Making the switch to vaping can be difficult, especially when you’re not interested in popular vape juice flavors like cotton candy or gummy bear. For those of us who want something familiar to make the transition away from smoking, finding the best tobacco ejuice that retains the flavor of our favorite brands helps to ease into the world of vaping and our Mig Vapor Sahara vape juice review found this to be an outstanding introduction to vaping without eliquid flavors aimed at your sweet tooth.

Quitting smoking with vaping isn’t necessarily about giving up the tobacco flavor you’re accustomed to, though many vapers value the ability to choose from a wide selection that includes traditional tobacco tastes. That said, many tobacco ejuice varieties end up tasting more like spicy, robust pipe blends that can leave your tongue fatigued from being bombarded with the heavy flavors. However, the Sahara tobacco flavored ejuice from Mig Vapor is light cigarette taste, made specifically for former smokers who aren’t interested in that full flavor intensity.

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Sahara Vape Juice Review Wrap Up

While the draw itself is completely up to you, the tobacco flavor is poignant, yet subtle with a smooth blend of bold dry cured tastes that finishes clear and bright without lingering flavors that will take a toll on your taste buds. Mig Vapor is well known for carefully curating the taste of their premium eliquid and claims the Sahara tobacco vape juice includes influences of leaves grown and mellowed in dry Mediterranean climates that have been seasoned by the arid sun and toned down. Our Sahara vape juice review found this to be an accurate description of what we tasted in every consistent puff of this tobacco eliquid.

In fact, we determined that the Sahara juice flavor may just be the best tobacco flavored ejuice to help new users make a seamless switch away from burning material and adapt to vaping with a familiarly satisfying flavor. While it’s nearly impossible to recreate each tobacco flavor of the top cigarette brands, Sahara is possibly the closest we’ve gotten to that nostalgic taste in a fulfilling vape juice. Take a taste for yourself and find out if it’s the best tobacco eliquid for your next journey on your way to a smoke free future.


  • Range of nicotine strength options including 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and non nicotine vape juice
  • Comes in 30ml bottle with eye dropper in the cap
  • Low nicotine level high vg vape juice in 80/20 VG/PG blend and 1.2% and up in 50/50 VG/PG
  • Mellow tobacco flavors, bright, bold with a light hint of caramel
  • Possibly the best tobacco ejuice to transition from smoking light cigarettes