If you are ready to try building your own coils, you should have the right tools for the right job. The best coil building kits for vapers come with everything you need to do the job and to do it right. Making your own coils is much more enjoyable when you have the tools to manufacture your coil creations just the way you envision.

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I remember when I built my first coil. Folks, it was not pretty! I did not even have ceramic tweezers and I could not get an even heat distribution across my first coil. Needless to say, the vaping sucked and I killed my cotton within minutes! To this day, I am no expert coil builder. Most of the time, I use pre-made coils. But I do like to make my own vape coils now and then. I do not have the craftsman’s touch. But, I do have the right tools. That is the ticket, for me, to make my coil building a satisfying and enjoyable process.

all the right tools to build your own coils by coilmaster

We are going to look at a few of the best vape rebuilding kits and accessories. I want to make sure that you get a good kit to get started with. There are two that are considered to be the creme de la creme, especially for someone new to coil building. Let’s start with the top two.

Best Coil Building Kits

Direct Vapor Coil Tool Kit

the direct vapor coil building kit is also a great option to build your own coils

Best Economic Value Kit

The Direct Vapor coil builder’s kit comes with the following 11 pieces:

  • Portable Hand Bag
  • Coil Jig
  • Organic Japanese cotton sheets
  • Screw driver
  • Ceramic Head Tweezer
  • Pure SS Tweezer
  • Scissors
  • oHm meter
  • Kanthal Wire (24GA)
  • Flat cutting pliers
  • Diagonal pliers

Price: $36.99 with free shipping deal.

Coil Master DIY V3 Coil Building Kit

coilmaster has a complete coil building tool set to build your own coils

Best Overall Quality Kit

Comes with 13 pieces including the excellent Coilmaster 521 Tab Mini which has an atomizer building deck and oHm resistance meter. Plus you can fire your coils on the 521 Mini Tab to ensure even heating.

  • 521 Tab Mini
  • Coil Kit V4
  • Silicon Rubber Case for Jigs, awesome accessory
  • T-Style Hex Screwdriver – 1.25 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm
  • Flush Wire Cutters
  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Folding Scissors – Stainless Steel
  • Phillips Screwdriver – Pen-Style
  • Flathead Screwdriver – Pen-Style
  • Ceramic Tweezers
  • Elbow Tweezers
  • Kanthal A1 Wire Spool – 24 GA – 10 Feet
  • Japanese Organic Cotton

the complete diy coil building kit by coilmaster v3

Price: $48.95 with free shipping offer

Why Are These The Best Vape Coil DIY Kits?

These have been narrowed down to the two best vape coil DIY kits for two reasons. One, they are proven products. Two, they break down your choice into two, basic options. Coilmaster is the best coil building kit and the Direct Vapor kit is the best kit at an economical price. You might see cheaper kits on Amazon or eBay, don’t trust them. Stick with one of these two choices to get everything you need and the quality you can actually rely on.

  • Both kits are proven commodities in the vaping community
  • Both come with extra tools and accessories that you will need at some point
  • These kits have ohm resistance meters that also serve as platforms for building
  • Both have quality cases
  • Each kit comes with coil wire and cotton wick
  • Coilmaster is regarded as the best in the industry
  • Direct Vapor coil building kit combines quality with a low price

This would be my suggestion to you. If you want to save $12 and you plan on being a casual coil builder, get the Direct Vapor coil making kit. If you like the owning the best, or if you want to seriously get into coil building, get the Coilmaster DIY V3 kit. These are two of the best coil building kits but if asked to rank them head to heat, it would be Coilmaster first, Direct Vapor kit second.

Power yet easy to use ecigs
powerful yet easy to use kits

The prices that we have listed above include shipping. I made the mistake of buying my Coilmaster DIY V3 kit at a vape shop a few months ago for $65. I should have waited and bought it from Direct Vapor because they have a low price guarantee and free shipping. Live and learn. Use the links above and get yourself a much better deal than I got.

Direct Vapor Best Value Coil Building Kit VS Coilmaster DIY V3

There are a couple of things separatings these kits from each other. They are both easy choices to rank as the best coil building kits for vapers but they each bring something different to the table. The biggest difference is probably the technology factor. With the Direct Vapor coil building kit, the ohms meter operates on two AA batteries. The Coilmaster 512 Tab Mini that comes in the DIY V3 kit operates on a single 18650 battery.

direct vapor and coilmaster have the tools to build your own coils

Both then Direct Vapor ohm meter and Coilmaster 512 Tab Mini serve well as the base to attach your atomizer deck to and work on. But the 512 Tab Mini is probably more accurate reading the ohms and has a lot more capabilities. Primarily, the ability to fire your atomizer in place. With the Direct Vapor kit, you will have to attach your atomizer deck to a mod to test fire the coil. A minor accommodation but a big edge to the Coilmaster kit nonetheless.

Coilmaster is thee name in the craft of coil construction. Direct Vapor has put together a full and complete kit that gives you bells and whistles on a budget. Both of these coil making kits are in a class of their own.

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Cheapest Coil Building Kit

The cheapest coil building kit that I came across is the Vandy Vape Essential Tool Kit being sold by Vapor DNA for $10. It does not come with any building supplies. It does not come with any ceramic tweezers. The Vandy Vape kit is a bare bones kit with three screwdrivers, scissors, cutters, needle-nose pliers and a carry case.

Vandy vape sells a great tool kit for coil building

I like to focus the attention on the best e-cigs, best tanks and products. But I also like to think about people on a tight budget and cheapskates. I fall into both of the latter categories! So even though the Vandy Vape Essential coil building kit is lacking, I want to let you know about it because it’s only $10. It is the cheapest coil building kit that is still decent quality.

I really do think you need to have ceramic tweezers. You can pick up some ceramic tweezers for $8 to $12. If you decide to go with the bare bones Vandy kit, please pick yourself up some ceramic tweezers, too.

Other Coil Building Accessories

The coil building accessories that you will need to continually replenish are your coil wire and wick. Organic Japanese cotton is the wick that you want. I get both my wick and coil from VaporFi. I know I will get highest level quality from VaporFi. The other reason that I buy from VaporFi is the rewards program. I get my e-juice from them, too, so I can use my rewards points for free stuff. Quality and free stuff rewards program. Winner, winner!

Vaporfi has kanthal a1 wire in 100 feet to build your own vaping coils

Every now and then I might get some wire and wick from Mt Baker Vapor. Sometimes they offer some crazy low prices. Direct Vapor is also a great place for supplies and accessories. Now that I have said all of that, there is one particular vape coil rebuilding accessory that I want to tell you about.

The other accessory that I want to tell you about because I love it, are the Coilmaster ceramic coiling sticks. You do get coiling sticks with the Coilmaster DIY V3 kit and they work awesome. But the ceramic sticks offer an extra level of luxury. I can leave the ceramic coil sticks in place in the center of the coil while I am testing the coils. If I need to rake or adjust the coil, the ceramic sticks stay in place and make adjustments easier in my humble view.

organic Japanese cotton is the best cotton for building coils

So I love these Coilmaster ceramic coil sticks to wrap my coils. They are a luxury, not a necessity, but I totally wanted to tell you about them in case you like a little luxury, too!

The Must Have Coil Building Accessory For The Aficionado

I can’t have an article about the best coil rebuilding kits without talking about the Coilmaster 521 Tab. This puppy launched 2 years ago and has been a huge success. People love it. 521 Tabs are hard for sellers to keep in stock they fly out the door so fast. What it is is the optimal platform and base for building your own coils. There is a large deck for your atomizer base, a precision ohms reader, you can test fire the coils, check voltage and more.

the coilmaster tab mini is great for checking resistance in ohms

The Coilmaster 521 Tab sells for $49.95 and once again we have the free shipping deal for you. You do get the Coilmaster 521 Tab Mini with the DIY V3 kit. And like I said that is one of the reasons why the DIY V3 is my best rates coil making kit. The full-sized 521 Tab also works on a single 186560 battery and it has a larger surface to work on, and a few more bells and whistles.

Building Your First Vape Coil

we tell you how to start building your first coils

For building your first vape coil we want to keep it simple. Let’s just get the first one under our belts before going all MacGyver. This will be a recipe for a very basic sub ohm vape coil with a resistance in the range of 0.8 ohms. This is a lot of steps but don’t be intimidated. If I can do it, anyone can. This process is also much easier when you have one of the best coil building kits. You will have the right tools for each step.

  • Connect atomizer deck to the oHm reader or 521 Mini Tab
  • Cut 6 to 7 inches of 24 gauge coil wire
  • Later, you will use less but at first, let’s make sure we have plenty
  • Select at least a 25 mm diameter coil stick
  • Later, you will probably use smaller diameters
  • Insert the coil stick into the Coilmaster coil tool or the Direct Vapor coil jig
  • Make 6 complete wraps
  • Leave the jig in place to protect the coil structure
  • Insert each lead wire into a post on your atomizer deck
  • Position the coil evenly between the posts
  • Tighten down the posts
  • Snip off excess wire coming from each post
  • If you have the ceramic coiling sticks, leave in place
  • If you have metal coil sticks, remove them now

Testing Vape Coils

it is always best to test your coils before firing them up

  • Turn on the Coilmaster 521 tab
  • If you have the Direct Vapor coil builder’s kit, remove the atomizer deck and attach it to a mod
  • Fire the atomizer with a few short bursts
  • Fire the atomizer and hold for 2 seconds
  • Look for the coil to glow orange evenly
  • If you see spots that are not glowing, pinch the area with ceramic tweezers
  • Try and get the spacing equal all the way across the 8 wraps of coil
  • It may take some pinching and raking but you will eventually get an even glow
  • Note your atomizer resistance, probably about 0.8 ohms
  • After you get your coils heating evenly, turn off your power source
  • Go do something else for 20 minutes while your coils cool down
  • When you come back you will be ready to wick your coil

Wicking Your Coils

wicking vaping coils the right way to get the best flavor

  • Cut an inch and a half length of cotton
  • You want enough thickness so if fits firmly inside your coil
  • If the cotton slides easily back and forth, you need more wick
  • Use the tweezers on the coil building kit to push the cotton through the coil
  • Trim the ends of the cotton so it will fit within the diameter of your atomizer deck
  • Place several drops of e-liquid on the cotton
  • You want your cotton to be saturated
  • After wicking, fire your coils to make sure they still heat evenly
  • Sometimes wicking can alter the coil a little
  • Assemble the atomizer deck to the RBA, RTA or chosen device
  • We’re done, vape and refill and replace as necessary

That’s all! The vaping performance and flavor will be your guides to knowing when it is time for a new wick and new coils. Eventually, the coil will become gummed up and it will be time to wrap a new one. You are going to find your own methods and techniques. The main thing I want to convey is that your methods and techniques will be very much enhanced by having the right tools for the right job. That’s why we are telling you about the best coil building kits. They come with everything, they are not that expensive considering all you get, and they make the rebuilding process more enjoyable.

voltage and resistance chart to build the best vaping coils

One last thing that I want to leave you with is a sub ohm vape chart for coil builders. The chart indicates the wattage settings that are in the safe vaping range for any given atomizer resistance. For example, a 1.5-ohm coil build can be vaped at about 6.8 watts to 8.7 watts. This chart serves as a general guideline. Hope it helps and thanks for visiting Expert Vaping! Please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and please share this post.