No screens, no adjustments, no variables, just raw power. Mech mods draw from the peak available power and send it straight to your atomizer. If you’re looking for the best mech mods out there, you’re in luck because we tested them all!

For raw power, unregulated and unrestricted vapor production, keep reading. Mech mods are the outlaws of the vape mod world, functioning by their own rules and always pushing their abilities to the limit. For users who don’t want some computer chip telling them how to vape, here’s where you can start.

Wotofo Stentorian RAM BF Squonk – An Elegant Wood/Resin Style Vape

the wotofo stentorian ram bf squonk box comes in colorful swirl resin patterns and tanks number two on our list of best mech mods
the stentorian ram bf squonk box from woof is a colorful swirl of outstanding flavor that ranks number two on our list of best mech mods

The Stentorian RAM BF Squonk mech mod by Wotofo combines the simplicity of a squonk with the affordability of an entry-level box mod. It includes design details that include a powerful magnetic access door. A PEEK thermo-insulator ring insulates this mech mod from the heat of the deck. Traditionally, mech mods bring an elegance to low tech precision, and the RAM bottom-feeding Squonk is no exception.

There is some debate about its qualifications as a proper mech due to its integrated wiring. However, the limited electronics inside bevel seamlessly into the body of the box. That said, the security of the access door with its powerful magnetic system is a welcome development to this squonk. It efficiently combines easy squonk access with the confidence of a stable cover with no rattle.

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The Stentorian RAM BF is operated by a mechanical button with a built-in, turn-locking function. This insures users don’t have any accidental firing when the mech mod is not being vaped.  The Stentorian RAM comes in four resin finishes; black, purple, blue, green and a natural, rich, red Padauk woodgrain. Included with the RAM itself are three 7ml squonk juice bottles.

Having multiple squonks enables users to switch between juice flavors easily. With a mech like the RAM which produces heavy vapor and incredible flavor, this is crucial. It may not have a lot of complicated contours or functions, but this affordable mech mod still “wows” its users with every puff. Be sure that you’re buying from a reputable site so you know you’re getting the authentic mech mods instead of knock-offs.

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  • Outstanding juice feed through squonker bottles
  • Comes with three 7ml squonk bottles
  • Secure magnetic access door
  • Powered by single 18650 battery (sold separately)

Tesla Invader III 240w – The Best Mech Mod For The Perfect Balance

its appropriate the tesla invader iii 240w looks like a matte black gas can since it fueled our inspiration to make it number three on our list of best mech mods
the invader III 240w from Tesla is a streamlined powerhouse that ranks number three on our list of best mech mods

Nicola Tesla was the father of modern electricity. Although the Invader III doesn’t have much circuitry, Tesla would still be proud of this powerful authentic mech mod. With 240 watts of available puff power in a minimal design, the Invader III mech mod slips in just under the radar to colonize Earth with massive vapor. There’s very good reason why it’s on our list of the best mech mods for this year.

It’s zinc alloy body is available in gunmetal gray, blue and black and reminiscent of a vintage military fuel canister. In part, this is due to its actual design and to how substantially durable and secure it is. The magnetic access lid not only fastens snugly, but it fits flush to the mod body in a recessed channel. This design ensures the modular parts have zero rattle.

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The Invader III 240 mech mod will vape coils with resistance as low as 0.1 ohm. The power output is adjustable via an integrated potentiometer, which is why it’s still considered a mech. A setting dial is stepped in five numerical increments; I, II, III, IV, and V. Although this adjusts the voltage between 3.7 and 6.6 volts, there is no screen or electrical indication corresponding to the setting.

This mech mod’s sturdy construction has an indicator light which glows when it’s in use. Additionally, it lights up when it needs to be charged or to confirm that the device has been locked/unlocked with five clicks of the fire button. Uniquely, the Tesla Invader III comes with a full range of protections including, low voltage, high current, atomizer short circuit, overheating and reverse polarity.

Two 18650 high-drain batteries (not included) power the Tesla Invader III. The conductive components are silver-plated brass including the spring-loaded 510 connector. It may not be a part of Nicola Tesla’s inventions, but this mech mod is definitely destined to become one of the vaping worlds’s legendary innovations.

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  • Potentiometer-controlled 240 watt max
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • Able to vape coils as low as 0.1ohm
  • Durable zinc-allow body
  • Indicator light and fire button lock

Augvape Druga Squonk – A Sleek, Simple And Compact Mech Mod

the druga squonk from augvape cranks out intense vapor and flavor securing its spot at number four on our list of best mech mods
the druga squonk from augvape is number four on our list of best mech mods in a stylish flat black

As a supplement mech mod to their extremely popular Druga RDA, Augvape has created an additional squonking mech mod that is as compact as it is functional. Optimized to squonk with the drip deck of the same name, this mech box delivers delicious, satisfying vapor in a lightweight, compact design. For vapers who can’t wait for their vapor a drip at a time, the Druga Squonk mod delivers a constant supply of juice with maximized flavor and dense vapor.

Though many of the newest squonks are similar, there are few this lightweight, compact and portable. Specifically, Ultem is the most celebrated, high-quality plastic material used in practical electrical applications. The Druga Squonk’s amber-colored fire button is fabricated of Ultem. This insures the connectivity of this mech does not reach the user in any form other than vapor.

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The Druga comes standard with an impressive 8ml squonk juice bottle that connects directly to the spring-loaded 510 connector. Powered by a single 18650 battery, the design of this injected resin body mech is so compact, Augvape has left no room for rattles. It’s design looks similar to mechanical mods only capable of dripping. However, the Druga BF squonk box produces satisfying flavor with every puff without the constant need to drip. This is probably the best cheap mech mod that Augvape has come out with, great for an impulse buy just make sure it’s a mech mod that’s authentic! Remember to buy from reputable sellers!

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  • Compact, lightweight, resin-cast box is portable and discreet
  • 8ml squonk juice bottle
  • powered by single 18650 battery (sold separately)

Wismec Noisy Cricket II – An Intelligent And Multi-functional Mech Mod

the wismec noisy cricket ii d25 is a sleek, streamlined conduit to intense flavor and maximum vapor which is why its number five on our list of best mech mods
the noisy cricket 2 d25 from wismec is a lot of power in a small package that ranks number five on our best mech mods

The pride of Jaybo-designed mech mods for Wismec, the Noisy Cricket II is possibly the most clever, tactile and user-friendly variable mech mod available easily their best mech mod yet. Equipped with the MOSFET chip, this little variable voltage unit is the Swiss Army mod of mechanical vapes. As subtly elegant as it is functional, the engineering on the Noisy Cricket II has made it a Big Bang in the vaping industry.

The potentiometer effectively allows users to vape coils with resistance as low as 0.1ohm at variable voltage in Series Mode. In addition, there are two direct output modes. First, in Series Mode by toggling the fire button holding it down for five seconds. Thus, activating the indicator backlight to reflect the mode.  In this mode users are able to vape coils with resistance as low as 0.2ohm.

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The second setting and most impressive aspect of this mechanical mod, is set by flipping the contact plate on the bottom of the battery secure door to Parallel Circuit mode.  As a result, vapers receive a direct output of power and can use coils with resistance as low as 0.1 ohms. If this worries some vapers, it needn’t. To clarify, the Noisy Cricket is equipped with a slew of protections from the built-in MOSFET chip. Specifically, they include low atomizer resistance, low voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity.

Additionally, this mechanical mod comes equipped with a battery life indicator integrated into the fire button backlight. To explain, the light will stay lit, flash moderately, slowly or frequently depending on the charge available. Dual 18650 externally charged batteries (not included) power the Noisy Cricket. Furthermore, this relatively cheap mech mod is equipped with the standard spring-loaded 510 connector. In conclusion, this mech may be the most masterfully designed and engineered mechanical mod ever made.

Not sure if you want a mech mod? Check out our list of the best vape starter kits if you’re looking for something more in the beginner realm.

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  • Potentiometer-adjustable 2-6 volts in SERIES MODE
  • Three modes combined in a powerful mech with reversible circuit contacts including Direct Current and Adjustable Voltage in Series mode and Direct Output in PARALLEL
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Battery life and mode indicator light
  • 510 connector
  • MOSFET chip including protections