Not every electronic cigarette that you see behind the counters of gas stations and convenience stores is a Big Tobacco ecig brand. This Fin E Cig review takes a look at this family owned company that has been very successful in distributing their ecigarettes in gas stations and other retail locations. They also operate an attractive, easy to access website where you can shop the entire catalogue of Fin electronic cigarette products.

You might be surprised to learn that Fin E Cig has a large selection of vaping products. They have basic ecig starter kits, tank systems, disposable tanks, disposable ecigs and ejuice. Fin has done a great job of distinguishing itself through a unique design and theme. Once you see Fins packaging, you won’t mistake it for any other.

The retro design concept of the Fin e-cig, harkens back to a time of nostalgia when cigarettes were elegant and had dominance in social atmospheres.

They have a unique product presentation. Using artwork and photography reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s, Fin E Cig harkens back to a simpler time when smoking was fashionable. Fin eCigs are not glorifying smoking, they are simply acknowledging our past but offering a better choice for the future. They are not targeting young people or non-smokers, they are strictly offering an alternative to smokers.

I appreciate that they are certainly catering to a particular demographic with their branding efforts. The nostalgic themes are directed toward a mature audience. They are not using flashy colors or targeting the younger generation. It is great to see an ecig brand directing their efforts toward mature smokers. Many people in their 50s and beyond may view vaping as a youthful trend. The fear is that because mature smokers see vaping as a more younger oriented hobby, they will not try vaping and simply continue smoking cigarettes.

While smokers who associated cigarettes with a part of their persona, the Fin branding offers a classic style and design that fits with that aesthetic.

These are the smokers that we all need to work a little harder to reach. We have to let them know that vaping is an option for mature smokers, too. The turn off for many mature smokers is that they see vaping as a hobby. They see young people using complicated contraptions that emit massive amounts of vapor. If they walk into a vape shop, someone will no doubt try and sell them an advanced mod with a subohm tank and a bunch of ejuice. They will be told to refill the juice, change the atomizer, test it, adjust the wattage and the list goes on. Many mature smokers just want an alternative, not a high maintenance gadget.

For people who want a simple, effective alternative, we always recommend Green Smoke, VaporFi or Apollo. All of the aforementioned American ecigarette companies operate online and offer huge inventories and options of the best electronic cigarettes and vaping products in the world. However, as far as retail ecigarettes, Fin E Cig is probably a better choice than the vast majority of the second rate, OEM junk you typically find on retail shelves.

The Fin E Cigarette Brand

The Fin e-cigarette branding has given nostalgic context to conjure a vintage, classy idea of what vaping can be.

The Fin E Cig brand offers several different types of electronic cigarettes. The most common one that you most often see is the basic cigalike kit.

The basic kit is a cigalike design, that is an ecigarette that looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette. It is a two-piece design with a pre-filled cartridge that attaches to a battery.

There are only two different flavors of refill cartridge available, tobacco or menthol. There are three nicotine levels, 0.8 mg, 1.6 mg or 2.5 mg. The most common nicotine level sold is 1.6 mg.

You have to realize that when you shop at a retail store or stop by a gas station, they only have so much space behind the counter. That’s why it can be hard to find the additional nicotine options for Fin refill cartridges. If you are a Fin eCig customer, you will be much better off buying your Fin refills online directly from the company.

Fin E Cig takes special care to make sure that their products do not appeal to minors. Fin claims that part of that strategy is why they only offer a few tobacco based flavors. That may be true but in all seriousness the main reason that retail brands typically do not offer a range of flavors is because of limited shelf space. I’m not discounting Fin’s claim, simply making a point. In terms of a business strategy, offering more flavors and options is more befitting of where vaping is as a business.

For example, a company like VaporFi offers about 30,000 flavor combinations.  The research shows that once people switch to vaping more than half of them do not use tobacco or menthol flavors. Once people switch to vaping they generally do not enjoy tobacco flavors anymore. Tobacco flavored eliquid is most useful when people are just beginning the transition from smoking to vaping.

Perhaps Fin E Cig is content positioning itself as an entry level electronic cigarette. Beyond a cigalike offering, Fin eCigs also has an ecig tank system, a disposable ecigarette tank and eliquid. If you buy Fin liquid, they do have a couple of fruit flavors that you can choose from. I guess you could see that as going against their stated marketing goal but I really see it as simply providing adult smokers with the flavors that the market is demanding. The idea that fruit and candy flavors are used to attract children is ridiculous. You don’t see any activists going after candy flavored vodka do you?

Fin E Cig Review

Reviews of the Fin e-cigarette attempt to explain how it has achieved such prominence and popularity in such a short time.

I tested a few Fin E Cigs including the basic disposable kit that I picked up for $15 from Walgreens.

For $15 you get a battery, cartridge and charger. That price point puts it about 15% more expensive than Vuse or Mark Ten. Is it worth it?

If you do not want to support Big Tobacco it’s worth it. You can order a similar kit from Green Smoke and get at least double the quality and that’s what you should do but if you are in a gas station of convenience store and are going to buy an ecig then Fin is not a bad choice.

One thing, and this always grinds my gears a little, Fin claims that one of their cartridges lasts the equivalent of 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes. I will tell you that the cartridge performance was good, maybe even very good, but the equivalent of 2 packs is not accurate in my opinion. Fin refill cartridges provide as many puffs as a decent quality electronic cigarette.

I am not picking on Fin for inflating the puff counts on their products. The majority of companies do it. Fin basically has no choice but to offer a puff count and they are one of the longer lasting products out there. They certainly outperform NJoy ecigarettes by a long shot. They outperform Vuse and Mark Ten as well, at least in terms of battery life and cartridge life.

Now that may not sound like a ringing endorsement but the fact is that for a retail brand, this is actually very good. Sure, Fin is not going to have the vapor quality of Halo or the battery and cartridge life of Green Smoke but it is a solid electronic cigarette.

Fin Vaping Starter Kit And Fin VTank

Fin vaping starter kit comes with their extra large 2.4 mL profiled V-tank, a powerful 650 mAh battery and a USB charger.

The Fin Vaping Starter Kit is a basic ecig tank system with a standard, old school clearomizer and a 650 mAh battery. This is an older design but it is also a simple design and not a bad option for someone who wants to try an ecig tank system. Especially when considering the price. The Fin Vaping starter kit sells for only $13.99. Replacement tanks sell for $6.99 and 10 ml bottles of Fin eliquid sell for $7.99.

I did not test the Fin vaping kit so I cannot say too much about it. Obviously, it has a very low price point. If you do want an ecig tank system that is suitable for new ecig users then I would recommend the Halo Triton, which has just lowered prices, or the Apollo Endeavor. The Endeavor, for example, comes with two complete ecig tank systems and eliquid.

I did test the Fin V Tank which appears to be the same level of technology used for the Fin Vaping kit. The difference is the ecig tank design. While the vaping kit has a refillable tank, the VTank kits have disposable tanks. That means Fin joins Logic and Blu as ecig brands that are pursuing the disposable ecig tank avenue.

The V Tank is a very similar product to the Blu Plus disposable ecig tank system. There is a good reason that some companies are trying a disposable ecig tank system. If the FDA bans eliquid then the only way to take advantage of the additional vapor that an ecig tank system can produce is to use pre-filled disposable tanks. At this point it looks like eliquid will not be banned but you never know. Perhaps it could potentially come to pass that disposable ecig tanks will represent the future of vaping.

When I used the VTank it is pretty tough to compare it to products like the Halo Triton because Fin is just not in that league. That said, give the price and basic vaping technology, it is not a bad value. I did enjoy the vapor and it was not bad. Compared to Haus, the other retail store ecig tank available in my area, Fin is a lot better option. Fin E Cig VTanks are far superior to Haus. It’s not even close. Is a Fin V-Tank as good as a VaporFi Rocket, of course not! But as far as retail brands go it’s pretty solid.

One thing that Fin E Cig VTanks could do without is the bright, blazing light on the bottom of the battery. I know it looks cool and the lit Fin logo is excellent for developing brand recognition, but a light that bright has to be consuming excess battery power. And the rounded bottom of the battery makes it awkward to stand the Fin upright.

This is a deliberate trade between developing the best product and the best brand. I don’t blame Fin for opting for brand building over vaping but at some point in this ultra competitive market bling is not going to be enough.

Fin eCigarette Prices

The Fin cigalike kit prices are very low. The basic kit that comes with the battery, one cartridge and one charger retails for just over $15. That’s what you’ll pay in a store and that’s not too far off of the standard. When you visit Fin E Cig online you can get much better deals.

You can get a complete Fin E Cig starter kit with two batteries, two charger, three cartridges and a portable charger pack for $20. That’s a great price no doubt. Of course when you need to buy Fin refill cartridges it’s a different story.

Fin refill cartridges sell for $15.99. This is on the very high end of refill cartridge prices. Cartridge prices are what best predict the long-term value of your choice of ecigs. With a price of more than $3.00 per cartomizer cartridge, you have to keep that in mind.

Compared to many e-cigarettes and vaping products, the Fin product line is competitively priced for what consumers receive.

If you do become a Fin E Cig customer, we do recommend buying your Fin refill cartridges online. The problem that you run into when you buy Fin refill cartridges from the gas station ecig selection is that you have no idea how long its been sitting on the shelf. Eliquid does not last forever. Stale ejuice can be, frankly, gross.

When you buy the refill cartridges online you will be dealing direct with the Fin ecig brand and getting fresh product. Fresh product is one of the main reasons that we always remind our readers that you should be buying your vaping supplies online. Obviously you get the best prices and you deal direct, but you also get the freshest product. That’s going to make a difference in the quality of your vaping experience.

Yes, you can also find vape shops that blend ejuice on-site. That may or may not be good! Ejuice has to be professionally blended and supervised by chemists who know what they are doing. Tests have showed that 74% of eliquids have contaminants and thats because they are blended by people who don’t know what they are doing. Fin Ecigs does have extensive quality control.

The Fin E Cig tank systems are very cheap. You can get them for $15.  Fin E Cigs are available in stores but there are a lot more products that you can get when you buy vaping supplies online.

Overall, we stand by the brands that appear on out top rated electronic cigarette chart. You will be getting better performance and better value.