Once you’ve decided to make the switch from smoking cannabis or burning your dry herbs to vaporizing them, it’s valuable to find a confident product to start with. As a result, our Mig Vapor Sub Herb review delves into the details of how this dedicated sub ohm vape tank that fits on any 510-threaded mod battery unit may be the best introductory weed vaping reservoir to help.

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While there are plenty of options when it comes to vaping wax concentrates, oil and other extracts in addition to flower, if you are a dedicated dry herb vaper, the extra functionality offered by the best portable vaporizers may provide more functionality and options than you need. In fact, having a pile of extra parts and dialing in the correct wattage or temperature can be immensely overwhelming for users who have never used a vaporizer or vape pen before. Many new vapers are quick to jump to a cheap vape pen that doesn’t require a sizeable investment but sacrifices on aspects like functionality, vapor production and flavor which can be a let-down for those who appreciate tasting the nuance and specific turpenes of their dry herbs

Sub ohm vaping can seem like a secret world, closed to those who have no experience with electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. However, one thing to keep in mind is that having devices that function at a lower resistance will often yield more vapor and thus, help to better preserve the ritual and sensations users are familiar with, while removing the possibility of inhaling carcinogens and tar byproducts associated with burning material. This Sub Herb review is meant to serve as guide to help new vapers not only understand the benefits of sub ohm vape tanks, but to steer them towards devices that have outstanding long-term value and performance that will effectively produce the medicated dry herb vapor they need in a setup that will last them the duration of their usage.

Although you may be tempted to run out and buy one of the compact cheap portable vaporizers available at your local vape shop or dispensary that promises to produce enough vapor to satisfy your needs at a low cost, we feel it’s important to educate yourself on what you may be missing out on. Mig Vapor has calculated the engineering and design of their devices for vaping weed down to a science and we wanted to give our readers the benefits of knowledge and background to understand why using more advanced vaping technology like the Mig Vapor Sub Herb dry herb vape tank combined with an adjustable box mod may provide a more fulfilling experience.

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Robust Clouds of Weed Vape in A Small Tank — Sub Herb Review

Although it looks simple enough, the our Sub Herb review of this incredibly efficient vape tank by Mig Vapor is immensely complex and well-engineered. From the built in spring-loaded plunger designed to keep dry herb material in place to the ceramic construction of the oven, every piece has been carefully thought out and designed for optimum precision for vaping weed flowers. In fact, it was so enormously popular, the Mig Vapor design team created another sub ohm vape tank for weed just like it with a few improvements and upgrades for vaping other cannabis concentrates as the Sub Herb Black which is offered with both the Target Mini in a weed vape starter kit and the compact Pro 50 Combustor tube mod kit.

That said, even with all those options and improvements, there is something truly impressive about the original clear glass dry herb vape tank for weed. Significantly, the ability to watch in real time as the essential herbs and medicated elements are extracted, causing the green, lush quality of your material to be gradually drawn out. As a result, users can watch as the herbs take on a distinctly brownish hue associated with ABV (already been vaped) material without any evidence of burning or charring. This ensures that users reach the optimum temperature to draw essential vapor throughout a session without overheating or cooking their cannabis flower.

Beneath the outer glass cover is a fully ceramic baking oven with an integrated coil heating plate. Essentially, Mig Vapor has created an atomizer for weed and dry herbs that fits on an adjustable power mod with an integrated vaporizer coil that is replaceable and can be used in both the Sub Herb and Sub Herb Black weed vape tanks. In addition, the box comes with three cotton wicks users can coil around the bottom of the ceramic plate to help with heating wax concentrates. Though the Sub Herb produces flavorful, fulfilling clouds from loose leaf herbs between 20 and 25 watts, the weed vape tank itself is able to vaporize at up to 30 watts making it perfect for dual purpose vaping both wax dabs and flowers.

In detail, as we took a deeper pull of vapor for our Sub Herb review, it was “clear” that this sub ohm weed atomizer was designed with the best mini vape mods in mind. The Vaporesso Target Mini mod kits and devices like it have a 40 watt maximum output and while this may not satisfy every vaper chasing big clouds or intense flavor, it is more than enough to effectively vaporize your dry herbs and concentrates without the risk of combustion which is really what all of this is about. The ability to have one of the best pocket sized portable dry herb vaporizers in the industry that is stealthy, discreet and powerful sums up all the possibilities for what vaping weed and concentrates is all about.


  • Ceramic oven with built in atomizer coil for weed flowers and wax dabs up to 30 watts
  • 510 threaded sub ohm weed vape tank will fit most mods
  • Glass outer bubble tank to view the state of loose leaf during vaporization
  • Replaceable atomizer coils will accommodate the same ceramic unit as the Sub Herb Black
  • Easy to operate, low profile, discreet and affordable, outstanding built quality
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Mig Vapor Sub Herb Review Conclusion

Let’s be clear, this is not the only device specifically engineered for vaping dry herbs, it’s not even the only sub ohm atomizer for weed available, it would be impossible to review them all. That said, what we found throughout our Sub Herb review was that this cannabis flower vape tank pumped out amazing clouds of potent vapor filled with essentials that generated exactly the cloud output, density and flavor we delight in from modular devices for vaping concentrates and loose leaf herbs. Add to that its compact size, ease of use and replaceable ceramic oven coil combination and this reigns as one of our favorite dry herb vape accessories.

For critics who have claimed that the Sub Herb Black is a massive improvement, aspects like the spring-loaded plunger were then applied to the original as well, making them virtually indistinguishable. Now, because the upgrade essentially replaced the original Sub Herb, it doesn’t come in a kit, it doesn’t have that sleek black finish that conceals what’s inside, and Mig Vapor claims that the Black version is able of reaching temperatures up to 65F warmer than the original. While that may be enticing for users who favor more power and intensity, it won’t give anyone much of an advantage when trying to keep their material from reaching combustion temperature. Can the Sub Herb Black be operated without becoming an herb burner? Of course, but the original offers an amount of surety and comfort knowing that it is designed as a true vape tank attachment with the exclusion of combustion in its very design.

As with any product related to vaping, there are parts and functions that don’t serve everyone and may leave some users asking for changes or adjustments to the engineering. However, throughout our Mig Vapor Sub Herb review there were very few criticisms beyond the Black tank being able to outperform it in terms of heating and wattage, but not by much. If you’ve been wanting to try moving to vaping your weed instead of smoking it and you already own a battery mod with adjustable wattage, this may be the best investment you can make for the future performance of both your dry herbs and your vaping.

We hope this Mig Vapor Sub Herb review was useful in your search for the best equipment to give up the harmful effects of burning loose leaf material, check out our vaporizer reviews and chart of the best dry herb vaporizers for more options and information on what to look for in your next purchase. As always, we hope the grass is greener on the vapor side.