Keeping to your commitment to vaping isn’t the easiest thing in the world, you need enough supplies and efficient access to refills to help you remain tobacco free for a reasonable amount of time to decide if it will help you quit smoking. As a result, we felt this Mig Cig Standard eCig kit review was important in order to evaluate whether this comprehensive beginner vape setup would be a useful option.

Just having all the components to start vaping isn’t necessarily going to help you stick to vaping, it’s crucial to get batteries, vape cartridges and vape juice of a high quality to ensure that you have a rewarding and satisfying experience in order to see the value in what making the switch can provide. It’s no secret we’ve been a big fan of Mig Vapor products consistently, their innovative designs and integrity have made them one of the biggest vape brands we trust because they produce a range of incredibly unique and function rich vape mods we’ve reviewed, ejuice and tanks that they stand behind with pride and their cigalike starter kits are no exception. Significantly, the Mig Cig Standard kit includes two vape batteries, ten ecigarette cartridges, USB charger with wall adapter and ever the option to add a handy carrying case.

With all this equipment, you may be thinking to yourself, “isn’t this a little much for a first-time user?” The Truth is, not at all, the more supplies you get initially pretty much just give you a head start, they help you commit to something other than smoking cigarettes not only in practice and ritual, but financially. That said, plenty of people join the gym on the first of the year only to return once, or a handful of times. However, that requires going to a set location or changing clothes…time, something none of us have enough of.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are something you can carry with you anywhere, use at any time, they require little to no preparation as long as you have what you need, and the Mig Cig Standard ecig starter kit has EVERYTHING YOU NEED. That’s kind of the point, if you already have an alternative in your pocket, in your car, sitting next to on the sofa or cupholder, you’re less likely to be tempted to run out and buy tobacco products. At the end of the day, being able to choose vaping for yourself is the object, we just want to help you find a vape starter kit that fulfills your needs from the first puff and this review is a crucial part of that equation.

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Twice the Equipment at an Affordable Price — Mig Cig Standard Starter Kit Review

We understand that as many people start vaping out of concern for the impacts of smoking on health as they do in response to financial strain. As the cost of tobacco products are steadily on the rise, the price of even some of the best beginner ecigarettes with the same consistently satisfying technology and design have fallen in cost an immense amount. As a result, it has never been easier to get cheap ecigs into the hands of those that need them and save them a pile of money in the process.

Although the initial cost of this intro vape kit may seem steep to those with less experience with vaping, the fact that each cartridge can ostensibly replace a full pack of cigarettes is invaluable. In detail, that’s ten packs of cigarettes in one compact box, which, if you live in big cities like New York or Los Angeles can cost you up to a hundred dollars or even more! Understand, you get all the functionality and vapor that is meant to replace two thousand cigarettes for about half the cost depending on where you live. Does it get more affordable than that? Of course, you could just go cold turkey, but why make it hard on yourself?

To explain, one of the most attractive aspects we appreciated throughout our Mig Cigs Standard ecig starter kit review was the ability to select multiple nicotine strengths including 0mg right off the bat. You can jump from acclimating to a set level with your first five vape cartridges and transition directly to non nicotine vape right away if you like. With the retail vaping market completely saturated with high dosage cheap electronic cigarettes and pricey nic salt devices that deliver the maximum strengths possible, if your end goal is to break free from the hold of nicotine altogether, the Mig Cigs Standard kit is a far more useful, and frankly affordable option.

This is all without mentioning the ability to get prefilled cartridges with Mig Vapor eliquid already loaded in one of eleven flavor options and five nicotine strengths. Plus, the twin 280 mAh batteries will allow to vape for hours before needing to be plugged in and because there’s two, you can easily switch back and forth between them meaning you never have to be without the nicotine vape you need.


  • Dual 280 mAh USB rechargeable batteries
  • Two five packs of disposable vape cartridges in 11 flavors of ejuice or blank cartridges
  • Five available nicotine levels in 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% or 2.4% or mix and match
  • Ecig batteries offered in black, stainless, rainbow metallic, hot pink and white finish
  • Choose between auto draw or push button activation

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Mig Cig Standard eCig Starter Kit Coupon

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Mig Cig Standard eCig Starter Kit Review Wrap Up

There’s so much more to quitting smoking and switching to vaping than simply pulling the first cheap ecigarette you see of the counter and pulling puffs from it. I wish there was a way to accurately explain how much electronic cigarettes have and continue to change people’s lives for the better, but having one of the best vape starter kits for beginners to start with will help you experience what the technology can offer in aiding you on your quest to stay tobacco free. While its most definitely a setup for users who are trying to give vaping a real chance for the first time without continuing to smoke, our Mig Cig standard ecig kit review found this package to be perfect if you’re truly trying to break free from the hold of Big Tobacco and want to try nicotine vape as the vehicle.

As an MTL, or mouth to lung system as most former smokers prefer starting out, this introduction from Mig Vapor is one of the most comprehensive, affordable ecigarette starter kits to give your freedom from smoking a fighting chance. Where many of the popular vape companies make big promises they aren’t always able to deliver upon, the personalization of this kit and the ability to step down to no nicotine vape juice almost immediately is a significant draw for first timers. The sizeable ecig batteries will take you so much further than most of the cheap vape kits available, ensuring you’re never without the dosage of nicotine you require to keep you away from analog cigarettes.

Significantly, Mig Vapor batteries have an IC control board built into their design ensuring every puff is as consistently satisfying as the first. To explain, where other entry level ecigarettes may drop off in flavor, nicotine dosage or vapor intensity over time, the Mig Cig standard ecig kit remains as fulfilling from full charge to the last drop, which is impressive. For an ecigarette starter pack that won’t leave you to the pitfalls of smoking nostalgia, this extensive beginner’s intro to vaping is ideal.

Have experience with this vape kit and want to share your quit smoking story? Send us your feedback, personal anecdotes and any important info you feel the vaping community needs to know about it. We sincerely hope this Mig Cig Standard eCig Starter kit review was an invaluable aid on your journey to becoming smoke free forever and becoming part of a legion of vapers who are living healthier lives.