Actively, searching the internet for e cigarette reviews, you are find a growing number of options as new e cigarette brands seem to show up consistently. Interest in vapor cigarettes, also interchangeably called electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, is expanding at a pace that almost nobody expected.

As this recent Time article shows, e-cigarette brands are still popping up left and right to try and fill the demand in this growing market.No matter what you think the best e-cigarette brand out there is, it will undoubtedly be seeing more competition as companies mushroom to the tune of an additional 10.5 per month on average.

Though it is just now catching on, water vapor cigarettes were slowly gaining popularity on a smaller scale years earlier.

The concept of water vapor cigarettes took hold on a smaller scale years ago, and even then we saw incredible growth in the amount of e-cigarette brands offering their wares online.

That is why it is so interesting to see this still going on, even during a time when the e-cigarette industry seems to be consolidating with many company buyouts in the past 18 months. That doesn’t seem to deter these new e-cigarette brands from sprouting up and trying to take a share of the market, even in the face of impending FDA regulations that could make it difficult for smaller brands to compete.

With it's popularity growing exponentially, it's no wonder we see new e-cigarette brands popping up every day.

Part of why so many companies are opening their doors and trying to stake their claim as the best e-cigarette brand is the sheer enormity of the potential market. The e-cigarette industry has already reached $2 billion in sales worldwide, and it got there in the span of only a few years.

New E Cigarette Brands Follow The Money

That type of loot is sure to attract entrepreneurs who see the payoff of succeeding to make inroads with the competition. If they can make a product that results in excellent vapor cigarette reviews, there is a chance to grab a following and make millions. It isn’t a bad plan, especially if that product line includes the increasingly popular items such as e-cig tanks and e-liquid, but it will be harder to do as the FDA starts to clamp down.

The revenue figures prove that the popularity of e-cigarettes is here to stay with over 2 billion dollars in sales.

Up until now the e-cigarette industry has been a wild wild west, with an anything goes mentality that spurred intense marketing campaigns to bring in new users.

This environment is good for growth, but kept unregulated it can bring a lot of harm to the consumer, something the FDA and the bigger e-cigarette brands are weary of.

Up until this point, the e-cigarette industry has been the Wild West, wholly unregulated as retailers sold and produced anything they want ahead of the FDA's new regulatory plan.

With that, FDA regulations are right around the corner and could make it a lot more difficult for these new companies that are just now entering the market.

Another way to look at it is that this is the last chance for companies to get into the industry before things get really locked down with regulation, as typically there is a divide between how the FDA views existing companies and products compared to new ones.

In preparation for FDA upping the ante there are some things we all need to do in order to be ready for new regulations.

In that case, it could be very prudent to get into the market now.

Competition From New Business Means Better Value

Our interest at Expert Vaping is always how the consumer will be affected. The rule of thumb is that more competition brings about better products at cheaper prices, so with that theory we can’t go wrong in adding so many new e-cigarette brands each month. The worry is that these companies are not bringing anything new to the table and are only looking to make that quick buck. This goes double for anyone brining e-cig tanks and e-liquid to the market, items that demand quality for them to be a worthwhile purchase and, more importantly, for it to be safe for users.

Expert Vaping isn't just a review, we do extensive research and vetting in order to guarantee that the products we endorsed are safe and of a high quality.

What we don’t want to see is more of the same and the hope is that these new players are bringing real value along with them. That’s why we’re happy to offer in depth vapor cigarette reviews to consumers, doing our part to make sure people know what they are going to get before they order.

With a slew of companies throwing their hats in the ring, now more than ever it is important to keep up to date with everything new in the industry so you can make an educated choice. In addition to our written and video reviews, be sure to check out our consumer reviews section and make use of our live chat feature so you can truly choose the best e-cigarette for your needs.