As of the end of June this year, Green Smoke made a business decision that impacted e-cig consumers living Down Under. Around the world, e-cigarette regulations differ from border to border. Managing a business that ships to so many differently regulated jurisdictions can be difficult and Green Smoke has elected to end Australian e-cigarette shipments given that country’s complicated ecig rules that have caused a number of shipments to be denied at customs.

This is very unfortunate for Australian vapers that have found an oasis in Green Smoke. Australia has some of the harshest and most driven anti-e-cig regulators in the world. Those regulators have used their clout to influence both public perception and the ability of the e-cig industry to provide Australia’s vapers with a top quality vaping choice.

Australian Electronic Cigarette Regulations

Australia has imposed new regulations on the use and purchase of electronic cigarettes.

The confusing status of Australian electronic cigarette regulations is quite complicated. In general, the Therapeutic Goods Administration indicated that there are no laws that would prevent an individual from buying e-cigs online for personal use. By that standard, an individual should not have any issues obtaining Australian e-cigarettes with nicotine.

The caveat is that an individual can buy electronic cigarettes and nicotine cartridges, or nicotine e-liquid, unless prohibited by “specific state and territory legislation”.  Some states have very harsh regulations.

For example, in April of 2014 Western Australia passed legislation making it illegal to sell or supply ecigs of any kind. As harsh as that is, even that law does not specifically prohibit Australian e-cigarette shipments to individuals for personal use.

Australian vapers are limited to purchasing e-cigs and accessories for their personal use only.

Basically, Australian e-cigarettes with nicotine can be ordered and shipped via international post as long as it is clearly for personal use. The heart of the law is geared toward preventing e-cig dealers from establishing a foothold in the Australian business community.

If you live Down Under you can order an Australia e-cigarette shipment as long as it is for personal use. There are a number of ways that you can do this. Make sure your order is not excessive; keep it to the $750 or less range. A good rule of thumb would be to calculate how much supply you will need for a few months and keep it to that.

So, if you are a vaper living in the beautiful country of Australia you can order electronic cigarettes but in order to make sure that you receive your shipment double check the rules in your state and keep your orders small, just for your personal use. That’s the silver lining. Unfortunately, Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes will not be an option.

Green Smoke Australia

Green Smoke E-Vapor is no longer shipping to Australian customers.

So to recap, the good news is that there are ways to buy e-cigs in Australia. The bad news is that you can’t buy Green Smoke. Australia, we understand your disappointment. GreenSmoke is a phenomenal product that was recently named best e-cig of 2014.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are known for remarkable consistency and sharp, crisp flavors punctuated by clouds of vapor. Green Smoke rates high in every category.

As electronic cigarettes gain more and more acceptance, one can hope that Australian officials become more concerned about the fate of 18% of their citizens rather that giving in to alarmist rhetoric about what may possibly happen several years down the road.

The TGA classifies nicotine as a class 6 poison yet cigarettes are sold everywhere. The e-cigarette emerges as an option for smokers and all of a sudden the push back against nicotine reaches levels never seen before. That is alarmist.

The bottom line is that more than 4 million Australians need a real solution right now. For those who do not see e-cigarettes as a solution I will put it another way. More than 4 million Australians deserve access to a better vaping experience.

Buy E-Cigs In Australia

Australian authorities have determined that the size of e-cig or vaping shipments indicates the intentions of the receiver.

To buy e-cigs in Australia the first thing that you need to do is to find out the specific state or territorial regulations that apply to you. Generally speaking, you should be able to order Australian e-cigarettes with nicotine as long as it is for personal use.

You can order from a top e-cigarette brand and have it shipped to your door as long as it is clear that you are not intending to sell or act as an e-cig supplier. The size of your shipment is obviously the biggest indicator of your intentions.

Keep your order to about a three month supply. By doing so, the total monetary value of the shipment should be low enough to not trigger any alarm bells. Remember, you are not doing anything wrong. You are just taking necessary steps to comply with the current regulatory climate in your country.

E-Cigarette Brands That Ship To Australia

Recently Australia has approved a number of e-cig brands that are able to ship products.

While Green Smoke is a top brand, there are other quality electronic cigarette brands that will ship to Australia. For example the following brands from our top-ten will ship to Australia. You can also find extensive ecig reviews for all of these brands in Expert Vaping’s Editor Reviews ecig review section.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is definitely a top e-cig brand. They offer high quality cig-a-likes and eGo style ecigs that are ideal for new users and experienced vapers. Apollo owns its very own e-liquid lab where they create some of the best e-liquid in the industry.

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White Cloud Cigarettes is also a very impressive brand. If you look at the performance numbers it is in the same category as Green Smoke. There are in the area of 20 flavour options and sic nicotine levels.

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South Beach Smoke offers a full range of e-cigarettes, vaping mods and cartomizers to suit any need or upgrade.

South Beach Smoke is an new ecig company but in the short time that they have been in operation they have expanded their product line-up extensively. Even though they are new, Atlantic e-cigarettes were developed by some of the most experienced people in the business.

South Beach has not cut any corners in developing their ecigs. They use all top quality materials. Click here to visit South Beach Smoke eCigs and take a look to see if they have the right electronic cigarette for you.

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Just remember, keep your order to a 3 month supply or less. Make sure the monetary value of your order reflects that you are ordering for personal use only. Follow those guidelines and you should receive your order.