The Green Smoke E-Vapor rewards program allows customers to save money while enjoying great vaping. Green Smoke is one of the world’s most successful vape brands approaching 60 million products sold.

How does it work? With every purchase over $10 you earn points. It works out to 1 point for every $10. Each point represents 50 cents so that amounts to a 5% credit that you can accumulate and redeem at the time of your choice to save money.

Green smoke E vapor brand

This will really come in handy when buying FlavorMax refill cartridges. You can build reward points very quickly and enjoy a nice savings. Plus, keep in mind you can build the reward points in conjunction with the Green Smoke FlavorMax e-cig cartridge auto-ship program. And when you visit the Green Smoke website through Expert Vaping you automatically activate an exclusive Green Smoke coupon code. So, if you add up these three ways to save money suddenly you are talking about some big savings. Let’s do some math.

Accessories included with green smoke e vapor starter kit

The regular price for five packs of Green Smoke cartridges is $12.49 per pack. If you enroll in the auto-ship program the price drops to $11.25. With the Green Smoke Rewards program your earn another 0.58 cents for each pack of cartridges bringing the price down to $10.67 per pack. That breaks down to just over $2.00 per refill cartridge.

If you are not in the auto-ship program you can access Green Smoke through Expert Vaping and and activate the automatic discount code. With the Expert Vaping coupon code you will take off $1.13. That brings us down to $11.36 per pack of five. Add in the benefits of joining the rewards program and that means you will be getting packs of Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges for $10.78 each. So it adds up. Basically the Green Smoke rewards program is a 5% credit back deal.

Green Smoke E-Vapor Rewards Program?

If Green Smoke was not any good we would not be recommending the Green Smoke E-Vapor rewards program in any way shape or form. But Green Smoke is not only good, they are exceptionally good. Expert Vaping has had Green Smoke rated at or near the top of the list if best e-cigs for the better part of a half-decade. Of course, we have noticed a shift toward advanced mods and gourmet e-liquid flavors and all of that is awesome. But through all of those trends and industry changes, Green Smoke has remained steadfastly dedicated to developing better and better vaping experiences with easy to use e-vapor devices.

Many tobacco consumers out there want something simple, easy and satisfying. If you look at the Green Smoke electronic cigarette reviews that consumers have submitted to Expert Vaping, you will see a huge majority of excellent, 5-star reviews.

Green smoke complete deluxe kit with wall and car charger

We test a massive range of electronic cigarette products. We test and enjoy sub ohm and TC mods as well as the top rated vape tanks. They are terrific. But Green Smoke remains a top choice because of the amazing quality and sheer enjoyability of the vapor. It is remarkable that the cigalike design that is so familiar, compact and portable can deliver such satisfying vaping but it really does. And it is not just us saying that. Green Smoke E-Vapor is approaching it’s 60 millionth product sold so the market has been crystal clear on this. Green Smoke is getting it right. They offer excellent prices, 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty on batteries.

Green Smoke Prices

Back when we first started reviewing electronic cigarettes, a basic e-cigarette kit would cost $100 or more. Here we are five years later and you can get a technologically updated and complete Green Smoke e-cigarette kit for less than $60. And this is the best quality e-cigarettes, not the stuff behind the counter at the gas station.

Green smoke e cigarette starter kit with charger and two batteries

Green Smoke has enjoyed a huge amount of success and they have put their capital to work improving their product and lowering prices. Green Smoke vape kit prices have been drastically reduced in the last year.

You tie in all the already reduced prices with all of the options to save even more money, including the Green Smoke E-Vapor rewards program, and you will find that your dollar can go a lot further than you might have imagined. You don’t have to settle on quality to get the best prices on the best products.