Trying to find the right ecigarette that is going to be just the right fit for you can be a challenge. There is no one size fits all. A helpful question to ask might be what the ecigarette that people who work in the industry use themselves? Ken is Expert Vaping’s programmer and for him the answer is the Triton from Halo Cigs specifically with the 2.6 ohm to 2.8 ohm Halo coils.


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The team at Expert Vaping is comprised of staunch vaping advocates who work hard everyday to help smokers find an alternative to smoking. A big part of the reason that we are such big believers is the personal experiences of our team members.

With that, let’s turn it over to Ken who will fill us in on his experience with the Halo Triton and how he chooses which Halo coils work for him.

Ken’s Pick – The Halo Triton

The Halo Triton has worked for me since day one. I have tried some other ecigs over the years.

I have tried some of my friends advanced mods and cigalikes, but I’m just one of those that when I find something that works I tend to stick with it as long as it’s working. The Triton just hits me perfectly, constantly.

Before I found the Triton, I did try a couple of different types of disposable cigalikes that I bought in gas stations.

I tried Blu, Metro and a couple of others but those were just an absolute waste of money. I knew that there had to be something better. I found that with the Halo Triton.

halo triton starter kit with two batteries and tanks

Another reason that I stick with the Triton is simply just out of cost effectiveness. It’s the only starter kit I’ve ever bought, and it’s been so reliable I’ve never had to buy more than any one certain replacement part at a time ever. I have been using it for two years and I find that the Triton is incredibly durable.

To give you an example of how durable it is, I am used to getting two full days of use out of a fully charged Halo Triton battery. After a year of constant use, that drops down to about one day but it keeps working. My batteries never go completely dead. It is very durable. I do replace batteries after a year so obviously you can see the cost effectiveness. The Triton is very low maintenance.

My original batteries, chargers, and tanks lasted almost over a year of constant daily use. Altogether over two years, I’ve replaced both my batteries and one of my tanks, but nothing has failed simultaneously with another piece so I’ve been able to replace a part here and there without having to spend a bunch of money.

Halo vapor pen for beginners

I have two Halo Triton batteries that I keep in constant rotation. There is always one in the charger. That way, I always have a fully charged battery. Unlike some other ecig starter kits, the Halo Triton starter kit comes with two batteries so when you order it for the first time I suggest that you use the same type of rotation. Your Halo Triton batteries are going to last you a long, long time.

I’ve thought about going to the new Halo Triton variable voltage batteries and that may be on the Horizon. I am curious to see how they would work. Everyone is different but for me personally I like a strong throat hit so I would probably use the highest voltage output and I wonder how that would affect how long my coils last. Which brings me to my next topic, Halo coils.

Halo Coils

The Halo coils also last me a long time. I only have to buy replacement coils every few months. A pack of five Halo coils costs $12.50 and I use the Expert Vaping Halo coupon Expert Vaping5 to save a bit off of that price.

You add that up over the course of a year and I am spending less than $50 a year to keep getting top performance out of my Triton. So that’s a full year of use for the less money that some people spend on their gas station cigalikes in a week. With this kind of value why would I switch to something else? I’m saving a fortune as compared to when I was smoking.

Halo triton coils

Halo coils come in four different resistance levels. You can get:

  • 1.8 Ohm – 2.0 Ohm Halo coils
  • 2.2 Ohm – 2.4 Ohm Halo coils
  • 2.6 Ohm – 2.8 Ohm Halo coils
  • 3.0 Ohm to 3.2 Ohm Halo coils

I’ve got a bad habit of hot-boxing my hits almost to the point of burning them just on a regular voltage Halo Triton batteries because I use the 2.2 – 2.4 Ohm coils, which tend to burn a little hotter than the 2.6 Ohm to 2.8 Ohm coils that I tried. You wouldn’t think 0.2 difference would be all that much, but I’ve found through trial and error that 0.2 is the difference between getting a hit that actually does the trick and a hit that you can hit over and over and over and still never really feel like you got anything off of it.

One time I decided to try a pack of 1.8 Ohm to 2.0 Ohm Halo coils thinking that since 2.2 – 2.4 was better for me than 2.6 – 2.8, going down to 1.8 – 2.0 must be even better. That did not work out so well! I scorched the coil, my throat, everything. That was my experience and I would encourage others to try the same trial and error to see what will be perfect for them. That is the beauty of giving people so much flexibility to choose the Halo coil resistance level that is going to give them the best experience. There is no one size fits all and the Halo Triton gives you the ability to find that sweet spot that is going to work for you. It really makes a difference.

halo coils 2.4 ohms 5 pack

The coils that I use now, the 2.2 Ohm to 2.4 Ohm Halo coils, are the ones that come with the starter kit so you get a good opportunity to experience a solid throat kick and lots of vapor right out of the box.

What I do when I’m vaping is take 2 or 3 tiny 1-second hits. I don’t like to hold the button down for longer than that because I don’t want to overheat the coil. It works perfectly for me. When I used the 2.6 – 2.8’s, I can hold the button down long enough to trip the timer, which happens at 8 or 9 seconds, but even at 8 or 9 seconds I couldn’t get a the hit that I can in a couple seconds with the 2.2-2.4 Halo coils.

halo e cig starter kit with two batteries and two tanks

The coil resistance that you choose can change the flavor and vapor. The higher resistance might be better for flavor but not as good for vapor and vice versa. The 2.6 Ohm -2.8 Ohm coils probably have a little better flavor because it’s not burning as hot, but vapor-wise it’s not turning out nearly enough to make me feel like I actually got something out of it.

Weird how that works, you probably are getting the same exact amount of nicotine in either scenario, but if you don’t blow out enough exhaust it doesn’t feel like you did.

Halo eLiquid Flavors

Halo eLiquid is one of the best ejuice brands that you can get. I like Halo eLiquid flavors and the vapor.

There is another brand that I use as well but Halo eLiquid is obviously one of the best if not the best. They are widely recognized as one of the leaders in quality ejuice.

I am not into tobacco flavors at all. Most people who switch from smoking to vaping eventually get away from tobacco flavors. You probably will, too.

Halo e liquid flavor choices

Halo eLiquid flavors are blended with USP grade ingredients so I know I’m not inhaling contaminants or cheap flavor additives like diacetyl. You have to be careful with eliquids these days because there are a lot of shady vendors out there. Halo eLiquids are blended by actual professionals who know what they’re doing.

The Halo eLiquid flavors that I like best are Halo’s Sub-Zero, Malibu and Kringle’s Kurse. If you like menthol, you have to try Sub-Zero. The vapor is excellent. The quality of Halo eLiquid flavors stands out.

That’s why I use the halo Triton. I know new ecigs come out every day and some of them have all kinds of features. But, when you find something that works, stick with it. The Halo Triton is working it for me.

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