Atlantic Cigs has a number of new products including a new VG e-liquid that they have called – Depth Charge!

Atlantic has been in the news a lot lately because they represent the owners of the predicate e-cigarette product that is so crucial to establishing compliance with future FDA e-cig regulation. Be that as it may, in all the fuss it is important to remember that all of that aside, Atlantic is an excellent, progressive electronic cigarette company.

Atlantic Cigs has established itself as a truly innovative e-cig brand and they are constantly developing newer and better products for vapers. For example, they created the Portal universal e-cig cartridge. Now, they have new flavors, bottom coil tanks and cloud making VG e-juice.

depth charge by Atlantic vapor has enough vg to make clouds

VG e-juice is exploding in popularity because it makes clouds of vapor and Atlantic Cig’s Depth Charge certainly accomplishes billowing clouds of vapor.

Many of the available VG e-liquids only work with certain e-cigarette configurations meaning that you have to spend a ton of cash before you can even vape it. Atlantic has come up with a blend that is much more flexible. Depth Charge is versatile, gives you vapor and flavor.

VG is short for vegetable glycerin, a food grade ingredient.   Atlantic’s new Depth Charge VG e-liquid is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% PG, propylene glycol.

That particular ration makes Depth Charge a versatile VG e-juice that will give you clouds of vapor while at the same time containing enough PG to enable the ejuice to work in more types of e-cigs and carry enough flavor and throat hit to satisfy.

Depth Charge is also professionally blended from high quality ingredients. That is very important because you can rest assured that Atlantic’s e-liquids comply with the highest standards. There are so many reports of mislabeled e-liquids out there that you really have to be careful. Remember, right now there is no regulation so virtually anyone can mix and sell e-liquid. Many of these folks blending e-juice have great intentions but, unfortunately, are just not qualified.

Atlantic vapor has different flavors

Stick to reputable, proven e-juice vendors like Atlantic Cigs. Don’t be a guinea pig for an amateur e-juice mixer no matter how well intentioned he or she may be. You are inhaling this vapor, stick to reliable sources.

Atlantic e-liquids, including Depth Charge VG e-juice, are all professionally blended by qualified technicians in a state of the art lab.

Depth Charge was designed for cloud chasers. It comes in 30 ml bottles and contains 3mg of nicotine. You can also choose from among the following 10 flavor options:

  • Bermuda Sweet
  • Bahama Melon
  • Celtic Twist
  • Hammonton Blueberry
  • Iceland Menthol
  • Miami Fusion
  • Montego Mix
  • New York Big Apple
  • Savannah Smooth
  • Washington Redberry

Depth Charge VG e-liquid actually works well with the Atlantic Nautilus. The Nautilus is the lightest weight mod on the market today. It is made of plastic, food grade components and features a twist and click technology that also makes it stand out in terms of ease of use.

Free E-Cigarette Offer

When you buy 2 bottles of Depth Charge VG e-juice, you actually get a free nautilus mod.

Yes, a free e-cigarette when you buy 2 bottles of Depth Charge. This is a great promotion and we suggest you act fast to take advantage. Just use e-cig promo code FREEMOD and you will get your Nautilus e-cigarette for free.

Atlantic vapor has a free e cigarette offer

Atlantic is known for their no strings free e-cigarette offers. Basically, if you give their products a try, they throw in some hardware for free. They have a lot of confidence in their products and it shows. Why shouldn’t they? E-cigarette pioneers who were there when vaping first began founded Atlantic.

A lot of the free e-cig offers come with all sorts of strings attached and are actually little more than scams. Atlantic is a legitimate, reputable ecig brand that you can trust.

So, when you get your free Nautilus you may be happy to know that it now comes with upgraded bottom coil ecig tanks. This is another new gem from Atlantic Cigs.

Bottom Coil Tanks

When Expert Vaping’s Paul Rucci put the Nautilus mod though some rigorous testing for a comprehensive e-cigarette review, the results were impressive. The Nautilus was tested over several months and performed exceptionally well. The Kanger’s and other eGo style mods offered by vape shops and most other generic ecig brands can’t hold a candle to the Nautilus.

Paul suggested that the performance could be even more improved if Atlantic would develop bottom coil tanks. Well, that’s exactly what Atlantic has done. Their new bottom coil tanks are now available for the Nautilus mod.

Atlantic vapor new bottom coil tanks

It is a fantastic sign when an electronic cigarette company listens to consumers and responds with improved products. It shows the professionalism and experience of the brain trust at Atlantic Vapor. They truly understand not only the e-cig industry they are also in touch with the vaping community.

Bottom coil clearomizer tanks offer specific advantages over top coil clearomizer tanks. Most notably, because the heating coil is at the bottom of the tank the wicks, which are very small, are always saturated. That generally means more flavor and more consistent puffs.

Another plus is that when used correctly, bottom coil tanks almost never leak. Nautilus bottom coil tanks now come standard when you pick up your Atlantic Cigs Nautilus vape kit.

Tanks can also be bought separately in packages of three for $24.99.

Atlantic cigs kit comes with car charger, wall charger and two batteries

Atlantic has something for every level of vaper from beginner to cloud chaser. If you want to try Atlantic for yourself, make sure to take a look at e-cig coupon pages for the latest deals from Atlantic.

In addition to these new products from Atlantic, they have also added four brand new e-liquid flavors:

  • Greenville Gold
  • Greensboro Red
  • Grenoble Absolute
  • Greenwich Village Menthol

It’s great to see a progressive, American ecig company responding to consumers and developing new products. Vape shop owners, you are truly missing out by sticking to imports and ignoring innovative American e-cig companies like Atlantic. Vapers, go strait to the source, buy your e-cigs online and get the freshest products and the best deals from American e-cig brands like Atlantic.

You get amazing products and the best value. You can shop directly from Atlantic’s website and take your time to look at all of your choices. Go to the site, check out all of the new stuff and see what you think.