposed and the vaping community assembled and made their voice heard. The resistance in California will be strong. The CDPH declared war on vaping long ago. Jim Knox, the vice-president of California government relations at the American Cancer Society has said “If you have nicotine, you have a tobacco product.” So yes, the same old lines of attack on vaping.

We need to get law makers to understand that vaping is an ally in the fight to reduce tobacco harm. It is also a vibrant business. An oppressive tax is not good for anyone. Ideally, there should be no tax on e-liquid other than the usual sales tax. A 67% tax would be devastating. We need to fight for a complete exemption of vapor products from the Prop 56 mandate.

If you live in California, you can get involved and fight for your right to vape.