Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Hot Juice has been hand crafting some of the most flavorful high quality vape juice for years. In fact, while we had been following their gradual rise in the vaping market, it wasn’t until recently that we thought it was important to give their products a serious Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand.

Don’t let the name fool you, Hot Juice produces some of the coolest, most refreshing and delicious vape flavors we’ve had the chance to test out so far. While there are definitely plenty of ejuice brands dominating the market with a few flavors that seem to hit the spot, we weren’t disappointed by a single bottle of Hot Juice vape juice we sampled. This may in part be due to the impressive backgrounds and experience of their eliquid crafting team, assembled from industry insiders, vape juice aficionados and passionate vapers who not only know how to make it, but what makes a vape flavor shine.

With an internally regulated, laboratory safe facility, they have made creating the most satisfying vape juice flavors not only a science, but a labor of love. Our Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand needed to take a deeper look into how this premium ejuice was being produced as well as what made it so incredibly fulfilling. Uniquely, the Hot Juice team let’s their products speak for themselves, without a bunch of fancy packaging or gimmicky names, this top shelf eliquid vapes like no other.

However, even knowing what we do about the Hot Juice brand, we felt it necessary to take their products to task and discover exactly what makes their vape juice so superior to every other bottle flowing through the market. We took our time, tasting through the outstanding range of flavors they offer to determine what made their products stand out so intensely among our collective history of the best vape juice brands we’ve come across.

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Mouthwatering Flavors That Satisfy Cravings — Hot Juice Vape Review

An impressive catalog of sixty flavor combinations can sometimes make us suspicious, at times the quality suffers when the variety is increased as we’ve seen from plenty of ejuice flavors and vape mods over the years from even the top vape brands dominating the industry. However, it was staggering just how authentic, how true, and how impressively poignant the flavor names corresponded to exactly the taste they promise to provide. From gourmet desserts, to your favorite breakfast cereal blends, our Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand found that they nailed every, single, one, seriously.

Their flavored vape juice is sorted into nine categories of incredible taste combinations; Dessert, Beverage, Cereal, Fruit, Candy, Coffee, Tobacco, Menthol and the intriguing Nuts & Spices ensuring they truly offer a flavor for every palate and preference. In addition, on the success and buzz of their original sixty varieties, they have promised to release even more soon and want to offer the vaping community as many options and choices as possible with the ultimate goal of creating over 300 unique vape flavors eventually. It’s an ambitious undertaking for sure, but from what we’ve seen of Hot Juice eliquid so far, it will not surprise us when flavor three hundred tastes just as delicious as their very first one.

Some of our favorites from this Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand are carefully modeled after world famous candies, breakfast cereal favorites and refreshing cocktails like BAM BAM Crunch Vape Juice that tastes just like Fruity Pebbles in milk or Root Beer Goggles vape juice that masterfully blends the tastes of a freshly poured root beer topped with a delectable scoop of vanilla ice cream. Personally, I had to shake my head for a moment and remember that I wasn’t eating or drinking these flavors, I was vaping them, their taste combinations are just that accurate even in beginner ecig kits and refillable cigalikes.

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Bear in mind, the Hot Juice team says if they loved food as much as vaping they would have opened a restaurant and even coined the term “vapicurean” a term which combines vaping and epicurean (which is the indulgence of gourmet food). With that level of dedication to flavor creation, it’s no wonder they have created such an outstanding vape juice. Combined with five nicotine levels and your choice of VG/PG blend in 70/30 or 30/70 blends, Hot Juice may be offering the world the highest quality eliquid ever.


  • 60 delicious vape flavor options including Swedish Gummies, Tricks, Old Havana, Juicy Watermelon, Horchata Dream, Fudge Brownie and Blueberry Waffles
  • 5 nicotine levels to choose from in 3mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg and 0mg nicotine free vape juice
  • Available in 30ml or 100ml (TSA approved) dropper bottles
  • Made from locally sourced ingredients in Los Angeles, California
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO vape juice produced in laboratory safe environment
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Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand Summary

Finding the best vape juice available is never as simple as a trip to your local vape shop where they, cringe, let you sniff an open bottle. Additionally, remaining loyal to vapor rather than backsliding into smoking isn’t as simple as equipping yourself with one of the best vape mod starter kits, discovering new vape flavors that will help you continue vaping rather than return to the raw, bitter taste of burnt tobacco often requires trial and error in deciding what your taste preferences will enjoy long term (we’ve all vaped through 100ml bottles we don’t like rather than wasting money). While its common to come across at least one flavor someone doesn’t like, our Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand revealed this vape juice company to be transcending that standard.

In fact, the Hot Juice brand seems to be rising above quite a few of the commonalities that other vape juice companies seem to have neglected as they gained popularity. Reflexively, as Hot Juice has continued to carefully craft a new standard of product in both quality and their locally sourced ingredients, they may be the tastemakers to change the parameters of what vapers come to expect from their eliquid moving forward. That said, we’re going to make a bold statement here; you actually can’t go wrong with any bottle of Hot Juice.

Literally every flavor we vaped through was as tasty and incredibly well-crafted as the next and though we obviously have our favorites, finding a vape juice brand, rather than simply a bottle you enjoy, gives you an infinite number of options for focusing your vaping and making the experience more enjoyable with every successive puff. Their simple, elegant design that looks more like a health food or vitamin product than a vape juice is a testament to the value, quality and integrity of their products. To explain, in the way many of the top selling vape juice brands use eye-catching labels and graphics to sell a disappointing product, our Vape Juice Review for Hot Juice eLiquid Brand revealed that they already know that it’s what’s inside the bottle that truly counts, and it shows with every satisfying pull of tasty vapor.

It’s rare when we come across popular or widely respected vape brands that put their principles into practice, let alone any brand that puts their products where their mouth is and I’m happy to report that I will be putting THEIR products where MY mouth is every time I vape in the foreseen future. Honestly, using Hot Juice products is like rediscovering vaping for the first time all over again, every vape flavor variety seems familiar, yet new with vibrant vapor that fulfills your cravings for the foods and beverages they’re promised to taste like. There’s no longer any reason to settle for disappointing vape juice flavors in a fancy package, grab yourself a bottle of Hot Juice and explore the possibilities for how the best premium ejuice can renew everything you thought was possible from your vaping experience.