It is not often spoken of but there are some benefits of nicotine. You wouldn’t think so given the association that nicotine has with tobacco. The amount of nicotine in a cigarette is far more than what is actually absorbed but it is that nicotine that drives a smokers cravings. Nicotine may have its downside but by far the biggest health risks of nicotine is its delivery via tobacco smoke. That toxic version of nicotine is what ecigarettes are striving to replace.

Whether you call it eliquid or ecig juice, the most essential part of what you taking in when you vape is the liquid nicotine from your ecig cartridge or e cig tank. Yet the very word “nicotine” seems to elicit the strongest responses one could imagine, often negative, but always opinionated.

the name nicotine has a negative connotation

The association of nicotine with addiction is common and understandable, but often people will also associate the word with illness and even cancer. So what is it about nicotine that makes everyone so squeamish and is the substance something that should be feared or seen in a more positive light? This is something critical for those new to the world of ecigarettes to understand before the go looking for cartridges filled with ecig juice or an e cig tank along with e-liquid.

The simplest reason that people are scared of nicotine is that they instantly associate it with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Obviously smoking kills, that isn’t up for debate, and the nicotine content in those “analogue” cigarettes often take center stage when people talk about them. This is especially true among smokers who are familiar with the addictive qualities of nicotine.

For them, especially those less informed, nicotine is what keeps them coming back to buy more packs of cigarettes. For non-smokers, the word nicotine seems to equal cigarettes in their mind, as if they were the exact same thing. In that case, it is clear why they would have a negative connotation to nicotine, and thus also to its other forms such as liquid nicotine.

Health Risks Of Nicotine

The common misconception is that nicotine brings all the bad stuff and none of the good.

At its base, nicotine does have strong addictive qualities, but hasn’t really been proven to do much harm to you either.

Like caffeine, it can increase heart rate as it is a stimulant but it’s most negative effect is its addictive quality.

Does nicotine have any health risks

It is what makes you come back and want more of whatever you are using to get your nicotine, whether it be a tobacco cigarette or e-liquid that contains liquid nicotine. This is also what makes it desirable for those who use electronic cigarettes.

Making the switch to ecigs gives smokers the opportunity to get some of what they are seeking but through ecig juice instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

is nicotine replacement therapy good

Keep in mind that health organizations do recommend NRT or nicotine replacement therapies because, as the American Council on Science and Health puts it, “Nicotine in medicinal doses nicotine is very safe if used as intended. Long-term human studies of nicotine use show no increase in hospitalization, mortality, or cancer. Cigarette smoke causes cancer. Nicotine does not cause cancer.”

Ecigarettes, when used properly and when eliquid is vaporized at safe temperatures, provides a cleaner nicotine delivery without the toxins in tobacco. Also, because liquid nicotine is vaporized and not burned, it is less volatile. Smokers can also save a lot of money by getting their nicotine from ecigs, especially if they follow our guide to trying the best value vape kits on the market. Ecigs don’t smell and you don’t have to go outside in the cold to get their nicotine with ecigarettes and those are both huge pluses as well.

Health Benefits Of Nicotine

Nicotine has also proven to have some positive side effects beyond the help it gives to smokers looking to make the switch to ecigarettes.

A study published in the American Academy of Neurology regarding nicotine benefits showed results of “significant nicotine-associated improvements in attention, memory, and psychomotor speed” in those with Neurodegenerative Disorders who were involved in clinical trials with nicotine.

American academy of neurology shows nicotine has benefits

In that case the subjects received it not through e-liquid but rather via transdermal patches similar to “the patch” that smokers are used to. This breakthrough could lead to improvements for treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson’s or those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Nicotine benefits may include a wide range of neurological disorders and as the research moves in that direction, don’t be surprised if it is discovered that the health benefits of nicotine is more considerable than anyone imagined.

Dr. Paul Newhouse, a co-author of the study, understands the bad name that nicotine already has. He was quoted by Neurology Today saying “Nicotine obviously carries a lot of baggage… but this paper is based on work we started doing in the late 1980s on the beneficial effects of nicotine in Alzheimer disease. There are now clinical trials of nicotine in Parkinson disease. What we’re trying to discover is the range of nicotine benefits.”

For us ecig users, we know that choosing the right nicotine level for our ecig juice is critical in getting the enjoyment and success out of our e cig tank or 2-piece system. Getting this choice right is one of the most important things you can do, which is why we published a eliquid nicotine level guide for all new and existing vapers.

Does nicotine have any benefits

The word nicotine may conjure up all sorts of negative thoughts, especially for those who aren’t well informed, but make no mistake it can be a friend as much as it can be a foe. If you are looking to try electronic cigarettes for the first time, you should get comfortable with the idea of liquid nicotine as part of the solution and not the problem.

It is definitely a different way to look at things for longtime smokers, but making that adjustment in your mind could pay dividends right away. And of course if you need any help deciding on nicotine levels or ecig juice in general, we are here to support you! Just click on our live chat box on the bottom left of the page and one of our ecig experts will walk you through any questions you may have.

Good luck and happy vaping!