If compact, discreet consumption is a top priority, you need the best portable vaporizers to keep your vaping a mobile secret. Discover the best portable vaporizers that are on the market with this list of our top picks for on the go vaping.

Let us take a long draw at this short list of outstanding travel vapes and ensure you get dense, flavorful vapor whenever you need it. Size isn’t everything but functionality is, you never have to be without the infused vapor you enjoy with some of the top rated dry herb portable vaporizers available.

Mig Vapor Dray Vaporizer – Compact, Discreet & Powerful

the dray or Dre by mig vapor is a compact temperature control device with a grippy tire pattern that ranks number two on our list of the best portable vaporizers
the Dre or dray from mig vapor is a black tire tread fashioned vape unit that comes in number two on our list of the best portable vaporizers

Not every vaporizer shares its name with a doctor, but Mig Vapor has the perfect prescription for outstanding dry herb vaporizer with the Dray. This portable, durable, slim, and portable vaporizer has a unique, streamlined profile coated in a grippy, performance tire-like pattern to stay in your hand no matter how medicated you get. For an on the go portable weed vaporizer that can take a roughin’ and keep on puffin’ have a look at the Mig Vapor Dray.

This weed vaporizer slips easily into a pocket for a stealthy vape on the go and the magnetic mouthpiece stays connected efficiently and securely ensuring no material spills out. A size-able OLED screen displays battery life, active temperature, set personalized temperature as well as a digital graph scale for heating status. Users are able to heat the built in chamber in single degree increments between 385F and 430F, well beyond the novelty maximum of 420F for much of the Dray’s competition.

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An inner oven has a quartz heating base in the chamber for a clean, poignant, flavorful vapor. Depending upon the heat it’s set at, the Dray will effectively vaporize dry herbs without any combustion or overheating of material. The Dray is powered by a built in 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery that lasts an impressive amount of vaping given the adjustable temp and LED screen.

Finding a discreet, compact vaporizer that’s as durable as it is functional is rare. However, this unique design from Mig Vapor almost revolutionizes the construction and engineering of mobile vapes in a single device. For an intense, flavorful and potent dry herb vapor from a lightweight, mobile device you don’t have to worry about breaking or spilling the Mig Vapor Dray wraps up the highest tech into a comfortable design.

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  • Built in 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Sizeable quartz bottom dry material oven chamber accommodates 0.5g
  • Large OLED screen displays battery life, heating and optimum temperature
  • Adjustable temperature settings between 385F and 430F in single degree increments
  • 90 Day Warranty

V2 Pro Series 7 – An All-Purpose Portable Vaporizer

the pro series 7 from v2 cigs is a compact 3-in-1 device available in silver that ranks number one as the best portable vaporizer we recommend
the v2 pro series 7 comes in silver, is an outstanding 3-in-1 device and number one on our list of the best portable vaporizers

Our favorite pocket-sized portable vaporizer, that incorporates a small battery technology is the V2 Pro Series 7. As one of the industry standards by which other affordable 3-in-1 vaporizers are compared, the Series 7 has been a celebrated dry herb vaporizer since its introduction as the update to the popular Series 3. As a result, years of research and user feedback lead to the unbelievably solid Series 7, one of the best portable vaporizers in a growing competitive market.

V2’s Series 7 uses a single button setting to dial in ideal temperature and voltage depending on the material being vaporized. It efficiently draws vapor through loose leaf dry herbs, concentrates like wax and extracts or eliquid using three distinct cartridges. Each material sleeve is magnetic and locks into place with a release button that also indicates what substance its optimized to vaporize.

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The Series 7 from the V2 vape brand is powered by a built in 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery. This provides for hours of extensive vaping, however, it can also be used as a pass through when you need a puff of vapor during its recharging time. An integrated LED battery life indicator light alerts users to its state of power strength.

For a device capable of vaporizing three distinct materials, this device has wonderful functions such as heating status of the chamber. With 3 separate voltage and temperature settings to choose from, there is no vaping challenge the Pro Series 7 can’t overcome. Answer all your vaping questions and solve all your weed vaping problems with a single device with the Series 7 from V2.

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  • Magnetic cartridges available for loose leaf dry herb, e liquid, wax concentrates
  • Variable voltage settings include 3.7v, 4.2v, and 4.7v
  • Temperature control settings include 390F, 415F, 440F
  • Built in 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Integrated LED lights indicate heating status, battery life and voltage/temperature settings

Goboof Alfa – An Easy To Use and Affordable Weed Vaporizer

the goboof alfa pocket device is a sleek, elegant, functional mobile vape that ranks number four on our list of the best portable vaporizers
the alfa goboof is a simple black pocket device that comes in number four on our list of the best portable vaporizers

As one of the most easy-to-load, operate and clean portable vaporizers we used, the Goboof Alfa may have a silly name, but this device is all business when it comes to vaporizing dry material. It’s simple, sleek and stealthy design make it perfect for discreet draws on the go, while its advanced functionality makes it an outstanding device for home vaping as well. If you’ve been looking for an all-around utilitarian weed vape that doesn’t require a PHD to use, the Goboof Alfa is a solid starter unit that won’t disappoint.

This dry material vaporizer has five built-in settings for heating and vaping preferences. An adjustable selection dial allow users to choose between A/T (auto time heating and shut off), A/P (auto puff which increases heat as you take more draws), Lo (374F), Mid (410F), and Hi (446F) as well as an active Off setting. This range of functions provides a variety of vaping styles and heat levels for any vaping preference.

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A built-in oven chamber holds between 0.25 grams and 0.3 grams of ground dry material depending on how coarse its milled. The inner over itself is an anodized aluminum material and the chimney part of the design is made of stainless steel. The removable mouthpiece is well insulated, which is important given how close your draw is to the heating element.

The Goboof Alfa has a built in USB rechargeable battery and an integrated oven heating light that alerts users when it is reaching temperature and when it is ready to vape. One of the interesting things about this device is aside from their 2-year warranty, they offer what they call the “Aladdin Principle” in which if your device requires a repair they give users the option to replace it at a fraction of the cost. This can be a significant plus for users like some of us who are prone to dropping and/or destroying our devices.

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  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • Three temperature presets Lo (374F), Mid (410F), Hi (446F)
  • A/P Mode brings up temperature gradually as you take progressive draws on it
  • The A/T mode increases temperature gradually over the course of twenty minutes.
  • 2-year warranty with optional “Aladdin Principle” discount for replacement

Vapir Prima – The All-New Game Changing Portable Vaporizer

the metallic blue vapir prima is a uniquely designed dry herb and extract device that ranks number five on our list of the best portable vaporizers
the vapir prima pocket vape comes in blue and is number five on our list of the best portable vaporizers

One of my personal favorites, the Vapir Prima took a simple, familiar design for dry herb consumption and condensed the engineering into an impressive little vaporizer. It’s brilliant modular design makes it one of the easiest portable vaporizers to use that works with both dry herb and extracts or concentrates. If you are just making the switch to vaping your weed or dry material, or if you want a stealthy device that comes apart for easy cleaning and frequent use, the Vapir Prima is a champion in its category.

The Vapir Prima has a built in brass heating chamber with a ceramic plate which makes for amazingly clear flavor and a stainless steel vapor delivery channel is removable. Its powered by a removable, rechargeable battery and the device is available with a wall charger and upright dock for secure charging. The outer body of the Vapir Prima is lightweight aluminum and comes in blue, orange, silver or black.

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Four built in heat settings are indicated and selected by the fire button. L4 is the highest at 390F to 400F, L3 at 380F to 390F, L2 at 365F to 375F and L1 at 350F to 360F. While this doesn’t seem like a massive range of temperature settings, each is optimized for personal preferences for both dry herbs and extracts or waxes.

Each setting is accompanied by one of four LED lights on the body of the device. Additionally, they indicate heating status and battery strength. However, one of the most impressive aspects of the Vapir Prima is the 5-year warranty on the device with a 2-year warranty on the battery itself, which is virtually unheard of for rechargeable devices. Get the best of top tier dry herb and concentrate vaping in every puff with the Vapir Prima.

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  • Four preset heating ranges between 360F and 400F
  • USB rechargeable/ removable battery with 2 year warranty
  • Easy to clean aluminum oven chamber with ceramic floor
  • Lightweight aluminum body comes in black, blue, orange and silver
  • LED indicator lights alert users to heating status as well as battery strength and preset temperature range

Atmos Jump – One Of The Most Durable Vaporizers

the atmos jump vape pen is available in a carbon fiber patter with copper finish and ranks number three on our list of the best portable vaporizers
the atmos jump pocket vape pen comes in a copper carbon fiber finish and is number three on our list of the best portable vaporizers

If you’re looking for a springboard from the ground level vapor you get from regular portable vaporizers, the Jump from the Atmos brand will be a big leap in quality. Get the highest quality from your vaporized air every time you get a boost from this outstanding portable dry herb vaporizer. Take to the skies and soar through the clouds of incredible vapor with every liftoff from the Atmos Jump.

Atmos’ Jump implements a modular, easy-to-use system in a self-contained unit. The battery section of the device has an oven compartment built into the top. A hard-anodized heating chamber works at a singular, set temperature that optimizes the vaporization of dry herbs. It’s a perfect size for a personal amount of herbs which was a huge plus for us since so many vaporizers require filling them up to get the most from the vapor and wastes a lot of material.

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An integrated mouthpiece is easily removeable and efficiently sealing to the lower battery section. Inside the mouthpiece is a chamber where the dry herb can be filled. The Jump is powered by an integrated 1200 mAh USB rechargeable battery great for hours of dry herb vaping.

A singular fire button has a built in LED light that indicates battery charge as well as oven heating status once it has been activated. Clicking the button with the heating section filled will activate the internal heating. When the light turns from orange to green, it’s ready to vape, it’s that simple.

Maybe you’re not looking for something so portable? Maybe a desktop vaporizer is what you’re looking for?

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  • 1200 mAh internal USB rechargeable battery
  • LED indicator light for battery life as well as chamber heating status
  • Removable mouthpiece has sealed chamber to hold dry herbs for vaporization
  • Perfect device for vapers of all levels looking for a compact, easy-to-use design
  • Optimized set temperature specifically for dry herbs