Starter kits simplify the mod selection process. They’re equally as ideal for a first time vaper desiring big cloud production as an experienced vaper yearning to try the newest in innovative technology. Each starter kit below offers different equipment and a very different experience We broke down our list of the best Vape kits to help you decided which one is best for you!

For vapers who know exactly what they’re looking for, starter kits compile the best of what you want with everything you need. Whatever your preferred mod size, functionality or style, there’s a kit available for everyone. We gathered the most impressively optimized packages available for your convenience.

Vaporfi Vex 150 TC

the Vaporfi Vex 140 temperature control starter kit ranks number one for best beginner vape mod
the vex 150 tc starter kit from vaporfi in red is ranked number four in best starter kits

What do you get the vaper who has everything? A device that does it all! Specifically, the Vex 150 TC Starter Kit bundle comes with immense functionality, generous accessory preferences and a bottle of Vaporfi’s delicious e-juice to offer the best starter kit for experienced vapers who are ready to upgrade to serious box mod.

For a smaller box mod, the Vex 150 TC offers a generous amount of power and spectrum of modes. Especially, the temperature control and TCR setting which efficiently scrolls users through presets and three customizable “M” settings. As a result, vapers get the most from their Ni200, Ti and stainless-steel coils at a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In detail, VW mode will vape a range of coil resistances between 0.05 and 1.5ohm.

Additionally, the wattage can be tuned between 1-150 watts in 0.1w increments via the sizeable 0.96 OLED display. Not to mention, Vaporfi’s Vex 150 TC starter kit comes with a customizeable bottle of their premium e-liquid in a range of nicotine strengths, PG/VG blend and flavor combinations. Similarly, the Vex plus corresponding tank options come in black or stainless. Likewise, the mod itself comes with a silicone protective case in black, red, blue, green, pink, or clear.

Twin 35A 2500mAh, 18650 high-drain Vaporfi IMR batteries are included in the kit. Users have a choice of tank to sit atop the zinc alloy body. Specifically, options include the Viper (above and sub ohm, top fill, top and bottom adjustable airflow, 4ml tank), Vibe (sub ohm, top fill, top airflow holes, 3.5ml tank), Venom RDA (customizeable ohm, top and bottom airflow dripper deck) or the Vulk (sub ohm, bottom airflow, top fill, plentiful 5ml tank).

If you’re ready to stop puffing in the dark and start vaping on your own terms, this kit is an outstanding jumpstart into fully interactive advanced mods. Consequently, with a well-written and detailed manual combined with simple adjustment function, this is the expanded vape experience you’ve been looking for. Pick up the Vex 150 TC starter kit and breathe life back into your vape.

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  • Vex 150 TC mod; Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, TCR, Memory x3 and Bypass modes
  • Ni, Ti, and SS atomizer coils from 0.1-3.5ohm (VW and Bypass) and 0.05-1.5ohm (TC and TCR)
  • Choice of tank; Viper, Vibe, Vulk or Venom RDA
  • Bottle of custom Vaporfi e-juice
  • Dual 18650 high drain 2500 mAh batteries

Apollo Ecigs Reliant 75W TC

the reliant 75 watt temperature controlled pro kit from Apollo is ranked number two in best starter kits
the apollo reliant 75w tc pro kit in black is ranked number two in best starter kits

As an upgrade to any vaper’s arsenal of equipment, the Reliant 75w TC Pro kit from Apollo arrives ready for action. With a matched Phazer sub ohm atomizer tank, silicon rubberized custom color skin and two sub ohm kanthal coils, this mod setup is a dependable and pleasurable package that generates massive vapor clouds and excellent e-juice flavor.

A Temperature Control and TCR function implements 0.2 ohm Ni200 atomizer coils (sold separately) with a range of 400 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it will function with compatible Ni, Ti, and SS coils and automatically detects heating time preventing dry or burnt hits. As a result, this will save users greatly on purchasing replacement coils prematurely, as they are unlikely to burn them before they have been sufficiently vaped.

In Variable Wattage and bypass or more accurately named on this device “Mech Mode”, vapers can expect more specificity. In detail, optimum ranges are 30 to 70 watts on 0.2 ohm kanthal coil or between 5-50 watts on a 0.5 ohm kanthal coil. Additionally, the included Phaser tank is offered with a 1.2-ohm atomizer coil to be vaped at between 15 and 70 watts. However, this coil isn’t included in the kit. It should be noted, the maximum wattage in mech mode is 75 watts and vapers unsure of how to optimize this power function should consult the extensive and impressively written user’s manual for the best atomizer pairing.

The Phaser tank itself has a 3.5ml e-juice capacity and the upgraded version in the kit is top-filling. Moreover, coils that fit the tank have a built-in e-liquid flow control ring to adjust the amount of flavor and vapor output. Additionally, the tank itself has a generously wide airflow control ring on the bottom. As a result, users get the most of their draws from the bottom up.

Apollo’s Reliant 75w TC Pro Kit comes with one Sony 18650 VTC5 2600 mAh battery. While it is USB rechargeable while mounted in the device, it is removable through a battery door on the base which is easy to access. In addition, the Reliant 75w mod can be used as a pass through. Consequently, this function allows users to vape from it while it’s plugged into a power source.

The Reliant body comes in red, white, teal and black. Coupled with, the Phaser tank has stainless steel fittings, glass tube and 510 connector. With its simply navigated system and usability, combined in a kit offering the best of what Apollo has to offer, the Reliant is a stupendous device for intermediate vapers who want to experiment with more personalized functions. Expressively, it’s not called the “Pro Kit” because it’s for amateurs. That said, you don’t need to be an expert to get the best of what this package is capable of.

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  • Includes 75 watt mod, top-filling Phaser tank, two sub ohm coils, USB charging cable and Sony 18650 VTC5 2600 mAh high drain battery
  • Variable wattage, temperature control and bypass (mech) modes
  • Optimizes ni200, Ti, SS and a range of kanthal coils

Eleaf Icare

the bonus bundle starter kit for the eleaf icare is ranked number three in best starter kits
the icare bonus bundle in red and black is rated number three in best starter kits

The Eleaf iCare Bonus Bundle serves up a delicious three course platter of custom flavor. Keeping it simple for the switch, this package gives new vapers the opportunity to experience better performance than a cig-a-like. Indeed, this tiny little all-in-one tucks rewarding vapor in the smallest of pockets. While the Eleaf iCare makes a statement that you truly do care, the bonus bundle wraps up the best parts of this device in the tiniest package.

A built-in 15 watt 650 mAh battery may leave many vapers to question the mod’s performance. However, the iCare emits wisps of flavorful clouds that will give even the harshest critics pause. Armed with a 1.1 ohm atomizer coil, this compact box will give new users the opportunity to taste their juice like never before in a unit that’s smaller than one of the three 30ml juice bottles that come with it. Furthermore, the 1.8ml built-in tank will keep user’s filled with delectable vapor for hours.

The iCare is USB rechargeable, refillable and has replaceable atomizers. Incredibly, this bonus bundle comes with seven, count them, SEVEN, 1.1 coils. In addition, the device itself can optimize atomizers from 1.0 to 3.5 ohms. Uniquely, a removable mouthpiece acts as a tool to remove the chimney and replace the coil heads.

Available in black, red, gold, white and cyan, the iCare from Eleaf comes with three 30ml bottles of e-liquid by Vaporfi. Specifically, each bottle comes in a 30/70 PG/VG blend for enticing flavor and fulfilling vapor with every puff. For the stealthiest starter all-in-one that still performs better than beginner e-cigs, the iCare Bonus Bundle from Eleaf, enriches user’s lives with incredible vaping. Why do I endorse this kit so intently, because iCare.

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  • Convenient, easy-to-use, stealthy all-in-one
  • 8ml built-in atomizer tank
  • Utilizes atomizer coils in a 1.0-3.5ohm range
  • 650 mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • 3 flavors and dosages of 30ml Vaporfi e-juice

Vaporfi Rocket 3

the vaporfi rocket 3 starter kit comes in black, silver and white and ranks number four on the list of best starter kits
the rocket 3 starter kit tube mod from vaporfi is ranked number four on best starter kits

A short ride to the cosmos of nebulous vapor, Vaporfi’s Rocket 3 Vape Starter Kit Bundle is a supersonic shortcut to sub ohm vaping. This convenient variable wattage tube mod will take an introductory vaper beyond the stars and produce dense, flavorful vapor to the moon and back. Hit the fire button and prepare to blast off with the best in easy to use sub ohm vaping.

Integrated LED indicator lights in green, red and white inform users to not only the wattage and temperature setting their using. The three levels will alert vapers to their battery strength and atomizer/ battery protections built into the device. Significantly, the TC and VW settings are indicated in an automatically set range dependent upon the affixed atomizer coil.

A matching Rocket 3 sub ohm atomizer tank is able to vape a range of coil resistance from 0.1 to 0.5 ohms. The Vape Starter Kit Bundle comes with two atomizer options a 0.5 ohm coil and a 0.1 ohm Ni200 coil to optimize TC mode.

The Rocket 3 is USB rechargeable and can be used as a pass-through device while charging the 2500 mAh battery. As a result, users who’ve made the switch are guaranteed to never be caught without their vapor. In detail, the bundle includes a 5-pack of 0.5 ohm replacement atomizers, a 2-pack of replacement o-rings for the tank and a bottle of custom Vaporfi brand e-juice. Having spare parts to begin with, will ensure users a longer period of active vaping time before having to make an additional investment.

For the fastest path between being bound to old habits and taking an express shuttle to sub ohm vaping, the Rocket 3 takes you away to the far reaches of improved vaping.

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  • 1-0.5 Sub ohm coil range
  • 30-50w variable wattage range
  • 400-600F TC range
  • Mode automatically selected by device corresponding with attached atomizer
  • 5ml top-filling Rocket 3 tank
  • Custom color options for tank and battery including mix and match: blue, purple, black, white, stainless steel, and red
  • Easy-to-use LED indicator light system

Mig Vapor WTF Target Mini

mig vapor's wtf target mini vape mod is a collaboration with vaporesso and ranks number five on best starter kits
the wtf target mini collaboration between mig vapor and vaporesso ranks number five on best starter kits

Vapers looking for an upgrade that’s on point and hits the high-performance mark with every puff, the WTF Target Mini Vape Mod is the hottest team-up in the vaping world. It’s intuitive functionality and dexterity make it as appropriate for intermediate users than a travel backup for experienced vapers. Never mind that this is one of the most discreet mini mods available, it produces an immeasurable amount of vapor and savory flavor from a device smaller than your smart phone.

Powered by a 1400 mAh, built-in USB rechargeable battery, the Target Mini cranks out an impressive 5 to 40 watts of usable, variable power. This mod kit can vape a range of resistances from 0.15 to 5.0 ohms in variable wattage mode and 0.1 to 1.0 ohms in temperature control mode. With an intuitive TC mode generating between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this mod is easy to navigate through with a separate, dedicated mode button.

In addition, the standard +/- buttons allow users to manually adjust their vaping preferences and two customizable TCR functions allow them to easily switch between coils. The tank itself is available in a range of color options including white, red, splatter green, black, stainless steel and gun metal gray and sits precisely atop Vaporesso’s Target Mini mod in black with red buttons and carbon fiber grip. The body of the mod gives vapers confidence in its durability for on the go vaping with a mix of zinc alloy and stainless steel.

Mig Vapor’s WTF tank will shock users as much as the meaning of its name when it comes to producing flavorful hits. Fitted with a 0.5 ohm atomizer coil and provided with a 0.2 ohm replacement, this tank has an e-juice capacity of just under 4ml. Moreover, an adjustable airflow ring on the bottom of the tank is indexed. As a result, this insures the amount of draw is set and does not self-adjust.

As far as a function-rich mini mod goes, the WTF Target Mini is a bullseye on stealth performance. It’s a blazing arrow that shreds comparable mods with its sights set on versatility and a plentiful vapor/flavor index. This unbelievably well designed mod is the result of a partnership between two vaping giants with their aim focused on the best compact vaping experience available in an affordable package.

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  • Unbelievably compact without sacrificing performance, durability or functions
  • 5-40w range in VW mode
  • 200-600F range from Ni, Ti, and SS coils in TC and TCR modes
  • 5 OLED display
  • Tactile, easy-to-use button cluster
  • Built-in 1400 mAh, built-in battery is USB rechargeable
  • WTF tank holds just under