As a group of vapers trying to positively impact the lives of our readers, Expert Vaping considers hearing from them part of the reward. Whether to give encouragement or gratuity for pointing users in the right direction, or to augment information or specifications you’ve found to be different from that on our site, we want to hear from you.

We answer each message individually and give all questions the same detailed attention, regardless of who submits it and what they are addressing or asking. As a result, no question is too small, no challenge is too tall. Have questions about a product we haven’t reviewed? Point us to it. Did we not provide you with a crucial detail in a review? Let us know, we are continuously striving to improve our site, our methods and ourselves.

Why We Do It

By sharing the benefit of our collective knowledge our goal is to serve as an aid to the vaping community. It’s the input of our users that fuels our passion for the future of vaping. We look forward to hearing from each of you.

All the best,

The Expert Vaping Team