As ecigs get more and more powerful, vaping temperature becomes something that is very important to be aware of. When we talk about vaping temperature we don't want to confuse this issue with the new trend of temperature control mods. While temperature control mods control the vaporization temperature there are many more mods out there that do not have any type of safety mechanisms to control the power output to the heating coil.

Many people who are into dripping and mech mods run the risk of overheating their coils and eliquid. Of course when this happens they notice right away and no one would actually vape this burnt eliquid. Of course this does not stop the anti-vaping zealots from swinging into action and screaming about the dangers of ecigs.

In order to calculate the appropriate ratios at which your vaping devices function at optimum capability, refer to this handy chart calculating the temperature coefficient of resistance for vaping wire types.

Most of the hype about ecig dangers is overblown. In fact, much of it is downright ridiculous or, as Presidential candidate Donal Trump would unabshadely say, most anti-ecig rhetoric is stupid.

The now famous, or infamous, study that claimed ecig juice was giving off formaldehyde that people then inhaled, has essentially been debunked. Yet if you talk to people about eliquid and vaping you will still hear many talk about the risks involved. They’ve “heard” that ecigs can be bad for your, are bad for you, or are even worse for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes. It's insane. You aren’t going to find anybody here that will agree with them, but what we do have for you as more clarity, because this is what we do.

Whereas you may not find much mention of it while perusing other electronic cigarette review websites, we think it is important to talk vaping temperature. If you aren’t someone who is sticking to buying one-time use cartridges, you may think this doesn’t apply to you. But even the stuff you are vaping with has eliquid inside and it still needs to be heated to certain level to get that vapor you are looking for. So what’s the story behind the temperature in ecigs and why is it so important?

Are there inherent ecig dangers because of vaping temperature? In this blog we are going to give you an overview of how things work and the role of vaping temperature and we will also discuss the practical side of things and what to be aware of when buying. Let’s get started, shall we?

Vaping Temperature

Some of the benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking is the lowered temperature that many e-cigs are preset to vaporize liquid at, which cuts down on harmful heat exposed to users lungs.

The wonderful devices that we call ecigarettes are assembled from a pretty simple concept really. You have the battery, which serves as the power source.

You have a cartridge that houses the eliquid or ecig juice. Lastly, you have an atomizer that does the job of actually heating that eliquid to the proper temperature so that vapor is created. Within that atomizer is a coil, which is the part that is being heated, a wick that absorbs that ecig juice, and often a bridge that serves as a conduit between the two.

It is the coil that plays a key element here, as it is responsible for reaching a certain temperature and staying there. Not enough heat means no vapor, too much heat and your ecig will start behaving in a way it is not meant to behave.

These days the interest in ecigs goes way beyond simply the basic 2-piece design we all know. While the best cigalikes remain the ideal way to begin a journey away from smoking and toward vaping, plenty of smokers are interested in going straight to ecig tank systems. This means more choices are left in their hands. The further spawn of this is systems that truly have vaping temperature control and allow the user to fine-tune his or her vaping experience. But what they are also doing is giving them the opportunity to avoid some ecig dangers that can happen when overheating occurs.

The evidence of such overheating can usually be explained by the “dry puff” phenomenon. This is what we call the experience of taking in a drag from an ecig and getting nothing out of it but dry air. Maybe a tiny bit of flavor remains, but it feels like we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Which is really exactly what is going on here. The ecig juice runs out and the coil no longer is able to use it as a sort of coolant for keeping the temperature at the level needed. Now the coil is free to heat itself to a much higher level, one that may approach a limit or danger area.

While regular vaping practices have been discovered to pose low health risks to users, the practice of dripping does put the devices at risk of overheating leading to the possibility of damage from heat.

The practice of dripping with a mech mod poses the greatest risk of overheating. It is very important that drippers and mech uses know exactly what they are doing. You have to know the materials being used in the heating coil, how the power putput will interact with the resistance of the atomizer and the VG / PG ratio of the eliquid.

At one time, dripping was the only way to get the huge clouds of vapor that some in the communty are seeking. Now, ecigarette technology has advanced to the point where vapers can get the huge clouds in safer, easy to use ecig devices. If you look at the newly released Smok X Cube Ultra vape mod review for example, there is a bundle you can get for this subohm electronic cigarette that is user friendly and comes with everything you need. It has basic modes and advanced modes.

Vaping Temperatures And Ecig Dangers

There is a danger from vaping and e-cigarettes that vaporize at higher temperatures causing an abundance of heated vapor to enter the lungs and damage them.

All of this basically gives you an overview of what the role vaping temperature has in determining what goes on in your ecig. At the most basic level, the right temperature is going to keep you enjoying your ecig juice without any problems.

Of course things aren’t always that simple in the real world, and that is where we will pick up our conversation. Time to go over the practical side of things and some buying tips while keeping temperature in mind. Temperature may not be talked about enough in electronic cigarette reviews, but it is a key element in giving users the best experience.

It also goes without saying that any potential ecig dangers, although very much overstated, can somewhat be tied back to the same issue.

At this point everyone should know that eliquid needs to be heated to produce vapor, and it is done so by way of the atomizer. In the atomizer is a coil, which is the part of it that actually heats up, rising to a temperature that will turn ecig juice into that perfect vapor we all love. What you also need to know is that a coil heated beyond certain limits isn’t only ineffective, but risky too. ecig dangers revolving around vaping temperature are real and that overheating can produce change in your ecig juice that is potentially harmful.

The most talked about phenomena lately is that loaded headline that we saw not too long ago. If you were surfing electronic cigarette reviews sites earlier this year you may have seen the “Hidden formaldehyde in ecigarette aerosols” story reported, and likely refuted too. The key to unwrapping that false accusation of ecig dangers is the same thing we talk about here – vaping temperature

When vaping devices are used irresponsibly or the voltage to resistance ratios are miscalculated, vapers who use drip tip setups are at risk from burning wicks running at too high of a voltage.

You see the tests conducted that led to that headline were using a voltage that resulted in higher heat levels than most anybody operates at. At that point the ecig was burning the wick instead of the eliquid as it was supposed to. Remember how bad it is to inhale things that burn? That’s not at all the point of ecigs and so this “malfunction” of sorts isn’t exactly and example of normal ecig use.

What’s more, ecig users likely wouldn’t be inhaling that stuff in the first place. Not only because most won’t have their ecig set at such a high heating level, but also because the effect is noticeable and very unappetizing.

What we are talking about is the “dry puff” example where the user feels a burning taste instead of their normal ecig juice goodness. This taste is pretty horrible and we don’t know of many vapers who would go on inhaling because of that very reason.

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) wrote about this in their article refuted the new study. They point out that “The conditions used to study the ecigarette aerosol at the high voltage setting were unrealistic and under such conditions, a vaper would never be able to use the product.” What this means is that the vaping temperature that is needed to generate toxins is not a tmeperature any human being would ever use. So if anyone is wondering if vaping is bad for you then just know that the way that researchers use ecig to get negative results is not a way that you would ever vape.

Dr. Farsalinos Speaks Out On Vapor

We think the ACSH is right and they are also backed up by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a Greek doctor who specifically covers the impact of ecigs. He echoed the ACSH claims, saying, “In fact, overheating results in an unpleasant taste that none can withstand. As a result, no vaper is ever using the ecigarette at such conditions and, thus, will never be exposed to such levels of formaldehyde.” That doesn’t mean there aren’t any potential ecig dangers from this at all, but it more or less eliminates the threat to the vast majority of users.

A Greek physician Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has published his findings from an online survey and study of e-cigarette usage and effects that found e-cigs posed no hazard to users.

Where you may see more of a risk when purchasing a new electronic cigarette vaping system, is if you go for something that allows real temperature freedom. While these types of systems can also be seen as a leap forward for allowing the end-user the ability to manage that heat level and vaping temperatures themselves, they open a Pandora’s box of sorts too. Even though everyone can recognize that dry puff taste and it is very unlikely that anyone will keep inhaling, removing these limitations still opens up that risk.

We recommend that only highly experienced vapers go ahead with any plans to purchase a system that is that “open” to extreme adjustments such as mech mods and RDA atomizers. Again, you require substantial knowledge to safely use these devices. Thanks to new and innovative ecigarette designs and the emergence of subohm vaping, you do not need to use a device like this to get massive clouds of vapor.

Most smokers that are out looking up electronic cigarette reviews will stick to something more entry or mid-level. With regard to temperature, that is a fail-safe thing to do as the 2-piece or standard ecig tank systems will have safeguards against high temperatures. This does come with one caveat: you must buy a good quality electronic cigarette product from a reliable brand.

Quality control is hugely important when it comes to things like coils and the chips that regulate vaping temperature in an ecig. Only choose a reputable brand, like any of the ones we vouch for here (link). They take temperature as seriously as we do and can ensure that your ecig experience isn’t fraught with unnecessary ecig dangers.

Happy Vaping!