Nicopure Labs is the parent company of Halo Cigs and Evo e-liquids. They are making it very clear that they do not appreciate being mistaken for Big Tobacco. Indeed they are not. Halo Cigs was one of the early American vape companies. This company took e-liquid blending from a backroom lab of buckets and funnels and made it into a science executed in a state of the art laboratory setting. They are the real deal and they have no affiliation to Big Tobacco whatsoever. Nicopure is a vaping company. Always has been.

Anti-tobacco groups and agencies are doing amazing work. Unfortunately, some of them have completely and abysmally failed to recognize the potential of vapor products to be an ally in the effort to reduce the harm caused by tobacco. In fact, some of them have confused vaping with smoking and targeted the electronic cigarette industry with a vitriol that exceeds their concerns about tobacco cigarettes.

What do I mean that anti-tobacco groups attack vaping more than smoking? The proof is in the policy. Chew on this and see where you land on this assertion. In the nineties, teen smoking saw an unexpected increase. How many states established laws restricting the sales of tobacco to people under a certain age? None. We did not see e-cig age laws implemented until vaping came along. Hawaii was the first then age laws started popping up elsewhere. The reason why was the alarmist anti-vaping crowd who used fearmongering regarding vapor being Big Tobacco’s new way to addict kids. Funny they were no so engaged and enraged in the 90s when teen smoking was on the rise.

We Are Not Big Tobacco

One of the main weapons used against the e-vapor industry is that it is Big Tobacco. While it is true that Big Tobacco companies are involved in vapor, like Altria’s NuMark which sells Green Smoke and the Mark Ten e-ccig, the majority if Big Tobacco e-cigs are the ones sold in C-stores. In other words, not the products that vapers use. The fact of the matter is that the heart of the vaping industry is driven by independent American entrepreneurs. Not Big Tobacco.

Nicopure Has Been Safety Conscious And Responsible Since The Beginning

Nicopure and Halo Cigs have been safety conscious since the beginning. As we mentioned, Halo Cigs really took e-liquid crafting to a professional process with safety and quality control protocols. They built a state of the art e-liquid lab in Florida and made USA e-liquid a trend. More than that, they took the lead on packaging, sealed e-liquid bottles and childproof caps.

When you buy Halo or Evo e-liquids, the age verification process is thorough. The company takes every precaution to ensure that no one underage is able to buy Halo or Evo products. Halo has never marketed to children.

It is odd that alcoholic beverages with cartoon mascots and a variety of dessert and fruit flavors do not draw the criticism that vaping products do. It’s almost as though some established industries making money off of tobacco and smoking cessation drugs are using their clout to specifically attack e-vapor.

Nicopure is taking a stand for common sense. They are pushing back against the tired, cliche attacks on vapor products. This is crucial considering the massive effort to misinform that has been going on for years and is as strong as ever right now.

Nicopure produces not only Halo and Evo e-liquids, but also some very high quality hardware. These guys are on the front lines of fighting for vaping rights. Fighting for your right to be smoke free.