Our Juul starter kit vape review will break down everything you need to know about about Juul vape to help you decide if this cutting edge ecig is truly the “jewel” vape device it appears to be and whether its worth your money.


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Your discount will automatically be added to your order at checkout. First, the Juul ecig is a wildly successful vape device created by the incredibly popular Pax vaporizer brand. The high tech Pax Juul vape brand is located in the heart of emerging technology in Northern California. One thing is for sure, when you’re operating any company, let alone a vaping manufacturer, in that part of the world, you have to move fast to dominate. When it comes to technology, there are not a lot of rewards for following the herd and just rehashing the same technology, you have to establish yourself as an innovator, creating new twists in order to stand out, which is why who owns Juul is directly related to why they have become so incredibly popular.

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Juul Starter Kit Review — Does the Juul Vape Device Deserve It’s Popularity?

The Juul starter kit implements a one of a kind design that infuses leading vape technology with a compact electronic cigarette design that is very easy to use, discreet and immensely satisfying. Additionally, the Juul vape pen is quite stylish; it’s sleek, modern, compact design distinguishes it from any other electronic cigarette product on the market today (even the rising number of imitations and Juul alternative devices optimized for Nic salts). Pax Labs built one of the best vape pens that is still roughly the size of a cigalike, but the Juul device looks more like a fashionable accessory that fits with a jet-setting lifestyle, rather than something associated specifically to vaping. One of the first things we noticed from square one of this Juul review was the size, the rectangular shape of the Juul battery unit is about 4 inches long, around ¾ of an inch in width and maybe a quarter inch in depth, making it disappear easily into the palm of the user’s hand. This makes the Juul Vapor device ideal for stealth vaping or a night on the town without having to carry a bunch of bulky vape mods and eliquid. The Juul vape e-cig system comes with a variety of colored pod replacement cartridges. Formerly, there was no existing category for the Juul ecigarette as it was truly one of a kind when it was released which is why it created such a massive stir not only in the vaping industry, but throughout society as well. However, since it’s sudden skyrocket in popularity, the vape industry has been scrambling to create similar systems to compete, producing all-in-one vape mods and pod mods as Juul alternatives that specifically utilize nicotine salts, or nic salts the same way the Juul vape device does. In essence, the Juul starter kit is a portable, discreet, technologically advanced ecig that promotes itself as the most efficient and convenient nicotine delivery system for users making the switch to vaping. Uniquely, Juul cartridges for the device are called Pods and each contains 5% nicotine in a 0.7 ml vape juice container. Essentially, Juul Labs claims that with 0.7 ml of eliquid, the device is capable of producing the equivalent number of puffs as an entire pack of traditional cigarettes, or about 200 puffs per Pod. This is a bold claim to be sure, but there is precedent for these numbers with certain cig-a-like systems, just not at the magnitude of nicotine levels that Juul vape pens offer. The standard understanding in the industry is that you need at least 1 ml of eliquid and a very efficient, high quality electronic cigarette to be able to equate a single Juul Pod to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. That said, the real question we explored with our Juul Starter Kit review was, could it really be that much more efficient than its competitors?

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In detail, many ecig cartridges contain 1 ml or more of eJuice, yet very few of them are actually able to produce the equivalent number of puffs as a pack of cigarettes in terms of vape pen performance or nicotine level. We’ve all seen the cig-a-likes in the gas station that claim to be good for 400 or 800 puffs, well the truth is often printed right on the side, “experience may vary”. To explain, this may mean the overall performance depends on how long, how hard and how deeply you draw vapor from them. In my personal opinion, the ones they sell behind the counters in gas stations and convenience stores are overpriced junk. The best ecig and vape pen brands like Green Smoke or White Cloud can produce 200 puffs per cartridge, so it doesn’t seem like that high of a bar to measure up to. However, to reach that level of vape performance takes research, design, engineering, it requires a special device and with that in mind, Juul batteries and Pods are widely sold in these retail locations, but, bear in mind, not all cheap ecigs are created equal. To prove it, our Juul starter kit review revealed that it is indeed capable of the 200 puffs that they promise. In addition, we were impressed by the performance of the Juul ecig and it’s consistent delivery of flavor, vapor and satisfying doses of nicotine salt as well. This is directly due to how much nicotine is in a Juul pod by volume. Every puff is the same, and surprisingly, the flavor lasts throughout the life cycle of each Pod which is significant for enclosed cartridges and beginner pod mod vape starter kits. In fact, the performance of this electronic cigarette so immensely satisfying from start to finish, I managed to forget about my vape mod for a couple of days and spent hours researching where to buy Juul Pods just so I could keep using it. The Juul Vape system comes complete with pod replacement cartridges and cradle charger. In retrospect, I probably should not have been surprised by the high performance capabilities we encountered during our Juul review. Bear in mind, these are the same people who brought us the Pax dry herb vape mod, possibly the best vaporizer for weed on the planet. It all boils down to the advanced technology utilized by Juul Vapor. First and foremost on the list is a unique temperature control system pioneered by the Pax Juul research team.



Juul Vapor Is Revolutionizing eCig Technology — Here’s How

In it’s own way, the Juul pen is a TC vaping device. With technology that may appear fairly simple, is actually very sophisticated with a closed loop temperature control algorithm and nichrome coils. This was the first temperature controlled vape pen to ever hit the market and endures as winning ecigarette. In detail, controlling temperature increases efficiency, delivers total consistency and backs up claims for precisely how long do Juul Pods last which promise that 0.7 ml of eliquid can provide 200 puffs. Throughout our Juul review we found the warmth and consistency of each puff of vapor to be nearly identical, which is one of the most impressive things about this system beside how easy it is to operate. However, this is a duo fold system, that both regulates optimum temperature for vaporization of the Juul Pods and is designed to prevent combustion in all forms. Where most ecigarettes simply generate vapor until the cartridge or tank is empty, the Juul has a calculated engineering background specifically meant to keep users safe from the possibility of coils breaking down before the cartridge is empty. In this way, Juul Vapor has created one of the safest vaping systems available that ensures users get the least amount of harmful byproducts possible from their vapor. While other vape devices leave the maintenance up to the user, Juul Labs has engineered their products for safety which is always a benefit in our opinion. Upon first glance, understanding how to use Juul ecigs may not seem obvious. However, it’s incredibly responsive auto-draw technology delivers consistently delicious and fulfilling streams of vapor from the Juul starter pack right out of the box. Our Juul Vapor review found this to be an immensely valuable package that not only kept our nicotine cravings at bay, but the flavors were exceptionally tasty from first puff to the last cloud. For the Juul refills, they designed what they call a “liquid to wick” system. This ensures that the wicking material is always nicely saturated with vape juice inside the cartridge. Again, this helps to ensure consistently satisfying puffs and efficient use of the eliquid in the Juul pod cartridge, especially given the efficiency, and high quality of their lithium ion battery. The automatic draw on the Juul is incredibly sophisticated, responsive and accurate every. Single. Time. I cannot stress this enough, too often entry level electronic cigarettes start out strong and delicious and then gradually the quality drops off as the cartridges empty, I don’t know exactly how Juul solved this, but unbelievably, they did. All these attributes added up contributing to cumulative results for our Juul review that convinced us this stylish device packed some seriously innovative technology that could replace a range of cig-a-like products with little competition from clones or imitators. Juul pods are interchangeable flavor cartridges only useable with the Juul e-cig.

Juul Review — What’s a Juul Pod?

If you are unfamiliar with the standard cigalike design used by many basic electronic cigarettes, they often use pre-filled cartridges, or cartomizers that thread directly onto the battery. This is an easy to use design that remains among the most popular ecigs for beginners. The Juul starter kit clearly began with the same idea but added some exciting new twists and tech innovations that redesigned not only how we think about the top performing ecigs, but the sensations and satisfaction we expect from them as well. As stated, rather than cartridges, you attach their proprietary Juul Pods which come in a range of tasty flavors such as Mango and Cool Cucumber. Each pod snaps into place seamlessly and securely, and just like that, you are ready to vape. Significantly, for a system that pops cartridges into place rather than screwing them down , the Pods stayed securely in place during our Juul review until we absolutely had to figure out how to change a Juul Pod in order to keep using it. That said, the Juul battery seemed to last endlessly and we started taking bets around the office regarding how long does a Juul take to charge. One thing to be aware of regarding the possibility of your Juul leaking, try not to squeeze the Pod when you are inserting it. During our Juul review, we noticed that if you squeeze too hard, you can cause the juice to leak a little and you might taste it when you take your first puffs. While there’s nothing particularly dangerous or unpleasant about this, it isn’t what most users are expecting from their initial Juul effects. That said, if this happens to you, don’t worry, most vape juice is made from ingredients that the FDA generally considers safe, plus nicotine. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that what is in a Juul Pod does also contain benzoic acid, but it’s generally only harmful in large doses at higher temperatures. With that in mind, it’s still wise not to ingest ejuice including the liquid that’s inside of the Juul starter kit pods other than in vapor form.

Changing The Juul Pods in the Juul Basic Kit — Insights of Our Juul Vape Review

To install a fresh Juul cartridge, insert new pod gently but firmly. Do not to bite down on the pod because that could also cause a small leak. Just draw gently, like you would on any ecigarette. Juul Pods and the eliquid inside are made in the USA to very high quality standards. Each of the Juul flavors are definitely well crafted in terms of meeting our taste expectations (which were high) and the throat hit is strong yet mellow due to the nicotine salt which is a significant draw for users making the switch from cigarettes. However, be aware that the nicotine level is quite high and while that is great for satisfaction and throat hit, some might find it to be too strong. As with anything related to vaping, its best to start slow with a single puff and gradually take more as you understand what the effects of Juul are. To explain, the nicotine level is 5% by weight, which puts the Juul starter kit in the same category as big tobacco competitors like Vuse in terms of strength. With that in mind, our Juul vapor review found this device to be infinitely smoother than Vuse and that was due in part to the quality of the liquid in the pods and the amazing consistency of each puff in terms of both Juul flavor and vapor production. Speaking of which, the vapor output is not huge by any means, but it is satisfying and enjoyable, especially for a compact ecig. If you are a heavy smoker looking for to turn your back on tobacco, this ecig is going to deliver an impressive punch for such a small electronic cigarette. The 5% nicotine level remains the only option offered for the Juul ecigarette. Of course, in the future it is entirely possible that more nicotine levels could be added, even a nicotine free vape juice option looking ahead. However, Juul products have found a great deal of success with the existing system and there have as yet not been any rumors to a release of dosage options even with its constant growth and popularity. On the other hand, Juul Pods are interchangeable and you can mix and match them seamlessly as long as you cover the open pod with the protective cap afterward. This is of particular merit to experienced vapers who know that changing flavors suddenly with out an RDA is about as easy as changing horses mid race. Standard flavor options available from Juul Vapor Pods are Mango, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Cucumber, Cool Mint, Creme Brûlée, Classic Menthol, Fruit Medley and Classic Tobacco. We particularly enjoyed the Juul mint pods and the Cool Cucumber pods which we determined to produce the best flavor. That said, they are constantly adding to that list with new Juul Pod flavors and special or limited editions that are offered for a short time. Each of the Pods come in packs of four that sells for $15.99. You can have them shipped automatically if you choose based on your continued usage, always a good option to make sure that you never run out (though if you do run out, you know there’s probably a 24-hour mini mart that sells them in a pinch). When you buy a Juul vape starter kit, you get one of each flavored Pod so you can decide which flavor that you like best. I couldn’t help but try all of the Juul flavors, and each carried crisp, pleasing and satisfying streams of flavor that were both accurate to what I wanted in a vape juice and to the names of the pods. Each flavor stood out independently as a unique blend of robust tastes to enhance the vaping experience throughout our Juul starter kit review. The Juul vape device plugs into a USB charger that cradles it while it charges.

Juul Review – What Features Does The Juul Vaporizer Have?

The Juul battery is a built in lithium ion polymer battery, which is fairly common for most ecigs. However, after looking at each component for the purposes of this Juul review, I have no doubt that the battery components are the best available as everything included is of the highest quality of nearly any other ecigarette we’ve encountered up to this point. In fact, just the 1 hour recharge time alone is strong evidence of the top quality lithium ion components. I expected nothing less from the Pax designed Juul, especially since this is the team who created the most popular dry herb vaporizer on the market and exclusively use only the most cutting edge technology in their products. Why would they change a winning formula when creating a new product? The answer is, they wouldn’t, Pax Labs continues to create vape devices with integrity and innovation and the Juul vaporizer is certainly no exception. A fully charged Juul battery will enable you to enjoy that 200 puff count, precisely matching the life of each Juul Pod. This is something that we always like to see at Expert Vaping. When a device is capable of implementing a well engineered system, as well as being designed to utilize each aspect according to its specifications, you come to appreciate how much research and work goes into producing a device that earns its value, and the Juul vape pen is truly worth the investment and may be the first ecig that really is. With this perfect balance of battery life and how long a Juul pod lasts, it adds an aspect of convenience and confidence that helps to make vaping more accessible to everyone as well as hassle free, which is invaluable for new users especially. The Juul device and the Pods are made specifically to match each other in both aesthetic and functionality which is how every consumer product should be offered in my opinion. Additionally, this integration, the way our Juul vaporizer review kit performed more like a system rather than a bunch of elements thrown together is what sets it apart from every other vape device in the field.

Design Meets Engineering — Juul Products Are Built To Last

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The Juul charger plugs directly into a USB port and the battery unit stands upright while situated in the charger. A built-in magnetic coupler holds the Juul battery nicely in place and it is a lot more stable than you might think by looking at it. One thing to be aware of is the magnet inside the Juul charger base may cause your computer to go into sleep mode. If that happens, simply change the USB port you’re using to charge it and you’ll be back up and running again. The Juul vape device itself has built-in overcharge protection so you don’t have to worry about the incidents that have plagued so many dangerous ecig designs. Outfitted with all the accessories you need to start vaping immediately, every aspect of the Juul vape system is low maintenance and immensely reliable throughout the life of the battery. To know how much charge you have left you simply tap the battery anytime to activate the indicator light. This both saves the battery life of the device, as well as gives you an idea of how much vaping you have left before it needs to be plugged in. For the life and effective operation of Juul batteries, the size still makes it ideal for discreet and portable vaping. If you are an experienced vaper who enjoys huge clouds of vapor, the Juul ecig is a perfect back-up device for all of those occasions where cloud chasing with your massive mod is not the kind of attention you are looking for. If you are a first time user, the Juul pen may possibly be the best compact vape mod available. Although this device is small, it delivers outstanding vapor, flavor and nicotine in every incredible puff. The Juul e-cig starter kit comes with four flavor cartridges and USB cradle charger.



Juul Reviews — Juul Basic Starter Kit Overview

If you’ve decided the Juul starter kit is exactly the ecigarette you’ve been waiting for, I don’t blame you. Each package with everything we enjoyed in our Juul review comes with one battery unit, a USB battery charger, and four Juul Pods. In addition, it’s not a tangible part of the kit but you also get a 1 year warranty. Looking at the Juul device in review,  this is a high quality, technologically advanced vaping system created with the needs of users, particularly former smoker trying to quit, in mind. It’s stylish, sleek and compact, and while using a Juul gives you a certain kind of status and can be an attention getter for sure, it can also be very discreet depending on not only where, but how you use it. There’s no other way to say it, the performance of the Juul kit is simply astounding. Juul Labs has truly created a leading top quality ecigarette capable of consistent performance that has set the new industry standard for the best vape pens. The key to the best Juul flavor is in the cutting edge technology and the integrity they put into the design of the pods and how they function fitted to the battery. With an integrated temperature control algorithm created to generate the maximum efficiency and safety, the Juul ecig provides a level of performance that is rare among all vape devices, even the most popular ecigs for beginners. Moreover, consistency and satisfaction are critical when attempting to transition from smoking to vaping, mostly because you are attempting to replace a ritual, feeling and response that the body has become attached to over time. The Juul starter kit review package we tested accomplished this with unbelievable precision.

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Juul Vapor has provided the world with a vaping experience that has definitely made a noticeable impact on the industry as seen in the growing number of alternatives to Juul by all of the major players. Together, the battery and Juul Pods will provide the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes almost guaranteed. Each cartridge is good for 200 puffs which was effective enough to satisfy our cravings and then some. The Juul brand has accomplished something wonderful here. With a blend of style and performance the likes of which we haven’t experienced before. To get your hands on a Juul starter pack or to find out more, click the image above and head to the Juul website. Don’t forget you get 40% off site wide and Free Shipping using our exclusive Juul coupon code by clicking our link. There’s no actual code to punch in, it’s automatically applied to your shopping cart at checkout! If you like the idea of the Juul pen, but you aren’t ready to shell out the steep investment, there are quite a few Juul alternatives that we feel may be better investments. In fact, one of the best electronic cigarettes optimized for nic salts as well as traditional vape juice is the Trap Pod ecig from Mig Vapor which has a similar design, a comparable performance of both vapor and flavor production and costs roughly less than half as an entry fee. For those of us who understand that beginning your vaping journey can be intimidating due to expensive equipment, the Trap Pod is an easy recommendation that improves upon the compact ecigarette platform and adds a level of customization to the flavor and nicotine levels limited with the Juul. After you try it, please drop us an email and tell us what you think with your own personal Juul review. Your feedback is important and always welcome. We hope our Juul vape starter kit review is valuable to your smoke free future and helps you get the device of your dreams. Let’s help people break the hold of tobacco once and for all.


  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery with magnetic USB Juul charger dock
  • Each Juul Pod contains 5% or 59mg of nicotine salt solution per milliliter in each 0.7ml cartridge
  • Juul flavors include Classic Menthol, Cool Cucumber, Mango, Cool Mint, Classic Tobacco, Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco and Creme Brûlée as well as limited edition flavors
  • 1 hour charging time for full battery life designed to last through an entire Juul cartridge on a single charge
  • Each Pod is able to last 200 puffs or the equivalent of an entire pack of traditional cigarettes