With the focus of ejuice shifting to the possible benefits, we’ve assembled the best CBD vape juice for a closer look at the brands dominating the supplemental vapor market. Cannabidiol e-juice makers are clamoring to offer a superior product. Often, healthy competition can push companies to crank out exceptional offerings.

Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice – 99% Pure CBD In Delicious Flavors

Koi CBD voted #1 CBD Vape Juice
Koi CBD voted #1 CBD Vape Juice

From their humble beginnings, Hot Juice CBD has emerged as a top vape juice brand offering the world some of the best eliquid infused with hemp derived cannabidiol available. As they are primarily an ejuice brand, their range of holistically named CBD vape juice flavors is about the tastiest we’ve had the chance to vape. In fact, with an impressive range of dosages offered for a broad range of their vape flavors, Hot Juice brand eliquid offers one of the broadest selections of CBD vape juice on the market in memorable and familiar flavors we absolutely love.

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In addition, Hot Juice offers balanced blends of poignant delicious flavor combined with satisfying clouds of 99% pure CBD isolate in every consistently wonderful puff. Uniquely, they allow users to select a combination of 70/30 PG/VG or 70/30 VG/PG in every bottle of their incredible CBD ejuice. Essentially, you are given the opportunity to choose whether you prefer to taste the highlights of the ambrosial flavor combinations, or a balanced blend that is created to maximize vapor production.

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Honestly, it’s rare to find this many personalized and custom CBD vape juice options anywhere and from the first vape, we immediately understood that Hot Juice was a company who not only believed in their product but possessed the desire to set themselves apart from the competition by crafting what may be the best CBD eliquid ever created. Like many of the CBD vape makers dominating the market, Hot Juice sources their hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate from approved sources that make it legal to purchase and use in all 50 states.

With flavors like Pineapple Tranquility and Swedish Bliss (which tastes like Swedish Fish gummy candy), each bottle of Hot Juice CBD is an actual bottle of vape juice carefully blended with the perfect amounts of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for a fulfilling, flavorful vapor in every draw. It’s not a CBD vape oil, it’s a true premium eliquid infused with some of the purest and responsibly extracted cannabidiol available in dosages up to an unbelievable 5000mg. While there are plenty of CBD vape companies making big promises, few have been able to deliver the intensity, balanced dosage and mouthwatering flavors that Hot Juice has achieved.

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  • Available in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg!
  • 70/30 PG/VG blend for discreet vapor or 70/30 VG/PG blend for heavenly clouds
  • 30ml dropper bottles perfect for filling sub ohm vape tanks and CBD vape pens
  • 99% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate contains no THC
  • Legal in all 50 states due to its farming, processing and extraction techniques

Diamond CBD eLiquid – A Reputable Company To Buy From

Diamond CBD
Diamond CBD

With a team that includes scientists and doctors, Diamond CBD sources their cannabidiol from organically-grown non-GMO hemp plants cultivated on farms in Colorado, Kentucky and Scandinavia. Diamond CBD has one of the most impressive selections of cannabidiol products specifically for vaping. They offer single use CBD vape pens, replacement CBD eliquid cartridges for your vape pen and a wide range of flavored CBD e-liquid.

The CBD vape juice offered by Diamond is offered as an unflavored additive, which can be frustrating for vapers who aren’t interested in keeping two components for a singular use. This effectively gives users more personalization as far as flavor and CBD potency. Where their lack of integrated flavors falter, their CBD dosage options are more varied.  However, it is also available in a limited variety of flavors with their Relax Liquid line which comes in Strawberry and Jungle Juice flavors in 12ml bottles.

Users are able to select measurements of effective max strength CBD per bottle that start from 1ml and range up to 16ml. Through a process of CO2 hemp supercritical extraction, which is largely considered the gentlest approach to isolating the properties and attributes of CBD that are considered effective, Diamond is able to offer users an incredibly clean product. As a result, we found Diamond CBD e-liquid to be very mellow in initial experience (though we did add the unflavored CBD juice to our own preferred flavors).

All Diamond CBD products are made in the USA and they are committed to producing the highest quality CBD ejuices that take their active attributes directly from the industrial hemp they source it from. While we only tested a small range of unflavored Diamond products, we found them to provide the quality and intensity we had hoped for in a stand-alone CBD additive without flavoring. If you’re looking for a solid dose of cannabidiol to try out in your own flavor, Diamond may be the best CBD vape juice for fulfilling your CBD needs.

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  • Available in 1ml, 5ml, 12ml, and 16ml CBD concentrations
  • 100% natural CBD CO2 extracted from industrial hemp
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Offered in unflavored CBD terpene vape additive, Strawberry, Watermelon and Jungle Juice flavors
  • Sold in 20g, 30g, 50g and 60g dripper bottle sizes

Hemp Bombs – Nominated As The Best CBD Vape Juice Brand

Hemp Bombs
Hemp Bombs

As one of the most popular CBD juce brands producing a massive range of products as well as maximum potency, Hemp Bombs has emerged as an important name in consumer cannabinoids. They have carved out a name for themselves as an outstanding source for some of the best CBD eliquid in the industry. All of their products contain a 99% pure hemp isolate that are completely THC-free.

Hemp Bombs sources their CBD from EU-certified organic hemp and they pride themselves on the origins being from sustainable farmlands with environmental consciousness at the forefront of the production practices. While they are headquartered across the pond in England, all of their CBD infused vape juice are inspected by experts who are based in the US and legal in all 50 states. While Hemp Bombs states that their flavored CBD ejuice can be taken orally as a supplement because of its food-grade ingredients, they stress that it is designed to be optimally used as a vapor being that they contain both VG and PG as well as flavoring.

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With that in mind, Hemp Bombs CBD ejuice comes in eleven delicious flavors, of which we thoroughly enjoyed the Crisp Honeydew Melon, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl and Exotic Watermelon Kush. Additionally, it’s available in a range of CBD dosages from 75mg up to 4000mg for their 120ml bottle. Though we felt it important to mention that the 120ml bottle is essentially just two 60ml bottles of the 2000mg potency in a single container, not exactly a higher dosage than the smaller bottle. It’s confusing, as much of the CBD industry can be, we know.

However, the end result was that we found Hemp Bombs flavored CBD e-liquid to be incredibly tasty and satisfying in both flavor intensity and cannabidiol strength. Unlike other varieties we tested, we went straight for the flavors rather than the regular because they sounded so delectable, and they truly were. For a range of tasty flavors with powerful doses of CBD in every drop, Hemp Bombs is a sure thing for nearly pure CBD potency in every puff. Without a doubt, we believe they’re the best CBD ejuice brand and we highly recommend you give them a try.

CBD infused vape juice not what your looking for? Check out our list of recommended brands we think carry the best nicotine based vape juice.

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Product Details

  • Our favorite flavors include Sonata Cavendish Tobacco, Jazz American Blend, and Solo Menthol Blend one of the most authentic menthol tobacco tastes we’ve ever tried
  • All flavors are 50/50 VG/PG blend
  • Nicotine dosages available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg
  • Flavors naturally extracted from actual tobacco growth and curing