Green Smoke refill cartridges are not only the best quality ecig cartridges, but thanks to the convenient Green Smoke Auto-Ship program, they are also the best value. While vaping in general has veered toward complex mods and hundreds of different types of refillable ecig tanks, Green Smoke E-vapor has focused on the simple pleasures. Specifically, creating a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience from an easy to use, portable and very convenient design.

Herein lies the true beauty of Green Smoke and the reason why Green Smoke E-Vapor consistently lands at the top of the charts based of the reviews of critics and feedback from consumers. Is Green Smoke for cloud chasers? No. Green Smoke, however, is amazingly capable of providing dense, rich, satisfying and flavorful vapor at a level that surpasses many standard mods. It accomplishes all of this in a very easy to use two piece design that is low maintenance, carries long-term warranty protection and is the most familiar and portable type of vaping device.

Green Smoke cartomizer cartridge refills come in packs of five in flavors such as Tobacco and Menthol.

In the past couple of years, vaping has received so much bad press about the problems of having nicotine liquid in a house with small children, there has been bad press about ecig mods that catch fire, and lately there is a big push to ban ecigs from airplanes. Already there are strict rules about traveling with e-liquids. With Green Smoke, you circumvent all of that by going with a simple, 2 piece design with no worries about refilling e-liquids or having unwieldy mod batteries to lug around.

Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges

The Green Smoke E-Vapor Flavormax refill cartomizer cartridges come in boxes of five in two flavors of tobacco.

This is how easy it is to enjoy Green Smoke. Simply attach a fresh Green Smoke refill cartridge to your battery. You’re done. That’s it. You are ready to enjoy vaping. You do not have to adjust any voltages or wattages, you do not have to manually deal with any eliquids. It is a one step process and the vaping is excellent. Some may say that you need a larger mod to get enough vapor. They have never tried Green Smoke. It does not have to be complicated to enjoy truly phenomenal vapor.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges employ what Green Smoke E-Vapor calls “flavor shield” technology. This technology protects the freshness and flavor in every Green Smoke refill cartridge. The packaging and GreenSeal plugs keep the eliquids fresh and flavorful. Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are famous for providing loads of consistent flavorful vapor from the first puff to the last. You do not get the trail off in vapor and flavor that you get with so many other ecig refills. So, you are getting quality now let’s talk value.

If you look at the convenience store ecig brands, they offer, um, iffy quality ecig starter kits with minimal hardware and then they charge an average of $3.00 per refill cartridge. Strike one. After that, the retail ecig brands offer you only a few different flavors. Strike two. Finally, they do not offer a range of strength levels to match your individual preference. That’s a big whiff and strike three. That does not even begin to get into the huge mismatch in quality between Green Smoke and the competiton.

Green Smoke refill cartridges come in a range of flavors and strength levels. You choose the flavor and strength that suits you as an individual. Vaping should be enjoyed on your terms, not on the limited choices available at the corner store. That does not make sense. With the Green Smoke Auto Ship program, you can get your refills for less than $2 each.

Green Smoke Refill Cartridges Auto Ship Program

Green Smoke E-Vapor cartomizer compatible cartridge refills may come in boxes marked disposable atomizer.

With the Green Smoke Auto Ship program, you can get the industry leading Green Smoke Flavor Max cartridges for less than $2 a piece. That’s the best value in the business. There are no fees. No commitments, you can opt out anytime. You can change you order anytime. For example, you may want to mix up your flavors or strength. It’s all very easy.

With Auto ship, you ensure that you always have Green Smoke refill cartridges on hand. You don’t have to worry about trying to remember to re-order. It’s a done deal. You choose the time frame and your Green Smoke refill cartridges will arrive on time.

The frequency of the Auto-Ship of your Green Smoke refill cartridges varies from one week up to every six weeks. You choose. If you use one to two cartridges a day, you may want to choose receiving 10 packs of cartridges every five weeks. That would give you 50 cartridges for every 35 days. With auto-ship, you will be paying $2 per cartridges. That is 33% less than most other ecig brands.

It really depends on how many you will need. You have the total freedom to cusomize the Green Smoke auto-ship program to match your personal vaping. You can change the Green Smoke refill cartridges flavor anytime, you can chage the order anytime or you can cancel anytime. It is totally obligation free. This is the best way to buy your ecig refill cartridges.

Green Smoke Starter KitsThe Green Smoke E-Vapor single cig kit comes with e-cig, USB charger and replacement cartomizer cartridges.

If you are not already a Green Smoke customer, you need to check out Green Smoke E-Vapor starter kits . There is a choice for every price range. Expert Vaping has completed extensive electronic cigarette reviews of Green Smoke E-Vapor ecigs. They are simply excellent, so easy to use and thoroughly enjoyable. We have them rated as a top ecig brand because they consistently deliver amazing vaping.

They are also at the top of our consumer charts. Many Expert Vaping readers have contributed their own Green Smoke reviews. The quality of Green Smoke stands out. The batteries are long lasting and consistent because they use battery components with high lithium purity. This means a safer, more stable and much better quality battery. The machining is precise and attaching fresh Green Smoke refill cartridges is always smooth and easy like butter. Green Smoke starter kits are also a great value, make sure to use our links to visit Green Smoke and get an automatic discount.

You get a 30 day money back warranty and a one year warranty on Green Smoke batteries. There is nothing to lose by trying Green Smoke. If you are looking for a vaping beginner kit or if you are an experienced vaper tired of lugging around a big clunky mod, you can’t go wrong with a Green Smoke starter kit. Hey, they have sold 40 million vaping products. 40 million! I mean, the market has spoken and Green Smoke is obviously doing a lot right.

The best cigalike ecig and the best value on ecig refill cartridges. Green Smoke has been at the top of our charts for a long time and they truly stand the test of time. Sign up for the Green Smoke auto-ship program and take advantage of the convenience and the savings.