The search for the best dry herb vaporizers can be almost as tough as shopping for a car or a house, especially when you see the price tags. Luckily, we’ve scoured our resources and knowledge across the vaping industry to provide you with the best affordable dry herb vaporizers for 2020.

We draw from hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of not only the manufacturing process but the abilities and expectations consumers should expect from their investments. We insure you get exactly what you want from the best vaporizers available on the market today. Take a look at our quick overview and find out what some of the best vaporizers have in store and how they can be a game changer for your vaping across the board.

Matrix – Nominated The Best Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb and Wax

Mig Vapor Matrix Review
Mig Vapor Matrix Review

Mig Vapor achieved a serious triumph with their Matrix dry herb vaporizer, not only does it efficiently draw essence from flower, but it doubles as a weed oil device. They even sell an extra ceramic chamber specifically for dabs and wax vaping making it one of the best vaporizers for weed available.

While the various abilities are surely an incredible attribute of this compact vaporizer, the performance vaping dry herb is definitely the highlight. With on board temperature control, you can always be sure that your flower is being vaporized at the optimum warmth without the risk of combustion. A fully ceramic chamber pulls the essential compounds from the raw flower using an oven that can be set in singular degrees between 300 and 435F.

The heating oven itself is able to accommodate up to 0.8 grams of material ensuring every session of vaping leaves you fully medicated. Although the max temperature is meant for use with dabs and wax concentrates, dry herbs vaporize in the Mig Vapor Matrix at lower heating ranges providing robust and potent clouds of satisfying vapor. Selecting the heat range is easy using a convenient LED screen and +/- buttons below the fire button which also initiates the device through the standard 5-click activation.

This compact vaporizer produces impressive density given its size due to the innovative engineering of Mig Vapor. The Matrix is powered by a built-in, USB rechargeable 2200 mAh battery which provides hours of incredible dry herb vaping before needing to be plugged in. If you’ve been looking for a dry herb vaporizer that can replace a range of devices and draws essence from a range of materials, the Mig Vapor Matrix is a crowning achievement in the realm of weed vaping that delivers endless clouds of fulfilling vapor in a compact mobile design.

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  • 8 gram ceramic heating chamber with 3 min auto shut-off
  • Digital temperature control can be set between 300 and 435F using +/- buttons
  • Removable mouthpiece protects material while it’s being heated and makes for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Doubles as a wax concentrate, cannabis oil and dab vaporizer (ceramic dab chamber sold separately)
  • 2200 mAh USB rechargeable battery

V2 Pro Series 7 – An All In One Option, Dry Herb & Wax Vape Pen

with a bigger battery, chamber and adjustable setting the Pro Series 7 by V2 is number one of the best dry herb vaporizers
with a bigger battery, chamber and adjustable setting the Pro Series 7 by V2 is number one of the best dry herb vaporizers

With a pedigree that includes one of the world’s first all in one vaporizer, V2 introduced their Pro Series 7. This 3-in-1 dry herb and wax vape pen will vaporize any material you feed into it including dry herbs, concentrates, oils and e liquid depending on the cartridge you use it with. It’s an upgrade on their previous incarnations the Series 3 and 3x and the attributes they added are size-able.

More affordable than a lot of the dry herb vaporizers available, the Series 7 comes standard with both an e liquid cartridge and the loose-leaf chamber for dry herbs. This version of V2’s three in one vaporizer has a large chamber capable of vaping an impressive amount of material in one sitting without needing to be refilled. Each cartridge is magnetic and the V2 Pro Series 7 has integrated smart battery technology to automatically regulate the device depending on the material being vaporized.

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For the dry herb cartridge, users are able to select between three customizable temperature settings. Three LED indicator lights beneath the fire button allow you to choose between 390F, 415F, or 440F. When using the eliquid cartridge, these lights will correspond with 3.7v, 4.2v or 4.7v depending on user preference.

The Pro Series 7 has a built-in, rechargeable battery and an additional LED indicator light ring around the base that both tells users when the device is charged, how healthy the battery life is and the heating status of the oven when warming it for dry herbs and concentrates as it cycles from red, to yellow and eventually green when it’s at optimum temperature. For an all-in-one device that efficiently and effectively vapes dry herbs, this is at the top of our list of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb.

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  • LED indicator lights allow users to select temperatures at 390F, 415F, or 440F for loos leaf cartridge and 3.7v, 4.2v, or 4.7v for e liquid
  • Additional LED indicator ring around the base alerts users to battery charge and heating status
  • Built-in, USB rechargeable battery
  • Can be used as a pass through while charging
  • Large cartridge capacity for all materials
  • Easy to fill and easy to use, perfect for all levels of vapers

Firefly 2 – A Portable Handheld Dry Herb Vaporizer That’s Affordable

the classiest device for herbal essence the firefly 2 has a wood finish and comes in at number three on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers
the classiest device for herbal essence the firefly 2 has a wood finish and comes in at number three on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers

If you’re looking for the best dry herb vaporizer with convection heating, the Firefly 2 is a standout king from the competition. This portable, self-contained loose leaf vaporizer combines elegant design, innovation and proprietary heating technology to create the best personal herb vaporizer available. To get the right temperature and maximized vapor output from your herbal essence the Firefly 2 soars above similar devices.

Uniquely, this device is activated by placing your fingers on sensor pads that activate the oven and heats material. Again, with a dedicated smart phone app, the Firefly 2 has a range of available temperature settings. This vaporizer can be set at six preset temperatures as well including 340F, 360F, 380F, 400F, 420F and “concentrates which is the highest specifically set for waxes and dabs.


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One of our favorite things about the Firefly is that though the battery is rechargeable via a micro USB docking system, the lithium ion battery itself is replaceable and the kit comes with a spare, which is unheard of. This means you can continue using this device long after your battery is not capable of holding a charge. Additionally, a range of colored, flashing indicator lights actively notify users as to the charge of their device in five settings from full, ¾, ½ charged, ¼, and low battery alert in red.

Also significant is the 0.2-gram heating chamber capacity which provides for a sizeable amount of material before needing to be refilled. Between their intensely efficient proprietary titanium heating element, the unbelievably gorgeous design and craftsmanship of the device and sizeable amount of vapor we got from it, the Firefly 2 may have just become our favorite convection vaporizer of all time.

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  • Six preset temperature modes
  • Replaceable, rechargeable battery includes USB charging dock and extra battery unit
  • Battery light indicator lights
  • Convection heating produces satisfying vapor, with low odor
  • Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable device settings through smart phone app

Arizer Air II – Excellence Without Any Gimmicks

the air ii personal device by arizer is a beefy mobile device at number four on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers
the air ii personal device by arizer is a beefy mobile device at number four on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers

A massive improvement from the first design, the Arizer Air II dry herb vaporizer has an integrated OLED screen, two removable glass mouthpieces and micro USB rechargeability. This conduction based dry herb vaporizer is an outstanding device either for vaping at home, or if you’re out and about. If tasting your strains and varietals of herb is a significant factor for you, the Arizer Air II doesn’t disappoint.

The Air II is powered by a single 18650 removable battery, which means unlike many similar devices, you can always have one charging. However, if you prefer to charge within the device it has a convenient micro USB port right on the side so it can sit upright and can be used as a pass through. The sizeable OLED screen makes it easy to adjust the temperature in single degree increments up to 400F, change the volume of the alert beep or the brightness of the screen itself for a stealthier appearance.


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Its heating oven implements a stainless-steel conduction chamber with bored holes for increased airflow and cooler vapor. The Air II comes standard with two removable glass mouthpieces which also help to cut down on the warmth of your vapor as it moves through them. In fact, unique to the Air the mouthpiece acts as the pack where your dry herb is placed making for easy loading and the easiest cleaning of any personal vaporizer we’ve seen.

Additionally, Arizer’s Air II mouthpieces come with rubber cover caps, so you can save an unfinished bowl for later or pre-pack them for a perfect traveling vaporizer using the including carrying pouch. For a comprehensive dry herb vaporizer kit, that doesn’t involve an overwhelming number of components the Air II is one of the best simple vaporizers to start using with some of the best flavor output we’ve experienced.

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  • USB rechargeable, removable 18650 battery
  • OLED screen with on board adjustable temperature control
  • Stainless-steel conduction chamber with better airflow
  • Two removable glass mouthpieces which also act as the bowl pack
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, perfect for vapers looking for one device that will last

Crafty Vaporizer – A Tactical Portable Vaporizer With Excellent Vapor

the crafty vaporizer is a well designed dynamo of mobile herb vapor and number five on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers
the crafty vaporizer is a well designed dynamo of mobile herb vapor and number five on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers

Almost everyone who has ever used a dry herb vaporizer has heard of the Volcano. In response to the massive growth in the portable vaporizer market, manufacturer Storz & Bickel released a compact powerhouse vaporizer with their Crafty mobile model. If you’ve experienced the quality products of this German engineering in a desktop vaporizers, you’ll love the Crafty personal handheld vaporizer.

The Crafty is amongst the best vaporizers because it implements a modular and innovative design, that as expected has a tightly manufactured and perfectly fitting all in one engineering which can only be described as “crafty”. With two swiveling sections, the Crafty both stores dry herb material to be vaporized as well as stows the integrated mouthpiece. Additionally, the design helps to keep the device cool while remained lightweight and compact for mobile vaping.


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Storz & Bickels mobile masterpiece has two preset temperatures; normal 356F and “boost mode” 383F. However, through a specific mobile app for your smart phone you’re able to set the oven temp of the Crafty to customizable degrees which the device remembers even after the app has been uncoupled from the unit. In addition, the app also allows users to adjust the brightness of the LED battery and heating indicator lights.

Integrated lights on the base of the Crafty keep users informed about the heating status of the dry herb chamber as well as the charge of the battery. This device is USB rechargeable and can be used as a pass through while charging. If you want an incredibly well designed personal vaporizer that has top quality and dry herb vaping history in its genetic material, the Crafty is the pocket friendly cheap vaporizer device you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Two set temperature modes 356F normal and 383F boost mode
  • USB rechargeable
  • LED indicator lights for heating time and battery charge
  • 0.3-gram herb chamber
  • Smart phone app for customizing temperature control and LED brightness

Davinci IQ – The World’s Best Little Precision Vaporizer

the davinci iq is a compact device lit by 51 led lights and number six on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers
the davinci iq is a compact device lit by 51 led lights and number six on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers

If you’re a dry herb vaper who’s also into heavy metal, you’ll find your favorite new rhythm shredding the Davinci IQ vaporizer. This all metal portable dry herb vaporizer is one of the most solidly manufactured, sturdy, durable personal devices available. For the best in solid metal vaporizers the IQ has the aptitude for brilliant mobile vaping.

The Davinci IQ vaporizer has a ceramic oven for efficient and even conduction heating, while the mouthpiece area and the airway the vapor travels through are made from ceramic zirconia which has a high resistance to cracking during drastic temperature change as well as high thermal expansion when combined with a material such as steel. As a result, the effect is thorough, even heating throughout the device. A built-in stir stick is stored in the base for rotation of partially vaporized material.


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Also, in the base of the IQ is a flavor chamber for infusing herb blends with additional flavors. The heating chamber itself holds roughly 0.3 grams of material. A 51 LED light board acts as the active display to select temperatures between 32F and 430F in boost mode as well as the battery charge and smart path trajectory.

Davinci’s Smart Path technology is a building heat index that plots a path of rising or changing temperatures during a given session of use. Paths can be customized through the corresponding smart phone app. In all the Davinci IQ is an incredible personal vaporizer that is thoughtfully designed and engineered for a thoroughly enjoyable and intuitive vaping experience.

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  • 51 LED light board reads temperature settings, smart path and battery life
  • Powered by removable, rechargeable 18650 battery with USB connectivity
  • Ceramic oven heating temperature with 0.3 gram capacity
  • Available in blue, copper, stealth (black), and gunmetal (gray)
  • 10-year warranty

Mighty Vaporizer – Premium Vapor Production, With Ease-Of-Use

as the smallest of the storz & Bickel devices, the crafty is an incredible mobile herbal extractor and number seven on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers
The Vaporfi Vex 150 is a temperature controlled Mod

If you were intrigued by the Crafty, but you’re looking for more dexterity and customization the Mighty from Storz & Bickel may be more your speed. Sizably larger and with an integrated LED screen, this big brother personal dry herb vaporizer brings the functionality and dense vapor of a desktop unit to mobile vaping. While it won’t fit in your pocket, with this much vapor and functionality, the portability may not matter.

The Mighty mobile command center has an impressive 1.4 cubic cm stainless steel heating chamber just like the Crafty, however, that’s where their similarities diverge. In this bigger version, the Mighty has on board temperature control capable of between 104F and 410F including a boost mode that actively turns the set temp up by around 25 degrees instantly. The LED screen also displays active battery life as well as the set temperature and active temperature of the heating chamber.


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It’s rechargeable via an A/C wall charger and powered by two integrated 18650 batteries, but can be used as a pass through while charging. The Mighty combines a seamless blend of convection and conduction heating for a robust, dense vapor output rare in mobile vaporizers. Though it is larger than most portable units, the performance is incomparably improved.

This unit retains that same outstanding engineering and innovative design as the Crafty with significant improvements in heat dissipation and modular loading including a built in cleaning and poking tool at the base. You can end your search for the most intense dry herb vapor with the Mighty vaporizer from Storz & Bickel as they condensed the ingenuity of the desktop vaporizers like the Volcano into a smaller, mobile device.

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  • Powered by dual, integrated, rechargeable 18650 batteries
  • OLED screen for temperature control, battery life indicator
  • Boost mode raises active temperature 25F
  • Combines convection and conduction heating
  • 1.4 cubic cm stainless steel heating chamber

Arizer Solo 2 – The Most Powerful Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

the solo 2 personal device from arizer is a brushed anodized blue block of power and number eight of the best dry herb vaporizers
the solo 2 personal device from arizer is a brushed anodized blue block of power and number eight of the best dry herb vaporizers

For their upgraded version of the original Solo, Arizer made some impressive upgrades to this little stick of dry herb vaping dynamite. The Solo II dry herb vaporizer is outfitted with a good sized LCD screen that allows users to dial in their preferred vapor temperature in single degree increments. If you’re dead set on a robust portable vaporizer with the best elements of conduction and convection in a single device, the Solo II may be the answer to your vaping needs.

One of the most impressive attributes of this personal vaporizer is the battery life. Though its size can be overwhelming for users in search of a pocket vape, this bulky basin pours intense vapor for hours on end. An aspect that sets this little cylinder apart is the built-in, rechargeable battery that must plug into a wall socket via an included A/C adapter.


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This unit comes with two glass mouthpieces, one short and one long which also act as the dry herb feeder as the material is packed into the end of the mouthpiece rather than the heating chamber. That said, this makes for efficient cleaning as all you need to scrape out is the glass piece itself and occasionally soak it in alcohol to remove sticky residue. In addition, the mouthpieces come with rubber caps so that you can load them with herb at home and have them ready for mobile vaping.

Arizer’s Solo II has a stainless-steel oven chamber which implements a mixture of convection and conduction heating. A metal body makes its weight feels durable and powerful in your hand. It is available in black or blue and comes with a lifetime warranty on the heating element, a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects and a one-year warranty on the battery. Without a doubt, this is definitely one of the best vaporizers you can get right now.

Not looking for dry herb vaporizers but instead would like to see what your options are for wax? Check out our best vape pens for wax article and see if there’s something there for ya.

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  • Adjustable temperature control in single degrees up to max 428F
  • Built in rechargeable battery is charged by A/C adapter wall plug
  • Comes with two glass mouthpieces and a carrying pouch
  • Blend of convection and conduction with a stainless-steel heating chamber
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, durable with a dense, robust vapor output