The best vape pens for weed don’t need to be expensive or complicated. In fact many of the top devices are as easy to use as they are affordable. We put together our shortlist of dry material vaporizers that deliver quality performance without a major investment.

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We’ve narrowed the search results for the top introductory dry blend vape units. To accomplish this, we gave each pen mod in depth testing and evaluation to determine which are among the best products worthy of your introduction to the best vape pens for weed. Welcome to the beginning of your smoke free journey. We also have a curated list of the best cbd vape juice companies you might want to check out!

Sub Herb Target Mini Kit

Mig Vapor Sub Herb Target Review
Mig Vapor Sub Herb Target Review

One of the lowest profile vape kits for dry herb, extracts and weed concentrates, the Sub Herb Target Mini Kit from Mig Vapor combines the best of innovative vaping technology in a compact package. This little flower and dab attachment can sit atop any mod in your arsenal.

However, when combined with the outstanding Target Mini mod made through a partnership with vaping giant Vaporesso, it transforms into one of the best travel weed vaporizers available. The Sub Herb tank itself is made from a black pyrex glass body which is durable, secure and seals incredibly well considering how simply its engineered. Its outer shell snaps into place over the built in ceramic oven with impressively tight o-ring seals that ensure the cap never accidentally pops off in your pocket or bag.

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Mig Vapor Sub Herb Target Mini

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Inside the top section is a built-in plunger that keeps all your dry herb or concentrate in place both while vaping and when in transit which is a significant improvement upon most of the comparable weed vape tanks on the market. The Target Mini vape mod is able to reach up to 40 watts which makes it ideal for users who want a setup that is additionally efficient for use with sub ohm vape tanks as well. That said, vaping weed flower or cannabis concentrates from the Sub Herb Target Mini kit delivers an impressive amount of vapor, flavor and material essence between 20 and 30 watts without creating any combustion.

If you’ve been searching for a weed vaping starter kit that delivers a satisfying cloud of vapor and allows you to truly taste the best flavors of your favorite weed strains, the Sub Herb Target Mini is an outstanding device to give you everything you want in a compact, stealthy design that can double as a dab rig or weed oil vaporizer. Experience what all the best vape pens for weed have to offer with the ability to adjust your temperature and wattage to optimum settings with a vape starter kit that continues to endure as one of the best weed vape kits ever made.

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  • Sub Herb Black tank seals tightly ensuring material stays in the ceramic oven
  • USB rechargeable 1400 mAh battery
  • Adjustable airflow control ring on the base of the tank
  • Vaporesso Target Mini mod is able to generate up to 40 watts of power
  • Can be used for weed oil, wax and dabs as well as dry herb using included accessories

Quickdraw 300

quickdraw's 300 all in one pen mod is a perfect example of the combination in the best tech for slim mods and is number two on our list of the best dry herb vape pens
the 300 all in one pen by quickdraw is one of the most efficient and affordable devices in its class bringing it in at number two for best dry herb vape pens

For a fast pull of flavorful vapor from your preferred dry herbs there are few vape pens more convenient and simple to operate than the Quickdraw 300 dry blends vaporizer. The Streamlined, all in one design is specifically optimized for vaporizing flowers. However, this little pen mod has a lot of dexterity and is able to utilize drop in, magnetic cartridge atomizers for vaping wax and oil concentrates as well.

The dry blends vaporizer comes with a replaceable flower cartridge that is automatically detected by the Quickdraw 300’s built in smart technology to optimize the device for heating and voltage depending on the material being processed. It’s integrated tank is able to hold 1.6 ml of material for an impressive amount of vaping before needing a reload of dry herbs.

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Quickdraw 300 Coupon

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A built in 650 mAh battery is USB rechargeable via a proprietary plug on the base. This little vape pen holds an impressive charge for how small and easy to conceal it is. The fire button has a built in battery indicator light to tell you when it needs a charge. Though, there’s no need to worry when the 300 is out of juice because the charger doubles as a pass-through.

Essentially, you can vape dry material from the 300 while its plugged in and charging up. Quickdraw’s 300 dry blend vaporizer comes in purple, gold, black, teal and white with a black mouthpiece. As one of the simplest all in one dry herb vape mods the Quickdraw 300 doesn’t disappoint and keeps the vapor coming all day long.

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  • Built in 650 mAh battery is USB rechargeable via a magnetic port on the base
  • Dry herb tank is 1.6ml and fully replaceable
  • Smart technology automatically detects attached cartridge for optimized power and temperature
  • Pass through while charging
  • Available in an impressive range of colors

Atmos Jump

the atmos jump has a sleek carbon fiber design on the body of it at number three on our list of best dry herb vape pens
The jump mod from atmos is one of the most comprehensive small devices available and is ranked number three on our list of best vape pens

For the most part, many vaporizer manufacturers catering to dry herb, wax and oil users try to do it all, which is why they have to make certain sacrifices to how their devices are design and function. Not so with the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer. This device is optimized for a constant stream of dry material infused vapor at just the right temperature which is somewhere around 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Atmos Jump delivers the best in herbal vapor from a hard-anodized heating chamber designed specifically to vape dry herbs. Additionally, the Jump is one of the easiest vaporizers that use dry herbs to clean. This incredible vape pen even comes with its own tools for packing material into the chamber, digging it out and a brush for cleaning used material out afterward.

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Though you could have fooled us looking at it, the Jump is incredibly light weight. In fact, once it was in my pocket, I forgot it was there for about an hour and almost sat down on it before I remembered it was there. Its lightweight carbon fiber designed body comes in black, blue, red and silver and is one of the more durable dry material vape pens we’ve had the opportunity to test out.

An elegant design, the Atmos Jump fits in just as well on the runway as it does at the racetrack. Wherever you vape, this little dry herb vape pen will travel with you provided a constant jet of flower-infused vapor.

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  • 1200 mAh built in battery
  • Rechargeable via a micro USB port on the base
  • Stylish, carbon fiber design in four colors
  • Hard anodized heating chamber optimized for processing and cleaning dry herbs
  • Comes standard with packing tool and cleaning brush

Snoop Dogg G Slim Ground Material

this special version of the g slim ground was developed to coincide with the release of snoop dogg's album bush and is number nine on our list of the best dry herb vape pens
to commemorate the release of the album bush by snoop dogg g pen released a line of corresponding special addition vaporizers including the g slim ground which came in at number nine on our list of best dry herb vaporizers

The G Slim Ground Material vape pen is an unbelievable value for vapers who want to discreetly get their dose of dry material with a celebrity endorsement. If you’re looking for a product you can trust to deliver the best in dry herb vaping, why not turn to a personality you know takes their herbal vaping seriously.

Its “slim” profile make it among the most compact and stealthy dry herb vaporizers available at a fraction of the cost. Heating chamber attachments are replaceable and the kit comes with a packing and cleaning tool. The G Slim Ground Material is the best quality dry herb vape pen on the market at this level of affordability.

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Snoop Dogg G Slim Ground Material Coupon

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For a device this small, packing 110 volts and the industry standard 510 connector you get a device capable of vaping pretty much anything at a fraction of the cost. A ceramic heating chamber efficiently heats up flowers and delivers authentic herbal flavor in every puff of vapor. If you’ve been waiting to find an introductory vape pen that won’t put a dent in your wallet, the G Slim Ground Material is a solid place to start.

With this collaboration between G Pen and Los Angeles arts district fixture Pizzanista! the G Slim Ground Material vape pen comes with everything you need and more. The pizza box kit comes with all three G attachments; quartz tank for concentrates, herbal essence tank and liquid tank as well as a rolling tray and special edition magnets. For a cool, satisfying weed vapor that doesn’t feel like it came right out of the oven, serve yourself the G Slim Ground Material vape pen and find out what you’ve been missing.

Update: With the Snoop special edition out of stock, check out this collaboration kit between G Pen and one of our favorite pro skateboarder-owned pizza restaurants Pizzanista! Likewise, we also have a list of recommended dab pens, check that out too!

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  • Ceramic heating chamber holds between 0.2 and 0.3 grams of material
  • Easy to use, super affordable, perfect for first time vapers
  • 110 volts of stable heat optimized for dry herbs
  • Industry standard 510 connector
  • Comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to start vaping plus some extra Pizzanista! goodies