When you’re searching for the best dab pens, many of them look the same not only in function, but design as well. We sifted through the most popular dab vape pens available to bring you our favorite dab pens specifically designed for wax concentrate vaping. Here’s our “scoop” on the best vape pens for wax to condense the outstanding wax tech into the ones that won’t let you down.

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Vaping wax is a cutting-edge concept for concentrate consumption but compressing the process from a torch and full rig into a convenient, travel ready dab pen has evolved quickly. We made an intense investigation and through rigorous testing managed to boil down the best wax pens to this short list of outstanding devices.

Brain Fogger Target Mini – A Vape Pen For Dab

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Dab Pen
Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Dab Pen

Your search for the perfect mobile dab rig is over, the Brain Fogger Sub 40 kit is the pinnacle of wax vaping in a compact package. Alone, the Brain Fogger wax vaping attachment produces some of the most satisfying vapor clouds for cannabis extracts.

When combined with the Sub 40 mini mod, you have a mobile weed extract vaping command center in the palm of your hand. This low profile, travel enail efficiently replaces all the bulky equipment of a mobile dab rig and compresses the best in innovative weed vape technology in a dynamic duo that personifies what an erig should not only look like, but how it should function. Inside the Brain Fogger wax vape tank is a square ceramic dual coil atomizer that heats the lower oven cup as well.

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As you bring the weed vape tank up to temperature, this compact vape wax mod produces some of the most impressive clouds and flavor of cannabis vaping we’ve seen in any stealth setup. With the Brain Fogger Sub 40 kit you truly get a grip on vaping wax and although it’s not necessarily a dab pen in the traditional sense, it expands on the rudimentary design of most beginner enails by adding the variable wattage capabilities of the Sub 40 mod, one of the best compact vape mods on the market.

While you don’t need more than twenty watts to vaporize your cannabis extracts, the ability to find a sweet spot for achieving the smoothest vape possible is key to enjoying weed vaping without combustion. A splash proof atomizer and ceramic oven design ensures there is no spit back which is uniquely valuable with mobile dab rigs like this. If you’ve been looking at the best dab pens trying to choose between the field of devices that essentially look and function the same, the Brain Fogger Sub 40 starter kit rips the competition apart as the top vaping dab rigs that is as discreet in your pocket as it is in your hand.

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  • Glass outer tank with ceramic oven, dab cup and square atomizer system
  • 510 threaded Sub 40 mod is USB rechargeable and capable of reaching up to 40 watts
  • Splash proof, self-cleaning ceramic wax reservoir produces impressive vapor clouds
  • Discreet, stealthy and perfect as a mobile enail
  • Comes with replacement ceramic atomizer, dab tool, USB charger weed vape tank and 2200 mAh mini mod

Yocan Evolve – Our Second Favorite Vape Pen For Dabs

the yocan evolve dab pen comes in blue and ranks number two on our list of the best vape pens
the yocan evolve is one of the simplest most affordable devices on the market making it number two on our list of the best dab pens

An introductory vaporizer pen that delivers at an affordable investment, the Evolve dab vape pen from Yocan is a no-frills, simple wax vaporizer with an intricate design. If you’re looking for low cost discretion for dabs on the go the Evolve may be the perfect dab pen for you. With an impressively modular construction this device is simple to use and implements innovative methods for delivering potent hits with less mess and less heat.

A protective cap on the wax chamber of the Evolve has a hole in the top to allow vapor to pass to the mouthpiece. However, the cap’s true purpose is to dissipate heat and contain the wax concentrate to prevent leaking or being sucked into the mouthpiece. The wax chamber itself is alloy with a ceramic bottom. In effect it was designed for any wax loaded to the walls to slide onto the coils as it heats. Unused material gathers on the ceramic base of the chamber.

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Yocan’s Evolve vaporizer pen utilizes a dual quartz coil construction to prevent the clogging and constant replacement of wick-based heating coil systems. The coils are heated by a compact, yet powerful 650 mAh internally built, USB rechargeable battery. For a portable dab pen this small, it hits hard and delivers wax essence at an effective heat range.

It comes in a range of color options including blue, black, red, silver and orange and unlike many other color matched wax vaporizers the upper chamber sleeve matches the battery color. If you’re looking for a cheap dab pen perfect for vaping concentrates on the go, the Evolve may be the next step in your vaping experience.

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  • Compact, discreet and affordable, perfect device for first time dabbers
  • 650 mAh USB rechargeable integrated battery
  • Ceramic base concentrate chamber
  • Dual quartz coil technology cuts down on maintenance
  • Protective wax chamber cap cuts down on heat and leakage

Dr. Dabber Ghost – A Vape Pen Made Specifically for Concentrates

the ghost pen from doctor dabber is a streamlined concentrate vaporizer with outstanding airflow making it number three on our list of the best dab pens
the ghost pen system from dr dabber incorporates the best in wax vaping technology to make this number three on our list of the best dab pens

While it may look like a lot of other dab pens regarding its design and construction, the engineering of the Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen hides something unique. The heating element of the Ghost promises a constant heating temperature that efficiently and effectively vaporizes concentrate without burning and reaching higher degrees. Significantly, because of the temperature regulation, there is minimal heat transfer to the mouthpiece which is common with some of similar dab pens.

The mouthpiece design of the Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen is specifically engineered to increase airflow and prevent clogs from leaking wax concentrate. The ceramic heating chamber is regulated at a constant temperature through the implementation of high resistance, low heat, titanium atomizer coils. Dr. Dabber’s Ghost heats up quickly and efficiently delivering outstanding flavor and essence in every click of the fire button without burning material.

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Provided atomizer coils are purported to last users between four and eight weeks of regular dabbing. This dab starter kit comes with a spare titanium coil head chamber, which means that the initial investment could last users up to two months before requiring an additional investment. It’s 110 volts are constantly focused and regulated to give the Ghost an efficient and long-lasting charge period.

Users report it provides somewhere between 200 and 300 draws before requiring a recharge. The Ghost is USB rechargeable and takes roughly an hour to reach full battery. This easy to operate, affordable wax vaporizer is an excellent investment for dabbers looking for an introductory device into the world of vaping.

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  • Constant regulated heating temperature cuts down on possibility of burning material as well as heat transfer to the mouthpiece
  • USB rechargeable 110v battery output
  • Long-lasting battery life, short charge time
  • Low heat, high resistance titanium coil construction
  • Broad range of available accessories for a more customizable vapor draw

Kandypens Galaxy – A Budget Friendly, Cheap Dab Pen

the galaxy vape pens from galaxy comes in a gloss black finish with gold button ring and mouthpiece and is number two on our list of the best dab pens for 2018
possibly the best device available the kandypens galaxy is one of the most efficiently functional devices available and comes in number four on our list of the best dab pens

Kandypens’ Galaxy dab pen is truly a taste and vapor experience that’s out of this world! There’s a reason this dab pen makes more appearances in music videos than Dr. Dre’s famous headphones. In fact, it’s among the best portable dab pens available in terms of construction, design, engineering, style and efficiency.

Users can select their preferred heat range by swift clicking the fire button three times between low 350F (red light), medium 390F (green light), or high 430F (blue light). Essentially, this regulates the proximity of the vaporization to possible burning of material into smoke rather than simply heating it to a vapor. This is what makes it the perfect vape pen for dabs.

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The Galaxy combines the best in evolving concentrate pen technology in a compact, easy to use device with outstanding performance. Kandypens is at the top of their game as a concentrate vaporizer manufacturer with a variable temperature vape pen that implements a unique quartz chamber design that promotes airflow as well as optimum material usage. Dual titanium atomizer coils are wrapped around quartz cylinders to cut down on build up and unvaporized material.

A few of the innovative triumphs of the Galaxy over its competitors include increase airflow through the chamber and mouthpiece, low incidence of clogging, and its ability to use most of the concentrate loaded into the chamber which has a large capacity while still being easy to load directly on the coils. It may have a higher price point, but once you try the Kandypens Galaxy you’ll immediately see where that money was spend saving money on what may have been wasted wax in another device.

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  • Efficient design with variable temperatures at 350F, 390F and 430F
  • Quartz-lined chamber as well as cylinders the dual titanium atomizer coils are mounted to
  • Maximizes airflow, vaporized material and prevents clogging or burning
  • USB rechargeable and 510 threaded
  • Deep concentrate chamber that is easy to load and clean

Atmos Kiln Ra – The Dab Pen That’ll Suite Everyone

the atmos kiln is a ceramic wax concentrate vaporizer that takes number five on our list of best dab pens
the kiln ra from atmos has a ceramic body and utilizes a ceramic disc coil to evenly heat material making it number five on our list of the best dab pens available

Just like its name sake, this ceramic wax vaporizer turns soft, malleable material into something beautiful users can enjoy. The Kiln RA dab pen from Atmos is an elegant, easy to use dab vaporizer system that implements the best in vaping technology to highlight the flavor of your chosen wax while delivering impressive amounts of vapor without burning material. Additionally, the ability to replace and rebuild atomizers without buying a new head makes the Kiln one of the best wax vape pens.

A ceramic cup atomizer is secured to the base using two screws making the inner workings look like a handmade Frankenstein waiting to heat up wax concentrate. This compact vape pen isn’t the most discreet, however, its elegant, understated design gives it the appearance of a simpler device that cranks out incredible clouds of wax essence.  Dual ceramic posts and disc coil heat loaded material evenly and consistently.

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The Kiln RA dab pen is powered by a size-able 950 mAh internally built, USB rechargeable battery and has an impressive life on a single charge given how well it heats. Its ceramic body atomizer attaches to the batter via a 510 connector and users are able to use it in a range of wattages and temperatures when paired with variable advanced vape mods.

Between the design benefits of increased airflow, full vaporization of material, and modular atomizer rebuilding and replacement, the Kiln RA is one of our favorite portable vaporizers. It’s perfect for new users who want a device that will consistently process material and will last them longer than a simple all-in-one dab pen.

Not sure if you want a dab pen for simplistic portable vaping? Check out our list of the best desktop vaporizers.

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  • Ceramic construction of body and coil discs heat wax evenly and efficiently
  • 510 connector makes the chamber compatible with other power mods
  • 950 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Replaceable atomizer cups which easy, modular design
  • Outstanding flavor and vapor production