The Kanger Cupti review provides an inside look at a newly designed all in one mod that has been launched by Kangertech. The Kanger Cupti is a 75 watt mod with a large, leak proof 5 ml glass tank. It is capable of temperature control and operates with one 18650 vape battery. It comes in three different colors and this device will also be compatible with an RBA. Good news for those of you who like to build your own vape coils. Kanger designed this mod for MTL and DL vaping.

MTL vaping is mouth to lung as in you first draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. This is the same way that you smoke a cigarette. MTL vaping is the preferred choice of many vapers and because it is familiar to smoking, MTL is ideal for people transitioning from smoking to vapor. MTL vaping is generally carried out with coils that have a resistance above 1.0 ohms.

The Kangertech Cupti vape mod kit in black comes with a spare atomizer coil, charging cable and other small replaceable parts.

DL is direct lung vaping. This is when you draw the vapor directly into your lungs. DL vaping is the chose method for subohm vaping and temperature control vaping with coils under 1.0 ohms in resistance. DL vaping involves massive vapor production. This is what cloud chasers are after. So, as we review the Kanger Cupti review, it is noteworthy that this device will be viable for the beginner to the cloud chaser.

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Huge Improvement Vs The Kanger NeBox

One very important thing to keep in mind as you read over the Kanger Cupti review is that if you by chance owned the Kanger Nebox and experienced some of the problems of cracks tanks and leaks, all of those past problems have been cleaned up and vastly, vastly improved with the Kanger Cupti. So a big hats off to Kangertech for building a much better all in one vaping device. It is also more advanced, versatile and capable than the very popular Kanger Subox mod.

What You Get With The CUPTI All In One Vape Mod

The Kangertech Cupti vape mod starter kit in white comes with everything you need to stop smoking and start vaping.

You are going to get a lot with the Kanger Cupti starter kit. It is going to come with:

1 – Kanger Cupti 75 watt TC mod

1 – NiCr 1.5 ohm MTL CLOCC coil (use at 10 watts up to 26 watts)

1 – 316 stainless steel 0.5 ohm CLOCC coil (use at 15 watts to 80 watts)

1 – spare drip tip

1 – USB charger

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You’ll note that the Cupti kit comes with an extra drip tip, in actuality the two drip tips that you get each serve a different purpose. If you are using the 0.5 ohm stainless steel vaping coil, you will want to use the wide bore drip tip for direct lung vaping. If you are using the NiCr 1.5 ohm coil, you will want to use the smaller bore drip tip. You get all the necessary pieces to use the Cupti as an MTL vape or a DL subohm vape so in that sense you do get the full range of essentials.

Kanger Cupti Works With One 18650 Vape Battery

The Kangertech Cupti vape mod is powered by the MST 18650 battery, a high drain rechargeable power source that runs at a whopping 2500 MAh.

The Cupti operates on one 18650 battery that is sold separately. What you will get are stickers for the batteries. You can see the battery through the battery cooling vents on the side of the Kanger Cupti and the stickers are strictly for aesthetics. For our Kanger Cupto review I used a green Samsung vape battery with a white Cupti. So when you assemble the Cupti with the battery you could see the green. Admittedly, it did look a lot better after I wrapped the battery with the black battery sticker. In fact, it looks really good!

You can choose from red, black or white so that is up to you. For all the functions and features that you get with the Cupti combined with very good performance and high quality build, the price tag of $54.95 makes this mod an excellent value. This is affordable vaping but with most of the bells and whistles that vapers enjoy. It is a great variable wattage mod and will work with four different coil types in temperature control.

Kanger Cupti Review

In doing more checking for the Kanger Cupti review, we found that it has a Pyrex glass tank, which is essential for the high VG eliquids that make huge vapor clouds. It has a top airflow control which is the new trend in vaping and makes today’s mods and vape tanks more leak resistant. The Kanger Cupti is indeed being marketed as a leak proof device. It is 82 mm high and 22.5 mm long so it is nice and compact.

The Kanger Cupti is TC compatible with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. I like stainless steel because it seems to be the cleanest tasting vape. The variable power setting is adjustable in 0.1 watt increments. The Kanger Cupti OLED screen and adjusting buttons are located on the top of the device and the power button is located on the side.

Using The Cupti Vape Mod Is Easy

The Kangertech Cupti vape mod all in one kit comes in red, white and black with a list of impressive attributes and features including leak-free design and built-in temperature control.

When you first click the fire button five times to turn on the Cupti, it will be in variable power mode. If you want to switch to temperature control, simply push the fire button three times and it will shift into temp control mode for nickel, three more times for titanium, three more times for stainless steel and finally three times to get to NiCr. Three more time will get you back to the start and variable power, variable wattage, mode.

You can adjust the temperature settings in 5 degree increments. If you hold the up and down buttons at the same time you can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. In testing for the Kanger Cupti review, we found that accessing and customizing all of these features is quick and easy. The options scroll quickly and that is nice. There is nothing worse than having to wait endlessly to get to the power or temp setting that you want. The Cupti is very user friendly.

I think that it is a great choice for a new vaper who has an interest in eventually getting into subohm vaping. The Cupti is great for getting started. When you are ready to try subohm vaping it is simply a matter of changing coils.


Kangertech has introduced the Clocc vape atomizer coil, and impressive piece of craftsmanship in a small package.

A couple more details for our Kanger Cupti review dealing with how it vapes! That’s kind of important, obviously. First, the airflow is beautiful. The top airflow that is drawn through the entire length of the newly designed CLOCC coils is a fantastic design. You adjust the airflow through to large intakes at the top of the tank. It is very easy to adjust. During the Kanger Cupti review, I seldom used the airflow wide open. So if you like a lot of airflow, I suspect the Cupti will deliver. It has highly customizable airflow.

The vapor and flavor are excellent. Much better than the Nebox and Subox in my opinion. The CLOCC coils have a wide diameter and that gives them a nice long coil life. The ejuice holes are nice and wide and the airflow through the coil is smooth. The wicking is organic cotton, of course. As mentioned, the vapor and flavor are excellent.

Some other observations about the CLOCC vape coils. They are nice and big. The Kanger CLOCC atomizer heads are inserted into a chimney that is designed for smooth airflow. The chimney / coil assembly is then threaded into place inside the tank. That’s why when you fill the tank, you can only fill it half way because once the coil is installed the displacement will push that ejuice to the top of the tank. There is a line on the outside of the mod that shows how much ejuice to squeeze in. I like the new bigger coil designs and top airflow because it draws the air from the top, down through the coils and then back out.

Make sure to prime your coils before using.

Kanger Cupti Review Wrap-Up

The Kangertech Cupti vape mod comes in a variety of colors including white, red and black.

The Kanger Cupti finish is protected for durability and it looks much like the Kanger Nebox design but with advanced and updated features to give you more vaping options. Of course the Cupti will be copied by factories that specialize in counterfeiting successful vape products. So anytime you by a Kanger product or Kanger coils make sure that you check the Kanger authenticity code to ensure that you got the real deal.

We have been looking forward to testing this new mod out and publishing our Kanger Cupti review because we know Kanger is one of the top and most innovative electronic cigarette manufacturers. We also know that because of some of the troublesome issues reported with the Nebox and because of the success and performance of their competitor’s very successful all in one vape mod, the Aspire Plato, Kanger needed to get back to the top of it’s game asap. They have and the Cupti is the result.

The Kanger Cupti sells for $44.97 and is a fantastic buy for an all in one vape, plus if you take advantage of our Kanger Cupti coupon you’ll get an extra 10% off. It vapes incredibly well and is impressively durable. It does not leak and is effortless to use in any mode. The sleek design is very comfortable and I like the fact that the tank is built in and has a large ejuice capacity. It really is a terrific, complete vape mod. Recommended for anyone looking for an all in one device that works as both MTL and DL.