Are electronic cigarettes safe? The question of e cigarette safety has been at the forefront of the discussion ever since e-cigarettes popped up on the scene.

Back in 2007 is when the first trickle of electronic cigarettes began arriving in the US, and since then the FDA has been trying to find a way to tackle this issue.

fda is pushing for e cigarette regulation

Being that the Food and Drug Administration is the gateway of all ingestible products (liquid nicotine being one) into America, the question of e cigarette safety had to be verified by them as soon as possible.

Almost seven years later, many Americans are still asking themselves that big question:

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Well, it finally does look like we are getting closer to the FDA weighing in on the subject.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, the FDA, under pressure by several lawmakers, may finally be formulating some sort of policy with regard to e-cigarettes. The head of the agency made it known that they are “pushing very hard” to release a rule proposal that would be used to govern electronic cigarettes. The type of proposal that the FDA puts out will be very telling as to what they think about e cigarette safety, and liquid nicotine specifically.Are e cigarettes safe

While they may not directly answer the “are electronic cigarettes safe?” question, the stance they take on e-cigarette imports and regulation will speak volumes. Here at Expert Vaping we hope that there will be full transparency and data to back up any policy the FDA formulates. The public deserves a look at the facts from which any decisions are derived.

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley honed in on liquid nicotine as a danger during the Congressional budget hearing on the issue, calling the agency’s delay in formulating a rule proposal “disgraceful” since makers of products such as tutti-frutti flavored e-cigarettes and strawberry-flavored cigars have “an insidious strategy to addict our children to nicotine.”

Senator Jeff merkley opposes liquid nicotine

When the Expert Vaping team first took a look at that statement we were a little frustrated by the harsh words the Oregonian Senator was throwing at the e-cigarette industry.

The thing is, we are fully behind the Senator when it comes to keeping nicotine away from children.

Nicotine, whether as liquid nicotine or in any other form, is an adult product. Period.

We don’t condone companies marketing to kids.

But to say that flavored e-cigarettes are part of a sinister plan to addict our children is pretty ridiculous. First of all, our affection for flavors, and even fruit flavors, doesn’t suddenly disappear when we turn 18. Adults like flavors too! If you use that logic, then vanilla rum is clearly a way to turn minors into alcoholics and margaritas were only created to tempt the youth into drinking. Balderdash!

E cigarette flavors were not made for children

While we don’t doubt that some of the smaller and less respectable e-cigarette brands are happy to see a new market to sell their wares, painting the industry in such a broad stroke is just wrong. If the industry is regulated in a way that doesn’t stifle growth, companies like those will not survive the advances of brand leaders who will continue to market to the right clientele.

That’s the key part though, as it always has been in America: do not stifle growth. Consumers will demand a high quality product and companies that want their dollars will have to come up with said product. If the FDA wants to see e cigarette safety become a paramount concern within the industry, it should help the market grow correctly and not try to clamp down on its progress.

E cigarettes under review by the fda

The e-cigarette revolution is a runaway movement at this point and all it needs is some guidance, along with enforcement on the few bad apples that are thinking quick profit.

We’ll be keeping a close watch on any movement from the FDA as it happens, so keep checking back on our ecig news section for the latest updates and analysis.