Vaping concentrates can be a sticky situation and finding the best wax pens takes more than just a dab of research. We condensed the best in weed derivative optimized vaporizers and extracted a few of our favorites. Shatter your expectations as we hash out these outstanding devices.

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Get the scoop on some of our top picks that will resonate with little nuggets of vaping wisdom. Check out the best wax pens in our compressed catalog of concentrate vaporizers. We pull out all the stops and snap off crumbles of buddered insight to bring you the top devices for vaping weed extracts.

Mig Vapor Wasp – A Discreet And Powerful Wax Pen

the wasp by mig vapor is one of the most compact concentrate vape devices available and ranks number two on our list of the best wax pens
the mig vapor wasp is a compact pen mod with a pyrex mouthpiece that comes in number two on our list of the best wax pens

A compact spark plug of concentrated vaping, the Mig Vapor Wasp is a pocket sized missile of incredible vapor. The Mig Vapor vape brand is known not only for their outstanding mods and innovative designs but for their dry herb and extract devices. The Wasp is an affordable pen mod with massively mobilized functionality vaporizing extracts.

W.A.S.P. is an acronym that stands for Wax Air Stealth Pen, which accurately sums up this discreet dab pen. This simple, sleek wax pen is fed by a built-in USB rechargeable 900 mAh battery that performs for an immense amount of vaping. Coils for the Wasp are optimized for 1.0 ohms of vaping resistance.

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An integrated ceramic heating chamber contains dual porous carborundum ceramic coils wrapped around quartz posts for a clean, distinct and flavorful vapor. Additionally, the drip tip on the Mig Vapor W.A.S.P. is made of Pyrex glass which helps to preserve the flavor of specific strains and wax flavors. This wax pen is exceptionally easy to operate, load and clean out making it an outstanding first device for users new to wax vaping.

The streamlined design of the Mig Vapor Wasp, combined with its stealthy profile make it an outstanding entry level pen, however, it’s also ideal for advanced vapers how want a travel wax vaporizer to supplement their home equipment. If you’re looking an incredibly dense vapor output with clean poignant flavor at a low cost, you can’t do much better than the Mig Vapor Wasp. For more info check out our full Mig Vapor Wasp review.

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  • Built in USB rechargeable 900 mAh battery
  • Set heating temperature is optimized for extracts, wax and concentrates
  • Ceramic heating chamber, carborundum 1.0ohm coils wrapped around quartz posts and Pyrex drip tip make for incredibly clean, distinct flavor
  • Available in matte black or stainless steel finish
  • Stealthy profile, easy to load, operate and clean, perfect for beginning wax vapers

V2 Cigs Series 3X – A Wax Pen To Rule Them All

the pro series 3x three in one mod from v2 cigs is a comprehensive device in a compact package making it rank number one on our list of the best wax pens
the v2 cigs series 3x is an incredible 3-in-1 device that comes in glossy black and is number one on our list of the best wax pens

If you’ve explored our website, you know we don’t just have favorite devices, we have favorite brands that we trust and the V2 Cigs Series 3X wax pen is just one of the major reasons we love them. The Pro Series vaporizers were some of the world’s first 3-in-1 devices, combining the top tech breakthroughs into the functionality of a single, portable unit. Their Pro Series 3X improves upon the early developments and takes the advanced functionality of the Series 7 and packs all of their collective engineering into an amazing pocket vape.

As we mentioned, the Pro Series 3x effectively and efficiently vaporizes a range of materials including loose leaf dry herbs and e liquid. However, where this device truly shines in its ability to extract vapor from concentrates and wax. The sizeable cartridge chamber is able to hold an impressive 1g to 1.5 grams of material, which provides for extended sessions of extract vaping.

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To speak briefly about the cartridges themselves, the original Series 3 had optimized temp settings for each, however the 3X update has personalized settings that range between low, medium and high. That said, this device is able to extract dense, flavorful vapor at all three voltage settings at 1.8v, 2.5v, 3.3volts. Users select their preferred voltage using the single fire button and corresponding LED lights.

A built-in LED ring on the base indicates heating status of the interior oven, as well as battery strength for the built-in USB rechargeable when you shake it! For users in search of a stealthy wax vape, the Series 3x wax pen from the V2 vape brand has a stealth mode setting that keeps the lights turned out. Get the best in clandestine wax, oil and concentrate vaping with the V2 Pro Series 3x vaporizer and you’ll never have to make any compromises.

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Built in USB rechargeable battery

  • Three voltage settings at 1.8v, 2.5v and 3.3v
  • LED indicator lights aid in selecting temperature and voltage modes as well as heating status
  • Light ring on the base indicates battery life when you shake it
  • 1g-1.5-gram wax/dab/extract/concentrate cartridge

Honey Stick Stinger

the stinger from honey stick is an entirely ceramic vape mod ideal for concentrates and ranks number three on our list of the best wax pens
the honey stick stinger is a fully ceramic vaporizer in all black that comes in number three on our list of the best wax pens

To maximize the flavor of your dabs or concentrates, the Honey Stick Stinger ceramic vaporizer preserves the taste of all your strains perfectly. Design to highlight the craft flavors of all varieties of shatter, dabs, crumble and waxes, this sturdy vape pen heats every extract evenly and effectively. If you’ve been searching for a wax pen that’s as well manufactured as it is engineered the Honey Stick Stinger ceramic vape pen will not disappoint.

With a built-in USB rechargeable 1650 mAh battery, the ceramic Stinger has more than enough power to keep you dabbing all day long. The 510-threaded ceramic tank section has a removable drip tip that allows access to the heating chamber. A fully ceramic heating chamber contains a 0.8 ohm coil more than capable of bringing your extracts to vaporizing temperature.

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Three preset wattage settings are selected by holding down the fire button and waiting for the corresponding color LED light to glow around it. In detail, a red light means you’re at 10 watts, the blue light puts you at 15 watts and the white light is set for 20 watts. While the manufacturer recommends vaping concentrates under 12 watts the device itself is obviously capable of much more.

Although some dabbers may miss their high heat at first, the slow-building temperature and gradual warming time enhances the flavor of extracts and limits the possibility for overheating and combustion. As a result, users of the Honey Stick Stinger get precise, tasty vapor from any extract, wax or concentrate that medicates effectively. Discover the fully ceramic vape difference with the Honey Stick Stinger vaporizer.

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  • Built in USB rechargeable 1650 mAh battery
  • Fully ceramic construction produces some of the most poignant flavor available from a portable vaporizer
  • Three preset wattages selected by holding the fire button at 10w, 15w and 20 watts
  • LED shield light built into the fire button indicates mode, activation and battery charge
  • 0.8 ohm atomizer coil

Atmos Junior

the smaller version of the rx or raw vaporizer, the atmos junior is available in lime green and ranks number four on our list of the best wax pens
the atmos junior is a smaller version of the rx or raw that comes in bright lime green and is number four on our list of the best wax vape pens

If simplicity is key and all you need is a streamlined, compact stealthy wax pen for on the go vaping, the Atmos Junior will give you everything you need. A three part modular design breaks this palm-sized concentrate oven into three essential parts for easy loading, easy vaping and easy cleaning. You won’t get any extra wattage, temperature or session settings, but what you will get with the Atmos Junior is heated, medicated vapor in every puff.

A threaded drip tip helps with heat dissipation as the oven sits directly beneath. The Rx Junior from Atmos has an integrated spiral, range-top style heating coil in a deep, sizeable ceramic chamber. While many users have reported that this device’s set heating temp effectively combusts dry material placed directly on the coils, it’s almost ideal for vaporizing wax, extracts and concentrates. The stealthy, compact design is just under four inches in length perfect for discreet vaping wherever you go.

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It’s powered by a USB rechargeable eGo style contained battery that unscrews from the tank section. A glowing LED light with an Atmos ‘A’ logo embossed in it indicates when the battery needs to be recharged with flashing red lights. When the device has an operational charge the light glows blue when in use.

The Atmos Raw Junior heats the coils at a constant 3.7 volts which is perfect for extracts that require an intense heat to produce vapor. For a pocket wax vaporizer without any extra features, specifications or confusing functions that is unbelievably affordable the Atmos Junior is a tiny vape pen that maximizes its simple functions.

If these aren’t what you’re looking for, we’ve got a list of dab pens that might be better suiting, surely you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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  • Ceramic heating chamber with spiral style coil
  • Built in USB rechargeable Ego style 350 mAh battery
  • Constant power output of 3.7v
  • LED light notifies users when the device is in use and when it requires a charge
  • Super affordable, easy-to-use and compact device ideal for beginning vapers