If you purchase Green Smoke cartridges regularlyor are considering making them your e-cigarette of choice, you are going to be thrilled with this news. With Green Smoke dropping e-cig prices drastically its possibly the best vape deal ever. The company recently announced a slashing of their prices for the entire summer and they offer some real cost savings without the need of a Green Smoke coupon or anything like that.

Their everyday prices will now be up to 33% lower depending on the product, making Green Smoke even more competitive when compared to other e-cigarette brands.

Green smoke essentials kit comes with charger and one battery

The truth is, that has always been the knock with Green Smoke. While they do make a great product, they tend to be on the pricier end of things.As more e-cigarette brands entered the market and drove prices down, Green Smoke seemed to really stand out to some as being too expensive.

This was especially the case for Green Smoke cartridges, because those refills are what most people buy over and over again. Along with the reduction in cartridge prices, Green Smoke also cut the prices of their starter kits and accessories, making it less expensive all around.

Green smoke express kit for beginners

This seems like a wise and welcome move by one of the bigger names in the industry. Now even without a Green Smoke coupon consumers of their product will be able to pick up Green Smoke cartridges for as little as $9.99 for a 5-pack (when buying 16 packs or more).

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That is much more in line with the prices that other e-cigarette brands charge for refill cartridges, which creates more value for the consumer, thus making us at Expert Vaping even more confident in recommending Green Smoke. Picking up a starter kit will now be $10-$20 cheaper, setting a lower entry point for new customers and making their choice that much easier.

Green smoke pro kit comes with carrying pouch, three chargers and refills

Of course we have been telling folks about Green Smoke for a very long time and they have always been near the top of our list of e-cigarette brands. If you don’t yet know a lot about the company or their products, be sure to check out our Green Smoke editor’s review where you can read about them and watch our video.

Even as other companies continue to improve and give Green Smoke real competition, they still make some of the best e-cigarettes out there, especially when comparing the “cig-a-like” variety of e-cigs.

Green smoke best starter kit comes with four batteries and chargers as well as refills

If you have been looking at Green Smoke but have been held back because of their prices, you can safely check out their site  now and have a look at their new and improved pricing.

You can also save even further below their new prices by checking out the current coupon offer we have listed here at Expert Vaping.

It’s a great day for fans of Green Smoke, with this news making things a little easier on their pocketbooks, something we could all use. Now you just have to find something else to spend your extra cash on, which we bet won’t be too hard!