Selecting safe vape juice can seem more complicated than it is with all the news surrounding the dangers. In the wake of the popcorn lung scandal, vapers became very wary of e-liquids they did not know the origins or exact ingredients of. After understanding that much of the diacetyl-dominant flavors were cinnamon and buttery varieties, they began to disappear.

The reckoning that resulted produced a massive variety of responsibly-produced, ethically labeled e-juices. E-liquid should only contain a limited number of ingredients. Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural flavoring and nicotine. Heavy criticism of vaping is due commonly to past contents of e-juice. Currently, the contents of reputable e-liquids can be derived from organic sources and food-grade extracts, insuring vapers get only the ingredients they want without any hidden additives. If you’re in a hurry we’ve put together a resource page for the brands we believe provide the best vape juice.

What’s In A Safe Vape Juice?

Scientists are looking into the effects of liquid propylene glycol producing harmful byproducts when heated. However, the temperature at which many e-cigs normally operate would make this nearly impossible. Using higher wattage than vape devices create, the study made their findings under impossible conditions. Their test generated an intense enough amount of heat to effectively ‘burn’ the PG.

Normal vaping wattage does not generate this amount of heat and never burns anything. Vegetable glycerin has endured similar criticisms, with near identical control groups. Advocates for vaping have refuted the claims and studies targeting e-juice. One such advocate, cardiologist Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos published an article titled The Deception of Measuring Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosol in opposition to this misinformation.

The truth is, certain models of respiratory therapy nebulizers use propylene glycol as a vaporizing agent. While some medications dissolve in liquid, some need a compound such as propylene glycol to attach themselves to in order to become vapor. In other words, doctors technically prescribe the use of PG as a treatment for some respiratory conditions.

Finding a safe vape juice requires research both reading and talking to other vapers. The only true way to protect yourself from products is to find out as much information you can and make a calculated decision based on your own understanding. At the end of the day, the only one who can protect you from buying a harmful product is you.