There are a lot of ways that you can build your own e-cig. A lot of electronic cigarette aficionados enjoy combining their passion for vaping with their own engineering skills and creativity. Some of the results have been impressive.

Vapers have converted all sorts of everyday objects into vaping marvels. I once saw an 80s icon, the Rubik’s Cube, converted into a mech mod vaping device. Virtually anything can house the workings of a functioning vaporizer.

how to build your own coils

All you need to build your own electronic cigarette is a battery, an element to convert battery power into heat (or an atomizer), some wick, cotton or coil, and some e-liquid. It sounds simple but…. there are a few hurdles that have to be …. well… hurdled. Here, the old adage about things that sound ‘too good to be true’ applies. You can build your own vape but you really need to understand the relationships between the various elements that you are utilizing.

Power yet easy to use ecigs
powerful yet easy to use kits

Unless you install a microprocessor to regulate the lithium ion e-cig battery output and unless you cross all your T’s and dot all of your I’s when matching batteries and resistance, it is very easy for a ‘build your own vape’ to go all kinds of wrong.

If the resistance is too weak the battery activation activation could be overextended and you can easily overheat and burn the e-juice and the coil, or a thermal runaway could occur. Either way, it is a tricky proposition that demands a certain level of mechanical and electrical knowledge.

avoid burnt coils by using a tank

If you have a creative side but do not have the time to master all the necessary requirements to build your own e-cig, there is another way. You can unleash your inner Rembrandt, Picasso or O’Keeffe and leave the Nikola Tesla mathy-sciency part to the experts. In other words, all you have to worry about is the fun part.

You can make your own vaporizer the easy way. You can use all of your creativity and leave the engineering and functionality to someone else. South Beach Smoke has an online tool that allows you to design and construct your own electronic cigarette.

Make Your Own Vaporizer

When you build your own vaporizer with South Beach Smoke’s online tool, you choose the style, color, and e-cig tank. The process is so simple.

You can click through a number of e-cig options. You can choose a short and stout design, long and tall or curvy. They have something for everyone.

It’s actually fun!

New Vape Juice Flavors
best vape juice flavors

To get started, just click the South Beach Smoke link provided below at the end of the article. Once you are on the website, just click the “Vaporizers” tab at the top of the screen. Once you do, you will see the ‘Custom Vaporizer Builder’. Click on that and you are on your way to make your own e-cig.

The first step is to choose your battery style and color. There are six battery styles to choose from and a multitude of colors and patterns. From camouflage to pink, the choices run the gamut.

how to make your own vaporizer tool from south beach smoke

To see the technical specification of each battery click on view details. Batteries range from 650 mAh to 1300 mAh. A couple of the batteries is variable voltage. Most of the batteries have a 4.2 Volts output but the Thunder battery, the 1300 mAh option, is capable of 4.8 Volts.

You can scroll through all of the battery styles and see the price listed for each option. When you choose a color, you will see what your e-cig will look like in a window on the right side of the screen. You can pick, choose and experiment to your heart’s content.

The next step is to choose your e-cig tank. There are five different tanks to choose from. Each has a unique style that can either compliment or clash with your battery choice. It’s all up to you!

The tank capacities range from 1.6 ml up to 2.5 ml. You can also choose from a couple of variable airflow tanks, which are becoming very popular with vapers. You can clearly see each tank price and color option.

Play around, try different tanks on different batteries and see what strikes your fancy.

there are many battery and tank combinations to choose from

Have you been thinking about trying an adjustable airflow tank but don’t want to pay vape store prices? This is perfect for you.

It is also perfect for someone who wants to create a unique, eye-catching build your own e-cigarette that has a style that is all you.

At the end of your ‘build your own vape’ experience, the last step is an option to choose extra atomizers for your tank. Take advantage and stock up. The last thing you want is to have a burnt out atomizer and have to suffer with burnt tasting vapor until your new one arrives.

All you have to do now is wait a few days for your custom e-cigarette to arrive at your door. Fill the tank with your favorite e-juice and you are good to go.

By the way, speaking of e-juice, South Beach Smoke is a partner of VaporFi, a leading manufacturer of USA made e-juice. If you are still feeling all creative after designing your own e-cigarette, South Beach also allows you to blend your very own e-liquid.

Make Your Own E-Liquid

What does an e-liquid blend of bourbon, orange mint, and cotton candy taste like? I have no idea but you can certainly find out!

When you are visiting the South Beach Smoke website and click on ‘E-Liquids’ you will see a ‘Custom Blend’ option. When you choose custom blend, you can make your own e-liquid. Then you can vape on the e-liquid, designed by you, in the e-cigarette, designed by you.

Making your own e-liquid is easy with South Beach Smoke’s online custom blending tool. First, choose your nicotine level.

Next, decide how many flavors that you want to combine, you can choose from one to three.

how to make your own e liquid with south beach smoke

If you choose either one or two flavors, you also then choose the strength of each flavor. For example, if you want to blend Tobacco Classic with Red Hot Cinnamon you can specify a double shot of cinnamon and a single shot of tobacco.

The number of potential combinations is amazing.

Really, it’s all in your hands, at the click of your fingertips. So, build your own e-cig and your own e-liquid. Have fun with it!

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