To maximize both the amount of vapor generated as well as the intensity of your dry herb vaping experience you want the best desktop vaporizers available. While pocket sized units are all the rage, they simply can’t compare to the powerful draw of warm air through concentrated herb essence.

Comparing the effects of table top vaporizer devices can be daunting, not to mention how similar they operate and are priced. We put some of the most popular desktop vaporizers through rigorous testing to determine which make the grade and which are just passable. If you want to see which stationary vaporizers deliver massive hits of infused vapor and which just deliver massive hits to your wallet, check out our recommended desktop vaporizers and let our research do the work for you.

Volcano – Nominated The Best Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer

celebrated as the first and still the top performer, the volcano vaporizer from storz & Bickel is by far the top of the best desktop vaporizers
the best home unit ever made, the legendary volcano vaporizer is number one on our list of the best desktop vaporizers

You know the name, it’s the Rolls Royce of desktop vaporizers and has been consistently since it’s invention in the year 2000. Well, the Volcano vaporizer has made quite the eruption since then, quickly becoming the pinnacle of herbal infused vapor devices the world over. There are plenty of important reasons why the Volcano is so celebrated and they are a blend of engineering, construction and performance.

The Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer implements a system of valves, those all too familiar crinkly balloon bags and your preferred herbal blends to create the most fulfilling vapor devised from any device before or since. Its durable, stainless steel construction is the reason so many people have only ever needed one, though you occasionally need to replace the bags. The proprietary easy valve system makes it unbelievably easy to fill the balloon bags with dense, herb infused vapor and make them readily available for inhalation which is why we believe it should be on this list of the best desktop vaporizers, it simply wins!

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Each Volcano desktop vaporizer is available in both digital and analog temperature control systems. It takes roughly three to five minutes to warm up to operating temperature depending on preferred warmth and is able to vaporize concentrates using special inserts for the dry herb toggle valve. Users are also able to vape the filled balloon bags through a home bubbler for a cooler, milder vapor.

This home vaporizer system utilizes convection heating to distill the essence and flavor of any herbal mixture into a cloudy, intense vapor. For a couple of guys who manufacture medical grade equipment, it’s no wonder that the Volcano Vaporizer functions as efficiently and exactly as any well-engineered instrument. Discover what everyone has been raving about with unbelievable vapor and precise flavor from the Volcano table top vaporizer.

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  • Temperature control in digital from 104F to 446F and analog from 226F to 446F
  • Easy valve system is simple to use and transfer from vaporizer to mouthpiece
  • Convection heating system plugs into the home wall socket
  • Reaches operating temperature in 3 to 5 minutes
  • 3 year warranty covers repairs and shipping on qualifying malfunction

Arizer Extreme Q – A Cheap Desktop Vaporizer For Weed

the arizer extreme q is a fully remote operated home vape device in all black that can use a whip tube or balloon bags bringing it to number two on our list of the best desktop vaporizers
the ariser extreme q is a remote controlled home unit with glass fittings coming in number two of the best desktop vaporizers

If you’re looking for a cheap desktop vaporizer that you can set and control from across the room, the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer has a handy remote that will adjust and enable every function of this sleek tabletop dry herb vaporizer unit. From the optimum vaping temperature to the lighting effect on the floating ring of the device, they literally included a button for everything. For a cheap dry herb desktop vaporizer that incorporates the modern conveniences at the touch of a button the Extreme Q is a sound investment.

Uniquely, the Arizer Extreme Q has glass fittings and herb chambers which are meant to both provide a cleaner more accurate vape, as well as help to cool the temperature as it moves through the device. It comes standard with both the familiar space bag system as well as a tube whip to draw direct vapor from the device. Additionally, the EQ comes with a glass stirrer for moving material around to insure it heats evenly throughout your vaping session.

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The included Cyclone bowls are coated with a black heat resistant material so that they can be removed from the heating element to keep from needlessly heating material without drawing or storing the vapor. It utilizes convection heating with six temperature presets, however, users are able to set the temperature digitally at whatever warmth is required. Incorporated into the Arizer Extreme Q are five customizable modes including a timer and the fan or air strength moving through the device.

Incredibly, the Arizer Extreme Q marijuana vaporizer reaches operating temperature quickly and maintains consistent heating throughout without requiring time to reheat. In fact, the core temperature of the EQ is consistently higher than the active reading of the vapor for this exact purpose. The Arizer Extreme Q is a well-designed, elegant, modern desktop vaporizer that fits perfectly into your home décor.

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  • Remote control is able to access every function
  • Kit comes with two balloon bags, whip, two glass herbal couplers, two cyclone bowls and remote control
  • Six temperature presets as well as digitally customizable temperature
  • Heats quickly and maintains active temperature
  • Slim, modern profile with lighting accents

Easy Vape – An Affordable Digital LCD Desktop Vaporizer

the easy vape box whip system uses a backlit knob to adjust the temperature on the led screen and is number three on our list of the best desktop vaporizers
the easy vape home unit is a simple box with an led screen that comes in number four on our list of the best desktop vaporizers

Among the simplest, affordable desktop vaporizers to operate and enjoy, the Easy Vape vaporizer delivers deliciously dense vapor in a streamlined design. This little box may look more like a piece of equipment found in an electrical repair shop, however, the output of cool, flavorful vape will prove just how effective this functional design can be. For the best in easy to operate personal home vaporizers the Easy Vape is a powerhouse in a compact box.

The Easy Vape has a sixty second heat up time ensuring you never have to wait long to start enjoying the best in desktop dry herb vaping. Active temperature ranges between 266F and 374F making for an outstanding middle ground of warmth specifically built for herbal essence. A smooth, responsive silver dialing knob has a blue backlight for operation in low light and sets the vapor warmth to personalized preference.

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The temperature setting number is efficiently and effectively displayed on a well-lit LED display. Within the heating element itself are lights to indicate the status of active heat which glows red when it has reached operating temperature. An aspect we enjoyed was the ability to turn the glass wand fitting to change the position of dry herb material for even heat and vapor concentration.

Vapor is drawn through an included tube whip which has a glass fitting on one end that acts as the loading bowl for clean flavor, cool vapor and easy cleaning. On the other end is a glass mouthpiece to further cool the warmth essence making for a tasty vape experience every time. The Easy Vape digital desktop vaporizer is the peak of outstanding vapor output in a simple and compact design.

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  • Active temperature range in one-degree increments between 266F and 374F
  • Heating element indicator lights alerts users to temperature status
  • Temperature setting by turning knob to adjust number on LED display
  • Glass fittings and mouthpiece for cleaner flavor and cooler vapor
  • 5-year warranty

Arizer V-Tower – The Best “Whip-Style” Hands Free Vaporizer

the arizer v tower is a simple whip tube system in brushed stainless steel and number four on our best desktop vaporizers
the v tower from arizer is an easy to use home unit with a stainless steel body that ranks number four of the best desktop vaporizers

Full functionality of an outstanding home vaporizer doesn’t need to be at a high cost when you pick up the V-Tower desktop vaporizer from Arizer. If you love the Extreme Q vaporizer but don’t need all the extra features this vape device takes the same level of functionality and unbelievably clean tasting vapor and simplifies the process. There are some differences to know about the V-Tower vaporizer that may help you decide it’s the perfect tabletop vaporizer for you.

Unlike the Extreme Q, the V-Tower doesn’t come with a remote control, balloon bags or a fancy lighting system on the base. What it does have is the same precise digitized temperature control range and readout from a built in LCD screen. You can set the timer function to automatically shut the unit off in half hour increments if you know you’re going to forget to turn it off after sessions of intense vaping. This unit takes a bit longer to heat up, however, for a cheap desktop vaporizer, preheat is often less of an issue than mobile devices and at a considerably lower price than most home units, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.

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The V-Tower still comes with glass fittings, bowls and elbow couplers for a wildly cool and clean flavored vapor, however, this unit only comes with a rubber whip attachment to draw vapor through. There is no fan setting to force a larger intensity of vape through the device like the EQ, though again, we didn’t find this an attribute we couldn’t live without. Additionally, once you cut out all the extra functions, the V-Tower is “extremely” energy efficient by comparison which we thought was a nice aspect that isn’t taken into consideration from many of the high function powerful desktop vapes.

Interesting offerings the V-Tower doesn’t sacrifice on are engineering details like triple heat sensors for more precise temperature regulation and solid-state circuitry which both contributes to the efficiency of the device and ensures there are fewer parts to break or fail over time. While we truly enjoyed the Extreme Q and having a remote control was a fun toy to play with, the V-Tower delivers almost identical functionality for a much lower price. This is an incredible value for the quality, density and flavor of herbal vapor you get from this cheap and compact desktop vaporizer.

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  • 10 minute heat up time
  • Glass bowl, attachments and rubber whip tube
  • Customizable temperature range from backlit LCD screen
  • Adjustable auto shut off timer
  • Energy efficient and easy to use

The Plenty Vaporizer – A Powerful And Efficient Vaporizer

another storz & Bickel triumph, the plenty is a home unit that looks like a power drill with a swirling metal hose and number five on our list of the best desktop vaporizers
a mobile version of the volcano, the plenty vaporizer from storz & Bickel creates massive vapor from a compact unit and is number five on our list of the best desktop vaporizers

While the Volcano cannot be topped for desktop vaporizers, the manufacturer Storz & Bickel managed to create a condensed device with similar functionality in the Plenty. It’s unique design is reminiscent of a power drill and believe me when I tell you this affordable handheld vaporizer cranks out vapor like a jackhammer. Build yourself a wall of intensely smooth, dense vapor with every pull from the Plenty.

The Plenty has an active temperature range of between 266F and 396F which may be disappointing for users who are looking for a device that will efficiently vaporize their waxes and concentrates (the plenty comes with a concentrate pad, but generally vapers like their concentrates a bit hotter than dry herbs). A built in analog temperature gauge reads the core temp of the device in real time as it heats up. This hand held portable vaporizer takes roughly four minutes to heat up to desired temperature and has an auto shut off that can be reset and toggled use the trigger paddle conveniently built into the handle.

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Essentially, the Plenty is a portable volcano vaporizer, though portable is misleading since it still requires being plugged into a wall socket and the power cord is fairly short. Though, what you do get with this vaporizer is intensely flavorful, cool vapor due to the spiral coil metal mouthpiece. The engineering of the Plenty is incredible and the device manages to stay mostly cool while the core hovers at just under 400F.

Its heating chamber can hold an entire gram of dry material, which makes for a significant session of vaping.  A simple, integrated temperature selection wheel sets the heating element at ranges between 1 and 7 for peak output. For a hand-held home vaporizer that’s easy to use, durable and incredibly well designed that you can stealthily store on a workbench or a tool box, the Plenty is more than enough vaporizer to get the job done every time.

Looking for something less in size? Check out our list of the best portable vaporizers – surely you’ll find what your looking for there!

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  • Powerful, hand-held, durable design generates intensely smooth vapor
  • Temperature range between 266F and 396F adjusted by a built in selector wheel
  • Heating chamber holds a gram of material or less with the concentrate pad
  • Maximized airflow for a clean vapor draw
  • 3-year warranty