Finding the best vape pens for eliquid shouldn’t have to be an exhausting search through piles of devices. We believe the process of finding a vape pen that functions exactly how you need it to without reading a novel is an important part of getting started.

As such we put together this short list of reviews for a useful overview of the important features and why we feel these are outstanding products. If you’re looking for the best to buy, your search may be over.

Mig Vapor SR 72 Dual

the sr 72 dual coil vape pen from mig vapor ranks number five
the sr 72 dual e liquid vape pen from mig vapor with a black battery

For an impressive vapor and flavor output this collaboration between vaping industry giants Mig Vapor and Aspire E-Cigs is a massive step up from entry level cig-a-likes. The 1300 mAh Mig battery unit cranks out 4.2 volts of constant power to the dual 1.8ohm resistance coils of the Aspire SR 72 tank. The result is an impressive stream of constant vapor that will carry you through hours of vaping before needing to be recharged.

The SR 72 Dual vape pen starter kit comes with two battery units and two Aspire tanks. Included are a ton of accessories you wouldn’t expect to get standard including a 5-pack of replacement atomizer coils, two USB chargers, one of which is a pass through, a complementary bottle of e-juice and a convenient carrying case.

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Mig Vapor’s blackbird vape pen comes in stainless steel, rainbow laser and black, though you do get more color options when you upgrade the kit to the larger 1600 battery model or the variable voltage twist model which is capable of 3.3v or 4.8v depending on your preferences. This eGo style tank system is an entry level vaping system fitted with the popular 510 connector which is an industry standard for mods.

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A color changing fire button indicates when the device is locked or unlocked with five successive clicks, as well as the charge of the battery with color changing lights from white, to blue and eventually red when it needs to be plugged in. This is a massive value of equipment for any entry level vaper looking for more vapor and intense flavor above what they’ve been experiencing from their cig-a-likes. Get ready for a jet stream of vapor from the SR 72.

orange and green button


  • Comprehensive starter kit comes with everything a beginner vaper needs to get started including two tanks, two batteries and a bottle of e-juice in the flavor and nicotine preference of the user
  • Constant stream of 4.2 volts from the 1300 mAh battery
  • 8 ohm dual coil tank designed by Aspire
  • 4ml e-juice capacity
  • Battery life indicator light integrated into the fire button

Mig Vapor Bug Mini

the bug mini vape pen in purple from mig vapor
the bug mini e liquid vape pen from mig vapor in purple

One of the best compact, convenient sub ohm devices available, Mig Vapor’s Bug Mini vape pen pours vapor from its subtle, streamlined design. Not as bulky as most modular pen mods capable of sub ohm vaping can be, the bug takes the concepts of intermediate vaping and packs them into a discreet plug and play device. This isn’t the slim, petite puff pen you think it is, the bug is a tiny sub ohm powerhouse.

Though it only cranks out 22 watts of constant vaping power from its internal, built-in 1100 mAh, USB rechargeable battery, it’s plenty of charge to get you through a full day of clouds. For a device this small, it’s impressive that the flavor is as intense as the vapor output. Don’t discount the bug because of its size, it powers through clouds from its 0.8 ohm atomizer coil.

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Mig Vapor Bug Mini Coupon

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The modular tank system of the Bug is as if Mig somehow packed the functionality of a much larger tube mod into this tiny tube. A 2ml top filling vape juice tank is sealed with a magnetic protective cap that matches the color of the battery unit. It connects with the standard 510 connector, which is significant since so many users have been touting this vape pen as being perfect for their prefilled oil cartridges.

Mig’s Bug Mini comes in a spectrum of eye-catching colors including purple, two shades of pink, aqua blue, stainless, splatter green, yellow and of course, black. A lighted fire button indicates when the device is locked or unlocked and whether the device is still in the process of charging while plugged in. One of the biggest reason the Mig Vapor Bug Mini made our list of the best vape pens for e liquid is because the device is discreet and slim enough to suit any level of vaper as a primary device or a traveling backup.

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  • Built in 1100 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Top filling 2ml sub ohm tank
  • 8ohm coil
  • Large selection of color options with matching magnetic protective cap
  • Can be used with prefilled 510 threaded oil and liquid cartridges

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3X

v2 pro series 3x vape pen in black ranks number three on best pen mods
the pro series 3x e liquid vape pen from v2 cigs in black

At the top of our list for best vape pens for e liquid is the Pro Series 3x from V2 cigs. This incredibly compact powerhouse is not only optimized to vape high PG and VG e juice, but it comes with a range of atomizer options. The 3x can optimize three different kinds of material at spectrum of settings, which brings us to the best part of this little dynamo.

The Pro Series 3x vaporizer was named for its outstanding ability to vape three different varieties of compositions including dry herbs, oil, wax and other concentrates. Essentially, this is a compact vape pen with a massive amount of functionality that automatically sets its variable voltage depending on the cartridge fitted to it. To explain, it’s a smart device without a screen that sets the optimum temperature via an integrated selection system according to material.

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That means you never need to worry about overheating or cooking your material, which is why you’re shopping for a vaporizer in the first place, am I right? For a device that ostensibly vapes EVERYTHING at an affordable price and fits in your pocket with the same profile as a magic marker, you won’t find much better than the Pro Series 3X. Want a vaporizer that slides conveniently into the pen slot in your bag? No Problem.

V2’s Pro Series 3X is the best of discreet vaping of both cannabis and vape juice with dexterity. It helps that all the pieces are modular; with costlier 3-in-1 vape pens the construction is often singularly integrated and once a part burns out or breaks, you have to replace the whole system. Not so with the 3x; not only can you buy replacements for all the cartridges and atomizers, but if you owned the Series 3 which preceded this model, all the same accessories fit.

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  • Comes with three atomizers including 1.5ohm, 1.2ohm and a 0.9 sub ohm coil.
  • Three automatically OR manually adjustable voltage settings to optimize different mixtures of e-juice dry herb, wax, and oil concentrates
  • Fully modular, cartridges are replaceable and will function with Series 3 accessories
  • Compact, convenient and stealthy, the best of 3-in-1 vaporizers combined
  • USB rechargeable with a battery life indicator light on the base

Vaporfi Express

vaporfi express vape pen in pearl white ranks number one on best pen mods
the express e liquid vape pen from vaporfi in pearlescent white

As one of the most prominent names in e cigs, the Express Kit from VaporFi tops our list for best vape pens for eliquid. Its elegant simplicity combined with its impressive functionality make it an easy recommendation to all levels of vapers. The mini clearomizer tank has the perfect capacity for vaping on the go, but is still small enough to maintain the unit’s slim profile.

Boasting some of the most trusted technology available, Vaporfi’s Express vape pen comes in a standard 180 mAh battery or a 280 mAh high capacity battery to keep you vaping longer. This is an outstanding device for busy vapers who don’t want to fuss with a lot of equipment. It’s light, discreet and convenient for any setting.

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Vaporfi Express Starter Kit Coupon

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If part of your interest in vaping has to do with saving money, the internal coils of the Express clearomizer tank can last users from one to three weeks before needing to be replaced. At the affordable price of the Express Starter Kit, you get a 30ml bottle of e cig juice and three tanks which could last you up to three months. If you’re using this vape pen to make the switch that’s a lot of extra money in your pocket.

Vaporfi’s Express ecig is USB rechargeable, with improved power, flavor and vapor output from simple cig-a-likes you get from the corner store. Though, this device is compatible with Vaporfi’s cartomizer flavor cartridges if you opt to use it like an entry level e cig rather than refilling the tanks. It’s ability to function as a pen mod or a cig-a-like make the Express one of the most customizable beginner e cigs available.

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  • Available with either standard 180 mAh or high capacity 280 mAh batteries
  • Mini clearomizer tanks are compatible with most vape juices
  • Battery unit compatible with Vaporfi cartomizer cartridges
  • USB rechargeable
  • Outstanding device for novice vapers

Apollo Cigs PHIX Pod System

the Apollo cigs phix pod system vape pen designed by mlv
the mlv designed phix pod system e liquid vape pen by Apollo cigs in black

Ecigs with discreet designs are among the most popular vape pens for new users and the Apollo Phix Pod System by MLV takes the idea of the all-in-one to the next level. This tiny pod mod looks more like a pocket-sized spacecraft than any kind of ecig. However, the PHIX from Apollo eCigs is possibly one of the best performing compact vaping devices available.

We don’t want to call it a cig-a-like because it has a very distinct shape that is neither rectangular, nor like a traditional cigarette. That said, this little all-in-one is unbelievably discreet for its functionality. From its small size you get a satisfying amount of vapor and outstanding flavor from the magnetic plug in pods made by Brewell Vapory.

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Apollo Cigs PHIX Pod System Coupon

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The PHIX starter kit comes with a tobacco flavor pod, but this little pod mod is currently available in five flavors including butterscotch, spearmint, strawberry hard candy and an unbelievable menthol. Each flavor pod is magnetic to secure it to the battery as is the USB charger with a proprietary sleeve that fits over the base.  The PHIX is powered by a 280 mAh internally built battery and each pod holds an impressive 1.5ml of e-juice.

While most all-in-one pod mod systems require constant filling or changing of cartridges, the PHIX system seemed to last quite a bit longer than the competition, which honestly we weren’t expecting. It has a slightly tighter draw of air, which may be pleasing to new vapers making the switch and the vapor production was pretty impressive given how small this vape pen is. In total, we have yet to come across a compact pod mod with this much functionality at such a low price point. It definitely gave us the “PHIX” we were looking for.

orange and green button


  • Internally built USB rechargeable 280 mAh battery
  • Magnetic pods and charger
  • Five flavor pod options; Tobacco, Menthol, Butterscotch, Strawberry Hard Candy and Spearmint filled with Brewell Vapory Ejuice
  • Each pod contains a significant 1.5 ml of ejuice
  • Compact, easy to use, discreet, stealthy and comfortable in your hand, perfect pod mod for the beginning vaper or an experienced user for a night on the town

Halo Cigs Triton II

an anodized red triton 2 tank kit vape pen from halo cigs
the triton 2 tank kit from halo is an e liquid vape pen in anodized red

There’s a lot to be excited about with the Triton II tank kit from Halo. Double your vapor output with this comprehensive starter kit that comes with two of everything! The Triton II kit comes with two 700 mAh battery units and 2 of their celebrated Triton glass tanks.

If you’re ready for your first introduction to sub ohm vaping, this is a solid place to start. The Triton 2 kit comes with three 0.75 atomizer coils to begin your take off into the clouds. Included are three drip tips; two standard width for a tighter draw and one wide bore for a larger air flow.


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This powerful vape pen runs at a constant 3.7 volts which cranks out significant clouds for how affordable this kit is. The batteries of the Triton 2 are powerful enough for a full day of satisfying sub ohm vaping, though if you’re a chain vaper, like many of us are, you’ll have an entire backup unit that you can use while one is being charged via the included USB cable.

Halo’s Triton II power units are available in stainless, blue, pink, purple and silver and the kit comes with your choice of celebrated Halo e-juice flavors including Tribeca, Malibu Menthol, FruitApalooza, and Wild Watermelon in a range of nicotine levels as low as 0mg and 3mg up to 24mg. When you start your sub ohm vaping with the Triton II Tank Kit you’ll stop dreaming of big clouds and start making them.

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  • Kit comes with two built in 700 mAh USB rechargeable power supplies
  • Two 2ml Triton II glass sub ohm atomizer vape tanks
  • Included with three 0.75 sub ohm atomizer coils
  • Three drip tip mouthpieces including a wide bore for broader air flow
  • Battery units available in stainless, pink, purple, blue and silver

Quickdraw Cowboy

the quickdraw cowboy vape pen kit is ranked number nine on best pen mods
the cowboy e liquid vape pen system from quick draw

Squeeze off a shot of wild west vapor in every puff from the Cowboy vape pen from Quickdraw. This outlaw mod has a unique design that couples the clearomizer tank and eGo style battery mod with a 510-bracket plate called the “Cowboy Connector”. A groundbreaking design, the Quickdraw Cowboy puts the power of outstanding vapor in their compact, discreet “side saddle pouch”.

Put a full tank of outstanding vapor in your holster and enjoy the best in fashionable vape pens every time you pull the trigger on this 390 mAh lithium ion battery. An adjoining clearomizer vape tank holds an impressive 2.4ml of vape juice to keep you drawing outstanding vapor from the Cowboy until the sun sets on the horizon.

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Quickdraw Cowboy Coupon

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The Cowboy can be assembled as a regular pen mod and used traditionally when it isn’t coupled by the connector. A fire button on the battery doubles as a charge indicator light alerting users when it needs to be plugged in via the USB cable. It can be locked with a 5-click toggle turning the battery on and off and the steel body makes this device a durable one to reckon with.

So put some power on your hip and vape your way along the trail to a smoke free future. Get ready for an intense ride of rustling vapor every time you fire this pen mod. The Quickdraw Cowboy is rustling up some big vapor from a compact design.

orange and green button


  • Built-in USB rechargeable 390 mAh lithium ion battery
  • 4 ml clearomizer tank
  • Cowboy connector cuts the length of this pen mod in half for discreet design
  • Steel and alloy body protected by stylish side saddle carrying pouch
  • Standard 510 and eGo threading

VaporX Xlt

the vaporx xlt vape pen has an angled drip tip and ranks number ten on best pen mods
the xlt e liquid vape pen from vaporx in silver with angled drip tip

One of the simplest most easy to use and affordable vape pens available, the XLT vaporizer from VaporX gives you everything you need for satisfying vapor to successfully make the switch. This eGo style vape pen has a built in, USB rechargeable 650mAh battery with 601 threading to match the included clearomizer.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect entry level vape pen that does it all without a bunch of complicated functions, the XLT blends the simplicity of cig-a-like functionality with the personalization and upgraded function of a vape pen. The result is the perfect combination of customizable vapor and affordability.

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VaporX Xlt Coupon

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The VaporX XLT has a proprietary component system with replaceable clearomizer coils. It’s tank is conveniently top filling from the easily removable drip tip mouthpiece. The battery module itself is available in black, white, silver and pink. It comes standard with a USB charger and wall socket adapter.

This streamlined little vape pen has a 6-click on and off power lock feature to prevent accidental activation and an built in light in the fire button to indicate charging status. For a straightforward, unbelievably affordable vape pen that delivers exactly what you want it to, you can’t do much better than the XLT vaporizer from VaporX.

orange and green button


  • Built in 650 mAh USB rechargeable eGo style battery
  • 601 threaded tank and power module
  • Replaceable clearomizer coil
  • Comes in black, white, silver or pink
  • Top filling vape tank

That concludes our list of the best vape pens for eliquid. We tested as many as we could and put them in order for you from best to not so good. We hope this helps you decided where you are going to spend your hard earned money! If you are looking for other style vape pens you can find more vape reviews here. Happy Vaping!