Among the most discreet vape devices that produces incredibly fulfilling vapor from weed wax and concentrates, the WASP from Mig Vapor is one of the best compact vape pens for vaping weed. Our Wasp wax vape pen review takes a closer look at one this stealth mod designed for vaping weed concentrates.

On first glance the WASP, which stands for Wax Air Stealth Pen may look like plenty of other weed vape pens on the market, but what is hiding inside, may be as astounding as watching Clark Kent rip off his business suit and fly into the air. Mig Vapor devised a design for integrating all the collective knowledge they’ve gathered on vaping weed wax and oils and packed it all into a sleek, stealthy handheld device.

With the popularity of cannabis vaping, especially concentrates like wax, dabs and oils, we were excited to give this cutting edge compact weed vaporizer a try. Drawing on our collective experience as vapers, we took an intensive look at one of the best wax pens on the market to decide whether the Mig Vapor Wasp was worth all the buzz around it or just another painful sting to your wallet that leaves you itching for better equipment.

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Wasp Wax Vape Pen Review — A Swarm Of Robust Weed Vape In a Compact Device

While it’s designation as a dab pen may give you certain assumptions about it’s performance, the WASP is much more than your run of the mill vape pen for weed concentrates. In fact, you may notice subtle design differences immediately, that may seem simply for aesthetics, but have incredibly essential functions that aid its performance. A great deal of the popular wax vape pen and cannabis concentrate devices available have similar construction that deliver a standard performance, but the Mig Vapor WASP vape pen makes significant improvements on those rudimentary devices to create an intense and fulfilling weed vaping experience with every draw.

In detail, like the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger and Le Queef erigs, the glass mouth piece brings a certain elegance to the streamlined look of the WASP pen. However, its purpose as an integral part of enhancing the flavor of your specific weed wax strains is apparent from the first puff. If you value tasting the terpenes of your chosen wax concentrate, the WASP does not disappoint.

The ability to produce cannabis and herbally infused vapor with incredible flavor highlights is reinforced by the WASP’s built-in ceramic chamber. Essentially, any time a vape brand specializing in weed vaporizers uses ceramic material, it is to bring out the best flavors of the material being used whether it be wax, flower or weed vape oil. As a result, every draw creates a clean and flavorful weed vape cloud without the hampering of overheated coil material or metallic tastes from elements that may contaminate the flavor.

Mig Vapor has truly considered every aspect of how to generate the most intensive and poignant wax pen for vaping weed, as their atomizer coils are composed of quartz and carborundum coils. Like ceramic, quartz creates a very clear and concise vapor that doesn’t pick up additional elements that can change the taste of your weed concentrates. Reflexively, the carborundum coil is designed to generate high initial heat to melt your weed wax into the ceramic chamber and keep the reservoir warm for optimum weed vaping without combustion.

Mig Vapor WASP Review — A Triumph of Weed Vaping Engineering

Powered by an impressive 900 mAh internally built vape battery, our WASP wax pen review found this compact dab pen to outperform the competition in both duration of use as well as vapor production. This stealth vape pen is USB rechargeable and able to reach full battery health in 1-2 hours, which may seem like a long time, but compared to the performance of other small weed vaporizers, you get infinitely more weed vaping and outstanding performance from the WASP.

In fact, the translucent green vape tank section allows you to view endless streams of dense herbal vapor flowing through it with each successive hit. Again, upon first glance this may look like many of the beginner wax vape pens out there, but one pull from this device cranking out between 400 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll instantly see the difference.

Initially, we loved the WASP wax vape starter kit for its incredibly quick 2-3 second heat up time. This can be significant as many of the top vape pens for weed take quite a bit longer to reach optimum temperature which can lead to inaccurately heated material or wax concentrate that begins to combust before you are able to draw vapor from it. Uniquely, this device seemed to reach and maintain the perfect amount of warmth throughout our testing for this Wasp wax pen review.

It managed to produce the perfect amount of airflow balanced with a satisfying vapor density rarely seen in compact stealth vape pens like this. The system of dual 1.0 ohm atomizer coils suspended above the ceramic oven chamber seemed to solve many of the problems experienced with other wax vape pens where the concentrate has to be placed directly on the coils and there is at least a minimal amount of burning. To explain, once the weed wax melts down, it pools in the ceramic reservoir chamber below which is then continuously heated to produce fulfilling and potent herbal vape without continuous combustion.


  • Built-in 900 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Ceramic reservoir oven creates clean, precise flavor
  • Dark quartz, carborundum 1.0 ohm atomizer coils
  • 400 – 455F temperature range for optimum vaporization of wax concentrates
  • 2-3 second oven heatup time

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WASP Wax Vape Pen Review Recap

For a simple, discreet and compact wax vape pen perfect for mobile wax weed vaping, the Mig Vapor WASP is inarguably the best stealth dab pen we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate to this day. It not only generates some of the most satisfying cannabis vape with medicated intensity and robustly dense clouds. While it may not be as poignant as an advanced enail or erig, for a top wax vape pen that fits in your pocket, we can’t recommend it enough.

At every stage of our WASP wax pen review we were endlessly surprised by the performance, vapor density and flavor accuracy of this stealth herbal vape device. If you’ve been in search of a well engineered product capable of achieving incredibly satisfying weed vapor from a handheld design that hides in plain sight, the Mig Vapor WASP is one of our favorite wax vape pens ever. Discover how this amazing, portable vaporizer for wax can improve your ability to taste your favorite cannabis strains with immensely fulfilling streams of infused weed vapor in every incredible puff.

Have you had a chance to try the WASP wax pen? Have more questions, comments or insights about this compact vaporizer for weed wax? Let us know, we always value hearing from the Expert Vaping community. Whatever you decide to make your next vaping investment, we hope it’s an experience above the clouds.