Ask a smoker what they think about vaping and you will often receive questions back like are ecigs safe or are ecigs healthy. The truth is the media has done a great job of heightening awareness of ecigarette dangers, even when they don’t exist. The fact that electronic cigarettes have helped millions of smokers make the switch to a viable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes seems to go unnoticed. Or, at the very least, it takes a back seat to the more exciting reports about possible downsides to vaping. Everyone understands that smoking is bad for you, but officials can’t seem to agree on if ecigarettes can help.

While we await ecigarette regulations that are taking a long time to be finalized, groups on both sides of the issue are holding out hope that it would change things. For those who focus on ecigarette dangers or really even the possibility that they exist, the implementation of regulations would help cope with what they term as a problem.

Though not an easy adjustment from smoking to vaping, tobacco users have plenty to gain from switching to vapes and leaving cigarettes behind forever.

For those who understand the value of ecigarettes to smokers right now, regardless of the limited answer to the “are ecigs healthy” question, ecigarette regulation can calm the waters. In the meantime, we hope that smokers are listening to what electronic cigarettes can do for them, and not only the trumped up accusations of ecigarette dangers.

It is smokers, in fact, who stand the most to gain right now from the ecigarette revolution and it is important that they understand that. A lot of people like to view the industry as a moneymaking machine and that companies stand the most to gain from the growth of ecigs. While certainly there is profit to be made, and that’s a good thing because it drives competition and technological advancement, it doesn’t cancel out the incredible value ecigs hold for smokers. They may not be the perfect device, or at least not yet, but they already can affect change for smokers in a way that nothing else up until this point has.

eCig Can Save Millions Of Lives

The proof is in the vapor, not only does vaping save users tons of money, but it literally saves millions of lives each year.

That was exactly the point made by Konstantinos Farsalinos at a recent ecigarette conference held in Abu Dhabi. Farsalinos, a researcher from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, claimed, “if three percent of smokers switch to ecigarettes we are going to save about two million lives in the next 20 years.”

Imagine that just for a moment and put that in context of the “are ecigs safe” question. Maybe the real question should be are they safer than cigarettes, or can they help you reduce the amount of tobacco you burn and ingest into your body. Smokers have been searching long and hard for a way to do that without having the urge to go right back to traditional tobacco cigarettes. In ecigarettes, millions have found their answer.

Geneva University's Jean Francois Etter, performed a study on the possible regulation of e-cigarettes and deduced that not only were e-cigarettes less addictive than tobacco, there was no conclusive evidence that they caused people to smoke afterward.

This is why Geneva University representative Jean-Francois Etter points out that, even if ecigs aren’t perfect, they are a huge step forward and the World Health Organization (WHO) should treat them as such. “I think that the WHO people should know better than kill alternatives to smoking cigarettes,” said Etter. “Alternatives to smoking do not need to be 100 percent safe, they just need to be much safer than tobacco cigarettes,” he insisted.

Etter drives the point home that they are ecigs healthy question is irrelevant when we know how smoking kills people. “You choose the lesser of two evils” according to Etter.

But that isn’t to say that ecigarettes are an evil at all. The existence of ecigarette dangers hasn’t been truly proven yet, with the flimsy accusations up until now having all been refuted. The fact is that ecigarettes help so many people make the switch away from something we know is terrible for you – traditional tobacco cigarettes. Insisting on proper ecigarette regulations that will ensure proper safety standards are taken by manufacturers is one thing, throwing out the baby with the bathwater is another.

For some smokers simply quitting cold turkey is not even a viable option and for many of them e-cigarettes are a life saver.

Simply ignoring how much good ecigs have done for smokers is a crime by the international health community. We know there are good people out there who understand this and stand up for the rights of ecig users, and we just hope there will be more of the same as the movement continues to grow and mature.

Happy Vaping!