Bad news. There is no single best vape starter kit. Good news. There is at least one good starter kit for you. The ecigarette industry has diversified into a massive range of products and vaping styles. Frankly, it’s awesome. There is so many vape brands that it can be confusing but when you narrow it down to a few categories, picking out the electronic cigarette that you are going to enjoy most is going to be fun.

They are now estimating that 4 million Americans have put down their cigarettes in favor of vaping. The fight against smoking has never been stronger. Fortified by vaping technology, people all over the world are finding a new lifeline with ecigs and vaping. For many, vaping becomes a hobby, for some others it becomes an all out passion. For others, all they are looking for is something easy to use that keeps them from smoking. Vaping welcomes all.

Figuring out the best vape starter kit starts at the beginning. Yah, that’s deep! I’ll break it down into four categories. First, we’ll start with cigalikes. A cigalike is an electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette. These are the easiest to use and the most convenient. They are a great place to start when choosing a first ecig and trying to make the break from tobacco.

The anatomy of an electronic cigarette is broken down into the nicotine and flavor cartridge, heating coil that creates vapor, sensor to detect when the device is in use, microprocessor to control the heat of the coil and the light, a battery and the LED indicator light that glows when the device is in use.

Yes, cigalikes are the design that you see behind the counter in gas stations and convenience stores. But anything that you see sold in one of those stores is not the best vape starter kit. Vuse, Mark 10 and the like are not as good as Green Smoke ecigarettes.

Not even close actually. They are not high quality and you can do a whole lot better and get way more for your money. When it comes to vaping, buying online is hands down the way to go. Take advantage of your consumer power.

Basic ecig tank systems utilize larger, more powerful batteries than cigalikes. They also use refillable ecig tanks that you manually fill with eliquid. You choose the eliquid flavor of your preference. While many people start out with tobacco flavors, more than half of vapers move on to other flavors like fruit or dessert flavors. Basic ecig tank systems give you more vapor and last longer than cigalikes.

Today, subohm vaping is the number one choice of vaping style for millions of electronic cigarette users. The reason is simple. You get lots of vapor, huge clouds of vapor! Once upon a time, subohm vaping was a complicated and risky proposition. Not so much anymore. You still have to be careful and make sure that you are using the right tank with an appropriate device, but there are some super easy to use subohm kits that qualify for the best vape starter kit.

Subohm kits may or may not work with rebuildable atomizers. Most of the best subohm ecig tanks give you the option of using a premade coil or a rebuildable atomizer deck. With a rebuildable, you make your own atomizer coil. Some people love it and some like to keep it simple. It’s up to you.

Now, the trend is moving toward temperature control vaporizers. These types of electronic cigarette devices work with nickel or titanium coils and instead of adjusting the wattage or voltage setting, you select your vaping temperature and the device will automatically control the power output so your coil temperature is always the same.

So let’s pick the best vape starter kit for each category. Plus I want to mention the very versatile Vox 2 50 watt mod from VaporFi because you can configure the starter kit to your personal liking.

Best Vape Starter Kit

We've tried them all and determined a winner for the best vape starter kit.

What makes the best vape starter kit? For our purposes, we want all in one, inclusive vaping kits that do nickel and dime you by making you buy additional batteries, tanks or accessories before you can use the thing.

We want you to be able to buy one kit and have everything you need to get started.

The best vape starter kit needs to have it all batteries included and preferable some ejuice, too.

You know what’s annoying? Walking into a vape shop and buying the newest mod getting all excited then you have to buy a tank, some batteries, then a charger. The up sell nature of the world can be tiresome that’s for sure.

When you get the best vape kit, you don’t have that problem. When you buy it online, you cut out the massive retail mark-ups. Better yet, you get the best products.

We’ll start out by naming the best cigalike starter kit. If you are looking for your first ecig, this is where you’ll want to begin. If you have already tried a Vuse or some other retail store brand and you were not impressed, trust me, you can do better. The Green Smoke starter kit is far superior to anything you see in stores and the experience will likewise be far superior. Green Smoke makes the best vape starter kit for cigalikes.

Green Smoke OptionsThe optimum starter kit to introduce new e-cigarette users is the Green Smoke E-Vapor introductory kit, not surprisingly one of the best selling e-cig kits with 45,000,000 sold.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have been at or near the top of the best rated ecigs list for many years. Green Smoke has sold more than 40 million products and if you sell 40 million products, you are doing something right.

Green Smoke is doing a lot right. One of the things that they do right, they make the best vape starter kit.

In fact, they make a number of ecigarette starter kits. The ecig starter kits from Green Smoke comes with everything you need.

They have something for every budget. In terms of getting the best value starter kit, as a general rule of thumb the larger the kit you buy the more discount you receive. That said, many times you may want to try Green Smoke before going all in and buying a big kit.

The Green Smoke starter kits range in price from $18.49 up to the Pro Kit for $74.05. The Essentials Kit comes with a battery, USB charger and 2 cartridges. It’s just enough to dip your toe in the pool and see if you like the water. The Pro Kit is a large kit that has 3 Green Smoke batteries, 2 packs of Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges, 3 chargers and a carry case.

The Pro Kit is the most popular choice because you get the best overall value. We recommend the Pro Kit or at least get yourself the Green Smoke Express Kit for $46.72.  We completed a thorough review of the Green Smoke Express Kit and it definitely deserves a mention for best vape starter kit. By the way, you can save 15% off of any Green Smoke starter kit when you use coupon code Expert Vaping15.

The best thing to do is to go to Green Smoke’s website and take a look at all of the vape starter kits. They have an excellent selection and a great website. They have a live chat feature if you have any questions. They are great people with outstanding customer service.


Apollo eCigs Endeavor

Apollo vapors Endeavor e-cigarettes in a two-piece box.

The Apollo Endeavor ecigarette starter kit ranks for the best vape starter kit because it is very high quality and has an amazing value factor. Absolutely one of the best value vape kits you can get.

The Apollo Endeavor electronic cigarette starter kit is basically a 2 for 1 and having that second battery and second tank is invaluable especially when you are making a break from tobacco.

The Apollo Endeavor accommodates eGo style tanks and that comprises the majority of the best basic ecigarette tanks.

The Endeavor kit, and this is a big reason why it deserves to be rated as the best vape starter kit, comes with 2 tanks. So you get two batteries, and you can choose the big 900 mAh batter for no extra charge, 2 ecig tanks, battery charger and 2 bottles of eliquid.

The quality and ease of use of the Apollo Endeavor is phenomenal. If you go to a vape store and ask for a similar product, they are going to try and sell you and EVOD and tell you that it is the best. No way! An EVOD imported from China will cost so much more and not even be in the same ballpark. Apollo is an American ecig company that is doing things better.

Check out our full Apollo Endeavor electronic cigarette review and get all of the details about what a consistent, rock steady performer this ecigarette truly is. The cost is $59.95 but I have a secret for you. You are not going to pay that amount. Nope, you are going to get a 20% discount. Use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping and just like that you will be getting the best e cig starter kit with eliquid included for less than $50 and free shipping. You just can’t beat online prices.

VaporFi Vice

The new Vaporfi Vice is one of the most competitively priced vape mods in the 2200 mAh sub ohm range with generous airflow and sleek design.

Okay so you want more vapor. You want to get the best vape starter kit for subohm vaping. But, you do not want to have to deal with complicated wattage adjustments or messing with a bunch of extra features that can sometimes just unecessarily complicate things.

You want an easy to use subohm kit because you just want the vapor without the technicalities. You want the VaporFi Vice.  The VaporFi Vice is an all-in-one sub ohm starter kit that is easier to use than any other subohm ecig.

The fact that it uses the best and latest technology to both simplify and maximize the vaping experience is why it has to be considered for best vape starter kit of the year.

The VaporFi Vice ecig relies on a 2200 mAh battery and the massive airflow ports give you a ton of vapor when you are using the 0.5 ohm atomizer coil. The Vice will also work with a 1.5 ohm coil so this ads a layer of versatility. This is a gorgeous vaping kit with a price tag under $100.

We have a VaporFi coupon that you can use to save. All you do is click on the link below and when you go to VaporFi you will automatically activate an exclusive coupon code if you choose to buy something. So give the Vice a try, there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

So visit VaporFi. They have a lot of ecig kits that could be in the running for best vape starter kit. Check’em out.

VaporFi Vox II — 50 Watt Mod

The Vaporfi Vox II 50 watt vape mod is the future of vaping technology with everything you need without complicated extras.

Let’s stick with VaporFi for a minute. If you want a versatile, powerful box mod that comes in the best e-cig starter kit that lets you choose between conventional, sub ohm, rebuildable or dripping starter kit options, you want the VaporFi Vox 2 50 watt mod starter kit.

The Vox 2 comes with an extremely high quality battery that you can charge through a USB port on the Vox itself. It is incredibly well-made and durable. This powerhouse fits easily in your hand.

The Vox 2 starter kit comes in three different configurations. Any of the available configurations would qualify for best vape starter kit in my book. You can get a Rebel tank for amazing, straitforward vaping. The Rebel has an adjustable eliquid flow feature to go along with the adjustable airflow.

The Volt Hybrid tank is amazing. It works is standard mode, subohm or as an RDA. When you buy the starter kit, you get everything you need for all three types of vaping. It even comes with the tools you need to build your own atomizer coils if you choose to do so. The Volt Hybrid tank and Vox 2 is my favorite choice.

For drippers, the Vox 2 with Bolt RDA is the best vape starter kit for you. The Bolt RDA is amazing to work with. It is very accommodating to a huge range of coil builds. The kit comes with all of the tools and the Vox 2 has an incredibly accurate resistance meter so you can precisely measure your build.

The VaporFi Vox 2 starter kit is a personal favorite so I definitely wanted to include it in the list of the best vape starter kits. Use the link below to go to VaporFi and see it for yourself. Just by using this link, you will automatically qualify for an automatic discount if you decide to buy anything from VaporFi.

Apollo Reliant

The Apollo Reliant 60 watt pro kit and Nano micro kit temperature controlled vape mod fires 0.06 ohms for massive vapor clouds and comes with pulsar sub ohm reservoir tank replacement atomizer coils individually packaged in a five pack.

The new thing in the vaping community is temperature control vaping. There are a lot of temperature control mods on the market as all the big and best manufacturers are rushing to meet demand. In some cases, they are rushing too much.

As an example, the Joyetech eVic VT mod is very popular and was one of the first temperature control vape kits. Unfortunately, the eVic seems to have a reputation for randomly dropping out of temperature control mode. When that happens, it can fry your coil pretty quickly.

So far, the biggest probelm with other temperature control mods is the fact that they fall out of temp control and cook the coil. The burnt hit taste when that happens is memorably bad. That won’t happen with the Reliant from Apollo eCigs.

The Apollo Reliant mod is meticulously designed and is 100% capable of optimal temperature control. It works beautifully in partnership with the Apollo Phazer tank. The Phazer is capable of multiple forms of vaping. The Nickel coils are brilliantly designed and give you an amazing temperatire control performance. Both the vapor and the flavor are just so good. Look, don’t get an eVic VT, do yourself a favor and get the Apollo Reliant starter kit.


Best Vape Starter Kit Wrap Up

So what is the best vape starter kit overall? That’s up to you. We have identified some of the very best ecigarette starter kits and they are all from American electronic cigarette companies. There was a time when the best vaping products were all imports. They were all OEM products designed in China. Now, American ecig companies like Apollo and VaporFi are leading the charge in innovation, quality and design.

This is a great time to buy. FDA regulations are coming and no one knows which products might be affected. Any time now, the government may step in and try to tell you that you can’t buy a 60 watt mod like the Reliant. Maybe they’ll ban dripping and the Vox 2 mod. Or maybe they’ll say you can vape but you can’t sub ohm vape because its too much vapor. Then you would not be able to buy the VaporFi Vice either.

No one knows for sure what will happen. Right now you have a lot of choice and a lot of freedom of choice to buy the best vape starter kit for you. Take advantage and enjoy some of what our American ecig brands are offering. These companies are leading the way and changing lives every day.

Honorable Mention: The Mig Vapor Morpheus Vape Mod Starter Kit is a sub-ohm vape kit that comes with pre-built coils and requires absolutely no prior knowledge of ecigs to operate. We couldn’t leave it out of this list because it’s simply one of the best introductory sub-ohm vape mods out there for beginners. Check out our latest review of the Mig Vapor Morpheus.