This guide to the best vape brands will discuss the importance of purchasing your vape accessories from reputable companies whose products inspire integrity, reliability and most importantly, safety. These are the best e-cigarette brands for this year! All 5 of these ecig companies passed Expert Vaping's rigorous testing.

All of the vape companies listed below have passed our product approval standards, customer service and warranty evaluations.

We've assembled this list to ensure that you invest your hard-earned money with confidence when purchasing any product from these e-cig brands.


Vaporfi has landed a spot on our best e cigarette brands page

This Florida-based vaping industry giant offers the highest quality products from one of the best vape companies. Vaporfi is a vape company with the most responsive customer service available.

Considered among the best electronic cigarette brands, they were created to raise the bar of vapor technology. Vaporfi offers a full range of devices and American-made juices that have helped them rise to the top of the e cig brands.

One of the few vape companies who offer fully customizable juice flavors, they gained recognition as one of a select group of trusted e cigarette brandsVaporfi prides themselves on offering products for everyone; from their first puff, to their next big cloud.


Halo is One of the Best E Cig Brands On the Market

Another American vape company headquartered in Florida, Halo has made a name for themselves as being one of the best electronic cigarette brands beginning in 2009. A subsidiary of Nicopure labs, Halo products are made under an ethos of trust created between the manufacturer and its customers with a reputation of quality bumping it toward the top of the e cigarette brands.

Halo is family-owned vaping company that fosters innovation in the industry. Their standard among the top vape companies has set industry policy for safety and integrity while providing products that are catered to customer satisfaction.


V2 Has been around for years making the best vape products out there

V2 is the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes and definitely deserve to be on our list for Best Vape Brands! V2 prides themselves on offering an impressive line of high-quality vaping products that deliver the best in developing technology.

They keep their product offerings limited to offer better quality and competitive pricing with other vape companies. V2 produces a quality consumer product that satisfies the simplest of functions and the most complex of tastes. Their business model has successfully pushed them to the top of the best e cig brands.


Apollo Sells some Awesome Ecigs and thats what makes them one of the best vape companies

This American-based outlier among e cigarette brands, prides themselves on their in-house research and development with domestic manufacturing facilities. Apollo takes the loyalty of their customers extremely seriously and consider themselves a community of impassioned individuals furthering the future for vaping.

As one of the top vapor cigarette brands, Apollo offers lifetime warranties on their electronic components, 100% satisfaction or full refund, without question.

Among the best ecig brands, they inspire as much integrity in your purchase as they do in what they make. Apollo is an important industry leader and one of a select group of trusted e cig brands turning out a high quality product.

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is one of the ecig brands because they care about customer service

Mig Vapor grew to be one of the best ecig brands for good reason. It was started by a group of engineers passionate about vaping.

Dissatisfied with the available products, but unwilling to return to smoking, Mig created what they refer to as “the perfect e-cigarette” from the most reputable of e cigarette brands.

Standing out among the best e-cig brands, they boast pioneering developments in vape tech such as push buttons and upgraded batteries. Mig has been producing quality products with consumer satisfaction in mind since their intrepid beginnings. Their status in the group of best electronic cigarette brands is owed to their innovative spirit.

This concludes our list of Best Vape Brands! We hope that our research and testing helps you decide who you are going to spend your hard earned money with. Investing your vaping future with these e cig brands will ensure that your equipment won't let you down and help you stick to the switch.

It's important to us to help our reader find a device from brands of e cigs they can trust.

Remember that if you ever have any questions please send us a message and we will be more than happy to help.  Happy Vaping!