A massive range of dab pen reviews seem to looking at similar devices, or at least compact wax vaporizer pens that look the same. However, our Mig Vapor Keymaker Black wax vape pen reviewmade a considered effort to discover whether this familiar ovalized design for vaping dabs was hiding some improvements that would set it apart.

Mig Vapor has been on the cusp of creating innovative dab pen designs and portable wax vaporizers for long enough to know they have to offer something special if they want to endure as a top vape brand. With an endless line of incredible high performance vape mods and tanks, the have created some of the best vape pens for weed that provide the vaping community with unique designs that often outperform the competition and the Keymaker wax vaporizer pen is no exception. That said, they are continuously making improvements to the engineering to ensure their products offer the peak of vaping technology at every cloudy turn.

For their Keymaker Black wax pen, they not only upgraded the vape battery size, they packed a little something extra into the wax atomizer coil configuration as well. It was important to the Expert Vaping team that we experience what this improvement to one of the best affordable dab pens was offering to crank up performance, vape session durations in a familiarly stealthy wax vape pen that the original was missing. This Keymaker Black wax vape pen review does just that, by putting the vapor where our mouth is and giving this mini vaporizer a thorough testing.

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Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen Review — Compact Dab Concentrate Vaping

With one of the most common and simple dab setups seen absolutely everywhere, we knew Mig Vapor had to make significant changes to their black vape pen to distinguish why this one was a better investment for vaping wax concentrates. Powered by a larger 500 mAh USB rechargeable battery this elliptical stealth vape pen is impressive in its weed vaping performance. It heats up in less than two seconds and the vape battery section reaches full charge in about an hour.

Each session of infused vapor passes through the removable dab atomizer coil cup in what is promised as a true mini convection vaporizer that prevents combustion by design. However, it’s important to keep in mind, whenever you place shatter, crumble or wax concentrates directly on the coils there is always a chance of some kind of burning depending on the temperature they heat to. Although, we found throughout our Keymaker Black Wax Vape Pen review that this device didn’t produce a great deal of vapor like some of the best portable weed vaporizers, which is a hallmark of low heat.

Essentially, Mig Vapor has built the best temp to vape weed concentrates into the functionality of the Keymaker preventing the possibility of burnt material, carcinogens and particulates in your vapor. That said, what it lacks in vapor production, the Keymaker wax vaporizer pen makes up for in flavor. While it isn’t the most poignantly tasty device for vaping weed, it certainly allows users to experience the highlights of their dab strains, which is important to vapers who can taste the difference.

The Keymaker Black wax vape pen review kit we tested came standard with two dab atomizer coils a dual quartz coil and a dual ceramic coil. Each produced subtly different amounts of both vapor and flavor, giving us a chance to try a satisfying output of stealth weed vape that produced minimal odor combined with favorable sensations. The team agreed it was among the best cheap dab pens we’ve had a chance to dedicate a thorough vetting to and though the vapor itself was minimal we could definitely feel its effects.


  • Built-in USB rechargeable 500 mAh vape battery
  • Equipped with two wax atomizers, a dual quartz coil and dual ceramic post coil
  • Compact, portable convection vaporizer, discreet and stealthy
  • 1-2 second oven heating time, 1 hour charge time
  • Available in Black or Silver

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Keymaker Black Wax Vape Pen Review Conclusion

If you’re unsure of how to use a wax pen, the Keymaker may be the perfect device to open the door to vaping weed concentrates. Uniquely, this device sets itself apart from other vape pen reviews we’ve conducted due mostly to the dab atomizer options that come standard as well as the larger battery upgrade. We set out on our Mig Vapor Keymaker Black wax vape pen review to explore how this concentrate vaporizer pen differed from the competition and though our results didn’t elicit a revelation, it did exactly what it was designed to do.

The truth is, the best cheap dab pens aren’t going to give you the same performance as a modular setup that includes a wax atomizer tank and battery mod. As a result, the lower pricepoint requires some sacrifices, but the sensations and ultimate goal remain to find satisfaction from your weed concentrates without burning and the Keymaker wax pen achieved this. While other wax pen reviews may make grand promises about what these budget dab pens are able to accomplish, it’s important to us that the Expert Vaping community understand what is offered before they make a purchase as we value the trust and bond between our readers above all else.

Mig Vapor’s wax vaporizer pen may not be the optimal choice among the best cheap vape pens for weed but given the cost it’s worth considering given the amount of weed vape it does generate. For a more robust and vapor-rich dab vaping experience we recommend the Brain Fogger Target wax vape kit. Obviously, it requires a sizeable investment initially, but if you already know vaping wax is something you enjoy, it will deliver an immensely satisfying experience from a portable e-nail that effectively replaces an even more expensive dab rig without the combustion.

If you have experience with the Mig Vapor Keymaker wax pen and want to share your personal experience, we welcome your feedback and stories. As always, we hope this Keymaker Black wax vape pen review was helpful to furthering you on your journey through the world of vaping and away from the harmful effects of smoking.