Electronic Cigarettes International Group, the parent company of Fin Cigs, Victory, El Ray and others, has announced a third quarter sales increases of 28%. Ecigs International Group enjoys a strong retail presence and their ecigarette brands are found in C-stores nationwide.

Overall, consumers have been moving away from convenience store ecigarettes and moving toward more advanced, better quality electronic cigarette products. The better quality ecig products are available online at far better prices than the retail brands can compete with. Retail stores rely on the convenience factor. Generally, retail ecig sales have leveled off but Ecigs International Group, led by Fin eCigs, seems to be bucking the trend.

electronic cigarettes international increases sales by 28 percent with the help of fin cigs

Net sales increased by 28% in the third quarter. As a result, the stock price increased by 10%. Electronic Cigarettes International Group reported sales of $15.4 M and that is down slightly from Q3 last year but that is a result changes in foreign currency exchange.

Third quarter profits also increased to $9.3 M. This is very good news for eCigs International Group. Trading as stock prices are nearing an all-time high. Some are crediting this increase to the success of Fin Cigs.

Fin Cigs Leading The Way For eCig International

fin cigs leads the way in the international e cigarette market

The strength of Electronic Cigarettes International may be in its variety of vaping properties but Fin Cigs seems to be leading the way. Fin Cigs offers a wide product line including basic cigalikes as well as tank systems known as Fin V-Tanks.

Fin eCig has developed V-Tanks to be a successful retail product. Expert Vaping has covered Fin eCig previously and they are a vape brand that we are watching. While some retail eig companies do no offer their products online, Fin eCig does. Their website is very well developed and undoubtedly assist the brand in maintaining customer relationships.

Brands like Vuse and Mark Ten tend to be one-time purchases and some of that is attributed to the fact that you cannot follow up on those products by purchasing online. With Fin eCig, you can re-order cartridges, Vtanks or ejuice online.

many companies such as walmart have removed njoy e-cigs in favor of fin cigs

Fin eCig may not be on par with the leading quality electronic cigarettes but it does appear that they are carving out a nice niche for themselves and they certainly have a sting handle in the critical areas of distribution and marketing.

Fin eCig Replaces Njoy At WalMart

One of the best deals that Fin eCig was able to land was having their ecig products stocked on the shelves of WalMart locations. Many locations took the very popular Njoy brand off the shelves in order to stock the Fin Cig brand.

Fin is now widely available throughout all of the major store chains in the United States. They have attractive packaging that looks great on store shelves. Packaging and distribution are driving this brand and Ecigs International Group.

e-cig brand fin has recently replaced njoy on the shelves at walmart

If you own Ecigs International Group, this is all great news. Fin Cigs are actually developing into a diverse vaping brand and that can only help their cause.  As we always like to remind you, however, you will get the best products and best prices when you buy online from American ecig companies like VaporFi, Apollo eCigs, Halo Cigs and the other brands that appear on our top ecigarette charts.