Clear The Air Alaska is a consumer advocacy group that has organized to better inform Alaskan consumers regarding truth about vaping. There is little doubt that vaping is under attack on multiple fronts and thankfully everyday more and more people are waking up and seeing right through the agenda. A Harvard study has shown that Americans are very misinformed about electronic cigarettes and advocacy groups such as this are what is needed.

The timing of the formation of Clear Air Alaska could not be better. Last month, Valerie Davidson actually publically stated that ecigs might be worse than tobacco cigarettes. As hard as it is to believe that a public health official could be so egregiously misinformed, it is the reality. So right now the commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services in Alaska is suggesting that vaping could be worse than smoking. A voice of reason is definitely in need.

Clear the Air Alaska is a consumer advocacy group fighting to spread the truth about vaping.

Considering the real electronic cigarette data from sources like the CDC, we know that people are successfully using ecigs to help them quit smoking. We also know that the number of non-smokers who use ecigs is infinitesimal. While a small number of non-smokers, including teens, have tried ecigarettes, very few ever become regular vapers. It just does not happen according to all of the data that we have collected so far.

Clear Air Alaska has a case to make. We would suggest that they begin with the most comprehensive electronic cigarette study done to date, the 111 page Public Health England report. That study found conclusively that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

Despite the growing evidence, ecigs remain a favorite target of established media. Just last week after a University of Pennsylvania study, headlines shouted that ecigs produce free radicals. So for those who scan headlines the message was clear but if you actually read the study you would have found out that the study showed that the amount of free radicals produced by vaping was found to be 100 to 1000 times less than smoking.

A public health organization in England says that vaping is 95 percent safer for the human body than smoking cigarettes.

Ultimately, it is the comparison of vaping vs smoking that truly is at the heart of the vaping revolution. Vaping is not perfect, but it is presented as a smoking alternative that can reduce risk. With smoking addiction costing us so many lives, reducing risk is a worthy and necessary cause that we should not be treating so shabbily.

Clear The Air Alaska

Clear The Air Alaska was launched out of the necessity to combat the never ending barrage of misinformation that is constantly directed toward electronic cigarettes and vaping. In a state where public health officials are suggesting that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, obviously a countering voice is needed to set the record strait.

Clear the Air is an Alaskan consumer advocacy group making sure people understand the truth about vaping.

CTAA, Clear The Air Alaska, was founded by trade professionals including ecig companies, shops and vendors. Their stated goal is to inform the public about the misinformation by anti-tobacco and pro-tobacco groups alike. You see, vaping is the underdog and has virtually no allies existing in established corporate and government circles of power.

What Clear The Air Alaska does have on its side is more important than a fat rolodex of movers and shakers, what CTAA has is the truth. CTAA members have lost loved ones to smoking and see the benefit of vaping toward creating a future without smoking. Now, putting an end to smoking is something that anti-tobacco groups and publicly funded health groups have failed miserably at. Ecigs are the game changing intruder that is shaking things up.

The state of Alaska is embroiled in fierce battle over the future of vaping there.

The group Clear The Air Alaska has formed as a 501(C)6 trade organization. The group already has 1,200 likes on Facebook and is growing fast. The website has a “Get The Facts” with a number of accurate and informative articles. The website and group message is one of openness and invitation to conversation. CTAA is inviting any policy maker to contact them and engage in a civil discussion regarding the potential that vaping has to be society’s ally in the fight against tobacco harm.

This is not a militant or angry approach, but rather a constructive one. Clear The Air Alaska is truly advocating education and reason. Expert Vaping would like to express appreciation to CTAA and the direction that they have taken to promote a more accurate and honest understanding of vaping and electronic cigarettes.