Any time you upgrade to an advanced box mod, there is often a learning curve figuring out how to adjust every aspect to find your sweet spot and with many of them, the written instructions simply aren’t enough to help you decode the settings menus. Fortunately, our Innokin Proton Starter Kit review found this compact box mod to be one of the easiest regulated performance vape mods to use and dial in perfectly.

If you’ve reached the peak performance of your lower range ecigarettes and tube mods and have decided to invest in a device to take you to the next level of vaping, many of the available direct wattage mech mods and performance box kits can look overwhelmingly similar. In addition, they implement roughly the same menu designs and navigation making them all equally as tactile for selecting things like wattage, temperature and resistance ranges. However, the Innokin Proton kit makes finding your vaping sweet spot incredibly easy using this cutting edge system and navigation button.

When a regulated high wattage mod paired with an impressively well matched sub ohm vape tank is at the top of your list but you are weary of complicated adjustment portals that make dialing in the device more confusing than satisfying, the Innokin vape brand may have devised on the most user friendly box mod starter kits we’ve ever used to date. Although using a seemingly endless number of high performance vape mods has informed our ability to pull the top performance from the devices we test, our Innokin Proton Starter Kit review required little to no research and expertise beforehand.

In fact, all we did was charge it, prime the pre-fitted atomizer coil and start playing with the menu which yielded incredible results almost immediately. However, even the best vape starter kits for eliquid have their quirks, and since the devil is usually in the details we took a closer look at them for an in depth analysis at why the Innokin Proton may have revolutionized the way we understand adjustable box mods with one simple improvement.

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Vape Performance Without Cheat Codes — Innokin Proton Kit Review

As with many things in life that rely on personal preference, style and technique, regulated box mods and the best advanced vape starter kits for sub ohm vaping requires research, not only in the feedback of other vapers but in how the device satisfies your own balance of vapor and flavor production as well. As a result, we can often treat the internet, message boards, forums, etc. like a cheat sheet, drawing the benefits of the experience other users have had to break down certain elements and methods for bringing your vape equipment to its optimum efficiency and enjoyment from the first puff. That said, while we conducted our Innokin Proton starter kit review we didn’t need them.

While we often find there are quirks and tips for using certain box mod kits that aren’t included in users guides, the Innokin Proton was so easy to use, we didn’t even need to read them first. The entire suite is easily navigable via the built-in toggle button on the side which allows users to scroll through menus and select their wattage, resistance, coil material, temperature, curve and TCR settings by clicking it up, down, right or left. Yeah, it’s that simple to dial in your preferences and start vaping immediately. A large LED screen displays everything you want to know about your vaping in real time including the charge health of the dual 18650 batteries and scrolling through the menu is amazingly intuitive even for users who have never picked up a variable wattage or temperature control mod.

In the box with our Innokin Proton starter kit review model were two atomizers for the Scion 2 sub ohm vape tank, a 0.15 single roll mesh Plexus coil and a quad design 0.35 sub ohm atomizer coil which provided for unbelievably massive cloud production and flavor intensity consistently. The tank itself comes with two glass sections, a standard design which holds 3.5ml of vape juice and a bubble tank that bows out to hold an incredible 5ml! As a result the Innokin Proton pumped out dense plumes of impressive vapor for hours without a refill, meaning you may not need to carry a bottle of ejuice on you all the time, which we love.

Although the coils are only rated between 60-110w and 80-150w respectively, the mod itself is adjustable up to an astounding 235 watts and has an on board bypass mode which effectively transforms it into a super high power mech mod when fitted with atomizers built to withstand that amount of juice. Though, we originally had set out to build a drip deck for max wattage for our Innokin Proton starter kit review, we found we didn’t need to as the 150w max on the quad coil produced out wildly dense clouds (though pretty warm) that absolutely filled our lungs with vapor like we’ve rarely seen from variable wattage box mods this slim and low profile.


  • 235w Proton mod is powered by dual 18650 vape batteries (not included), has easy navigation using four directional joystick precision
  • Scion 2 vape tank is top filling via slide port and able to accommodate 3.5ml or 5ml of vape juice
  • Variable wattage, temperature control, curve, TCR and bypass modes
  • Comes with two coils 0.35ohm quad 80-150w and a 0.15ohm Plexus mesh coil 60-110w
  • Indexed, bottom draw, dual adjustable airflow ports

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Innokin Proton Starter Kit Review Wrap Up — Vaping Outside the Box

There are an infinite amount of positive aspects we loved about the Innokin Proton box mod, mostly how easy the menus were to navigate and select with the toggle joystick button and its directional abilities. Honestly, it may be my new favorite high wattage box mod from Innokin, a vape company known for building their products to last beyond that of the typical construction. In fact, one of our vape testing team members has had his single battery Coolfire mod for years and just recently replaced it, though I think after this Innokin Proton starter kit review he was kicking himself for not getting this after seeing how tactile and responsive it was.

With that in mind, this little powerhouse fires up immediately, doesn’t gurgle, and performs outstandingly given its size. For a small dual 18650 battery mod, the Innokin Proton is impressively slim and sleek. The build quality is wonderfully substantial even with the large OLED screen and feels durable and solid in your hand, a quality we’ve come to expect as well as respect about the Innokin vape brand.

Although we weren’t wowed by the Scion 2 sub ohm tank, the filler port is narrow and can be tough to fit larger vape juice bottles around the top section of the sliding tank cap, we didn’t have serious issues with leaking. Having a 5ml ejuice capacity is an impressive attribute many of the newer vape tanks are adopting as users have little interest in constantly refilling them as the flavor and vapor production of technology brings modular units closer to the output of drippers and custom decks (though we still love our RDAs around here obviously). There’s something about the elegant, understated design of the Innokin Proton that is undeniably stealthy looking and we appreciate sub ohm starter kits that can reach high wattage without drawing attention to themselves.

In total, I was consistently impressed by not only the tactility but the performance of this setup throughout our Innokin Proton starter kit review. Not only did it measure up to the competition as well as my experience with a long list of Innokin products, it surpassed my expectations for how simple using the best advanced function vape mods can be, effectively incorporating the wisdom of being an advanced vaper into the design and engineering of the device. The Innokin Proton has leveled the playing field for the possibilities of what the best vaping experience can offer intermediate users and in my humble opinion any device that can provide a larger audience of potential vapers that opportunity is priceless.