Is Your Juul not hitting properly? Are you so frustrated that you might tare your hair out and toss it out your window? Well we have some advice for you, first, take a couple puffs of CBD Vape Juice to calm yourself down and second, don’t panic cause we got you covered. There are some simple tricks to help you get back to tasty vapor that really hits the spot without giving you a mouth full of ejuice. These simple Juul hacks are perfect for ensuring you get satisfying puffs of vapor using materials you may already have at home.


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Is Your Juul Not Hitting The Spot or Making Clouds?

According to the manufacturer, a possible reason for your Juul not working may be due to improper connections, the simplest of which is where the cartridge or pod feeds into the battery unit. Juul Support suggests cleaning the device with a cotton swab lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol, which are both items most people keep in their house (hint: look under the sink). This will ensure there is an effective conduit directly from the Juul Pod through the battery section.

In addition, they also say there is a chance that air bubbles may have formed inside the pod and become trapped which may be responsible for Juul not hitting effectively. If the culprit is the Juul pods not working, they suggest removing your cartridges and gently tapping them on a solid surface to bring the air pockets to a single section within the pods. As a result, any blockage within the pod as the cause of your Juul not working will be shifted around enough to allow eliquid to flow through it.

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If your Juul won’t hit it’s likely there is something obstructing either the air pathway or the channel where vape juice flows from the Pod to the pen. Though, reasons for Juul not hitting hard may be due to a low or severely drained battery, even though the device has built-in temperature regulation, the intensity may fall when the Juul battery is not able to generate optimum vapor production.

Is My Juul Pod Leaking?

A common problem besides your Juul not hitting intensely is leaking. It’s perfectly normal for some amount of liquid from your Juul Pod to work its way through the device. However, if more than a minor amount begins to flow through the device, you may be looking at more serious issues than your Juul Pod leaking. Some of the solutions to Juul leak issues have to do with methods of how you use the vape pen.

In other words, if you are taking deeper and more aggressive draws on your ecig, you may be pulling more eliquid out of it than the Juul vaporizer is able to process at once. Taking shorter, less intense pulls on your Juul electronic cigarette may resolve this issue. The Juul pen not a vape mod and it may be overwhelmed by drawing more heavily on it.

Another possible reason for a Pod leaking is how you handle the Juul cartridges. It may seem natural to bite on the end with your teeth when gripping the Juul device in your mouth, but this can lead to squeezing and puncturing the cartridge. Additionally, Juul Support recommends handling the pods carefully when installing them into the battery, as too much pressure can also be the cause of pods leaking.

When you find your Juul not hitting well in addition to leaking, it’s probable your pod may be the issue. When there is more air being drawn through the Juul starter kit device and as a result, the Pod, than intended, it can cause the draw to be too airy and thin. Simply replacing the Juul cartridge may instantly repair this issue.

If you’re looking for a Juul alternative that has more control over leakage and less possibility of being punctured or broken, the Trap Pod compact vape pen from Mig Vapor may be a better choice. Not only are their replacement vape cartridges more durable and meant to be opened and refilled, a starter kit will cost you less than half the price and we found this small electronic cigarette to be about the best vape for your buck in terms of an affordable beginner device capable of vaporizing both nic salts and traditional vape juice.

Essentially, there are some very simple Juul hacks to fix your device that you can try before contacting customer care or support. Most of the solutions for your Juul not working involve very simple fixes using materials you already have at home. While it may be frustrating to be without the most popular small ecigarette available, at least you have some quick Juul hacks you can review and try before you need to replace it with a new vape starter kit. We hope that this article was helpful to you and back to enjoying your favorite Juul flavors.