To help determine what device best suits your skill level, it is important to understand the difference between external battery and internal battery mod configurations. When e-cigs were first introduced to consumers, they came with built-in power. To clarify, the cig-a-like system has internal batteries without options to improve power output. However, once mods became a familiar sight in the vaping marketplace, manufacturers began offering products with upgraded power units with external battery options for the convenience of charging and swapping.

Why Removable Batteries?

Tube mods are often equipped with high-power, integrated, non-removable lithium-ion batteries. For this reason, they are rechargeable and capable of a higher wattage than entry level ecigs. However, tube and pen mods are limited by how their batteries are charged. As a result, it’s not possible to use some of them while charging. It quickly became clear that even with upgraded internal battery mods, the power would drain much faster at higher wattage settings.

Bypass modes and max power units such as mech mods require constant charging in order to be in continuous use. Thus, users were able to vape longer and more consistently with the implementation of removable batteries. As a result, the vaping industry developed products dedicated directly to powering these devices with rechargeable external batteries.

External Battery Safety

High-drain lithium ion batteries, external chargers and plastic safety cases designed specifically for these batteries to address user safety. Safety is the primary concern when handling, installing, charging and carrying lithium-ion batteries. In as much as the technology is predominantly stable, lithium-ion batteries have become known for causing fires and exploding e-cigs due to improper production and mismanagement.

With this in mind, responsible purchasing and treatment of these batteries puts users in no more danger than a smart phone or an electric car. They contain fewer volatile materials than any other forms of batteries. Lithium ion cells are the preferred rechargeable choice for modern engineering of technology. Purchasing external batteries from a trusted seller and manufacturer can help prevent many injuries resulting from their usage.