Since the invention of the vape mod, an abundance of companies, models and devices have saturated the market. Finding a section of the best box mods for your vaping needs requires research, review and hands-on experience. However, along with a flood of options corresponding to preference, it’s helpful to have an idea of what other users are happy with and why.

We compiled a list of the most impressively designed and seamlessly functional devices to help narrow your search for the box mod that’ll suite you best. If you’re looking for a short list of all-star vape devices, these are our nominees. You get to select the winner.

Mig Vapor WTF Target Mini – A Cute Device That’ll Definitely Deliver On Its Promises

Mig Vapor Wtf Target Mini Comes in Red and Black
The Mig Vapor Wtf Target Mini passed all of our tests

Possibly the stealthiest box mod available, the WTF Target Mini puts incredible vapor output in the size of a pocket multi-tool. This is apt considering all the functionality they stuff into a vape mod smaller than the palm of your hand. The Target Mini is so compact and lightweight you may forget it’s there. That is, if you can keep yourself from using it.

The button cluster is incredibly intuitive, newer vapers would not have a difficult time navigating through its impressive functionality. Easily toggle through temperature control modes including optimized nickel, stainless steel and titanium coil coefficients and 2 customizable TCR settings. In TC mode, the Target Mini vapes coil resistances from 0.1 to 1.0 ohms at ten-degree increments of 200 to 600F. MigVapor went the extra mile to make this a flagship product.

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Variable wattage is adjustable between 5 and 40 watts and will vape 0.15 to 5.0 ohms. Even in VW mode, the built-in 1400 mAh 18650 battery provides extensive power for a full day of consistent vaping. The device is USB rechargeable and displays the percentage of battery strength while plugged in.

The OLED screen is just shy of 0.5 inches and displays real time stats on wattage, battery, resistance and voltage. This vape mod has incredibly responsive firing and vapor delivery. The Mig Vapor WTF Target Mini design is perfectly contoured for the palm of your hand. Additionally, an added stability pad makes firing extremely tactile either with your index finger or thumb. The Target Mini vape mod is as perfect for stealthy vaping and is as easy to use as it is to conceal.

orange and green button


  • Massive functionality in an incredibly compact design
  • 5-40 watt VW mode with coils from 0.15-5.0ohm
  • TC mode includes 2 TCR settings from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit with coils between 0.1-1.0ohm
  • Built-in 18650 battery is USB rechargeable
  • Near ½-inch display is easy to use
  • Responsive button cluster delivers immediate vapor
  • Locking button feature keeps settings in place and prevents accidental firing of device
  • Channels designed in the 510 connector platform for maximum airflow

Halo Cigs Reactor Mega 80-watt TC – A Cheap Introductory Box Mod

Halo Reactor Mega is a powerhouse unit
The Halo Reactor Mega is silver

This compact box mod from Halo Cigs delivers a lot of power in a small package. With an impressive range of settings and coil options, the Reactor Mega is a discreet box mod that still retains massive functionality. An understated powerhouse, this little thing pumps out satisfying vapor and intense flavor which makes it one of the best box mods for the price.

Miraculous mode options for the Reactor Mega TC box mod include temperature control, variable wattage, bypass mode and 3 customizable preset banks. It will draw 0.05 to 1.5 ohm coils in TCR mode and 0.1 to 3.5 ohm in VW mode. The Mega has a smart mode which automatically selects optimized power, resistance and temperature levels based on the coil fitted.


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Vape tanks attach via a spring-loaded, floating 510 connector. This allows the Reactor Mega to pair with a stockpile of coil and tank options. These include Ni, Ti, SS and applicable Triton and Atlantis coils.

This Halo Cigs box mod has a range of built-in protections including overheat, over charge, and dual circuit protections. It’s built-in 5000 mAh battery is able of cranking an impressive 80 watts out of a sparse, sleek, low-profile box mod. A large OLED display shows stats on vaping settings including coil type, wattage, ohms and battery life indicator.

Button cluster arrangement is easy to use including a central toggle to switch modes. The battery is built into the device, however, the Mega can be recharged via its included USB cable. It comes in a number of colorways including brushed stainless, bronze, woodgrain and white.

orange and green button


  • Maximum 80 watts
  • Temperature control (.05 to 1.5ohm), variable wattage (0.1 to 3.5ohm), bypass mode and smart mode automatic coil detection
  • Upgradeable firmware including the option to customize the massive display screen
  • Easy-to-use, tactile button cluster and range of presets to optimize coils
  • 3 customizable TCR settings
  • Wide range of applicable coil options
  • Built-in rechargeable 5000 mAh 18650 battery

V2 Cigs Series 7 – A 3 in 1 Vaporizer for eLiquid, Dry Herb and Wax

The V2 Series 7 has triple features
The V2 Series 7 comes in blue, silver and black

Tho it’s not really a box mod, for beginners looking to jump into cannabis vaping with a serious upgrade that doesn’t require them to invest in a heavy piece of vaping machinery, the V2 Series 7 is a championship unit with the capability to vaporizer dry herb, wax and eliquid. Small enough to fit into a user’s hand like a roll of half-dollars, this 3-in-1 portable vaporizer rests at the ready like a joystick ready to shift you into high vapor mode.

Though it’s a bit bigger than the Series 3 from V2 Cigs, the Series 7’s slim, minimal design with easy to change magnetic cartridges will keep you vaping steadily without any unnecessarily complicated operations designed for advanced users. The Series 7 has variable voltage in three different settings 3.7v, 4.2v and 4.7v, each level created specifically to vape a different material. Where some complicated vaporizers take forever to charge and their batteries don’t perform by comparison, the Series 7 vape mod redeems them. This unit comes standard with a proprietary charging unit that attaches magnetically and the internally built 1800 mAh battery fires continuously without fail for hours on end.

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V2’s Series 7 truly is a three-part dynamo of outstanding functionality. With its solid power output, low-profile design and range of included accessories to get users started, it delivers the best of everything for a smaller investment than most high-wattage vape mods.

Though it’s max wattage is 4.7 volts, it does tend to perform longer at its lower settings which isn’t surprising. What is surprising however, is how much vapor this little compact 3-in-1 vaporizer jets out. Even with it’s modest power offering, the Series7 is able to vape impressive clouds especially when heating dry herbs and concentrates. Users have reported both positive flavor integrity and dense vapor with all three operational modes.

While the best of both worlds is tough to achieve, especially in such a small package, the Series 7 from V2 is the perfect intersection of form, function and flavor. If you’re just starting out with vaping and you’re still not completely sure if you want to vape cannabis, wax, oil or vape juice, this is the ideal device to get you started with all of them. And at a modest price point compared to other 3-in-1 vaporizers, you can’t do much better than the Series 7.

orange and green button


  • Long battery life for a 3-in1 vaporizer
  • Rechargeable, built in 1800 mAh battery
  • Magnetic, proprietary USB charging cable
  • Standard kit includes magnetic cartridges for both dry herb and e liquid (wax and concentrate cartridge sold separately)
  • Impressive range of temperature and voltage settings for a 3-in-1 vaporizer
  • Variable voltage settings at 3.7v, 4.2v, and 4.7 volts.
  • Available with a blue, black or stainless-steel finish
  • Adjustable temperature ranges of 390F, 415F or 440Fahrenheit depending on what material you’re vaping
  • Impressive range of accessories for different kinds of vaping (sold separately)

Apollo Cigs Solare DNA 75 TC – An Affordable Box Mod

Apollo Solare Dna has a big LCD screen
The Apollo Solare Dna 75 comes in many colors

A touch of class on every finish, the Solare DNA 75 by Apollo is an impeccably designed compact box mod. The Apollo Solare DNA 75 TC is truly a gift from the gods meeting every objective for the vaping connoisseur. The range of modes and functions make it one of the best box mods for intermediate ecig users.

However, it’s the details of this popular vape mod that are what set it apart from the rest. The multi-color LED display makes it easy to toggle between TCR and variable wattage modes. It’s able to vape a broad spectrum of coil wire composites in TC mode. These include Ni200, Ti, stainless steel, and future temperature readable coil options. The Solare box mod is compatible with kanthal and other wires that aren’t TC compatible in VW mode.

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This beautiful box mod can be powered by EITHER a 26650 OR 18650 battery (it comes with an adapter sleeve). The batteries (which are sold separately) can be charged externally or via USB. Additionally, the device can be used as a pass-through while charging. For a 75-watt power vape mod with a color LED screen, the battery provides sufficient power to keep this cloud maker puffing away for most of the day.

Each box mod comes with a unique, artful, swirling paint resin finish in five combinations. It’s button cluster setup and screen are easy to navigate through for newer users. A locking function ensures settings aren’t changed in a pocket or bag accidentally. The Solare DNA 75 TC features the EVOLV DNA 75 chipset, the top of the line technology offered by Apollo. This chip comes with the EScribe software.

Escribe allows the Solare to be programmed onboard in the field. In addition it offers impressive features such as preheat. This sends a bolt of heated energy to the coils as soon as the fire button is pressed. The Apollo Solare is a bolt of boxed lightning from Mount Olympus sent to produce big vapor and turn heads.

orange and green button


  • Variable wattage up to 75 watts
  • Temperature control/ TCR modes from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Able to optimize a range of coils including but not limited to nickel, titanium stainless steel and kanthal
  • Impressive multicolor LED display with upgradeable firmware and onboard customization
  • Able to vape coils with ohms as low as 0.06ohm
  • Runs on either 18650 and 26650 battery options
  • Able to be used as a pass-through while charging
  • Color options including Cream & Raspberry, Green & Red, Lime Green & Yellow, Red & Blue and White & Blue

Smok Alien 220 Watt TC – Among The Best Box Mods For 2020

The Smok Alien 220w is the most searched mod in America
The Smok Alien 220w is a black and red mod

With other-worldly technology, it’s no wonder why the Smok Alien vape mods is one of the best-selling box mods available in 2020. Slim, simple, and feature-rich, this device is as aesthetically beautiful as it is functional. Taking a sleek design and filling it with an impressive 220 watts, this box mod possesses functionality from beyond the stars.

The Smok Alien delivers out of this world vapor to your fingertips powered by two 18650 high-drain removable batteries (sold separately). This vape mod produces some of the most nebulous clouds of vapor known in the vaping galaxy. Its ergonomic design makes it as perfect for space travel as it does for everyday use.

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The Alien 220w box mod is able to optimize a variety of coils including nickel, titanium and stainless steel in TC mode. It vapes UVAs (Unidentified Vaping Atomizers) with a resistance range of 0.06 to 3.0 ohm. Variable wattage mode can handle coils from 0.1 to 3.0 ohm at power levels from 6 to max 220 watts.

For all the power and functionality, the Alien 200 is still an ideal unit for vaping on the go. Its impressively large OLED screen allows users to easily switch between TC, VW, and 22 programmable memory presets; yes 22. The dual 18650 batteries offer an unbelievable amount of puffs before the dual 18650 batteries need to be recharged. That said, they can either be taken out and charged externally, or internally via a USB port. Smok really went all out with this device.

The display shows real time temperature, wattage, battery health and optional puff counter/timer. The body itself comes in black or stainless with carbon fiber accents framed in black, bronze, red, stainless or red. For vapers looking for ability above the clouds, the Alien 220 is an extraterrestrial experience.

orange and green button


  • Massive 220-watt power output range
  • Easy-to-use, large OLED display
  • Temperature control and variable wattage mode
  • 22 custom memory settings
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Powered by 2 18650 removable batteries (not included)

Eleaf Aster 75w TC – This Vape Mod Will Definitely Suit Any Beginner

The Eleaf Aster is very oddly shaped
The Eleaf Aster comes in brown

A compact monolith of vapor, the Aster 75w TC vape mod from Eleaf is a mini box mod with maxi functionality. This feature-rich pocket vape mod seamlessly combines personalization and portability. Appropriately named, the Aster is sure to cause “a stir” among intermediate and advanced vapers alike.

The Aster 75w is as compact as it is customizable. This tiny tower of impressive vapor will crank out between 1 and 75 watts of fabulous flavor. Impressively, they fit a wealth of modes into its condensed carriage. Included are Temperature control, Variable Wattage, Bypass and a Smart mode for detectable coil composites.

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Additionally, there are three customizable TCR presets giving users a ton of functionality that’s easy to use and navigate. Users easily toggle through the selections of adjustable wattage, resistance or temperature modes. In TC mode, the Aster is able to vape Ni200, Ti and Stainless-Steel coils from 0.05 to 1.5ohm and in VW, Bypass and Smart modes from 0.1 to 3.5 ohm. The temperature ability is 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit, a competitive range for larger vape mods.

The Eleaf Aster 75w TC is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included). It produces an astounding volume of vapor for an impressive duration of charge. The Aster box mod comes with a USB charging cable for in-device use and firmware upgrades.

The most impressive aspect of this box mod is the responsive fire button, the margin of time between firing and massive vapor clouds is unmeasurable. As perfectly designed and discreet in a pair of jeans as it is in a suit jacket, this vape mod is a perfect representation of the evolution of mod technology. Eleaf has packed an unbelievable amount of features into a sleek, futuristic piece of vaping sculpture.

orange and green button


  • Variable wattage from 1 to 75 watts
  • Temperature control and TCR modes from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Able to utilize a range of preset coil options in TC mode including Ni, Ti, and SS
  • Spring-loaded 510 connector
  • Super compact, comfortable design
  • Vapes coils from 0.5-1.5ohm in TC mode and 0.1-3.5ohm in VW/Bypass/Smart modes
  • Available in Grey, black, white, deep pink, and brushed steel

Vaporfi Vex 150w TC – An All Around Great Box Mod For Beginners

The Vaporfi Vex 150 Tc is a beast of a mod!
The Vaporfi Vex 150 is a temperature controlled Mod

There’s no confusion about why the Vex 150w box mod is one of the best box mods for the value. Compact, yet powerful, this sleek vape unit is capable of vaping temperatures between 200 and 600F at 150 watts. With the Vex 150w box mod from VaporFi, they really put customization in the palm of your hand.

This vape mod boasts an abundance of options for personalized vaping. Its abilities include temperature control modes, variable wattage and custom resistance in TCR mode. It comes with presets designed to optimize Ni200, titanium, and stainless-steel atomizer coils. Additionally, it will automatically detect the best preset for an unspecified coil material and resistance.

A sizeable, 0.96 OLED display makes every detail easy to read and easy to adjust. It reads real time vaping settings including wattage, temperature, voltage and charge icons for each of its 18650 batteries. In addition, an amperage setting is able to be changed to a puff counter or timer.

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Temperature control mode will vape coils ranging from 0.05 to 1.5 ohm. Variable wattage mode will utilize coil resistances between 0.01 and 3.5 ohm. It features extras such as stealth mode, and 3 TCR presets. The durable body of the Vex comes in black or stainless steel. However, silicone cases are sold separately in a range of color options including black, clear, blue, pink, red and green.

The Vapor Fi Vex 150w box mod comes with a bunch of standard safety features including over discharge, over-current and reverse polarity protections. Battery access door is spring-loaded and fits snugly. It can be charged via an included USB cable when an external charger is unavailable. Incredibly, this box mod operates as a pass-through as well. Not only do you never have to put it down, you may never want to.

The Vex 150w tc box mod comes with a bunch of standard safety features including over discharge, over-current and reverse polarity protections. Battery access door is spring-loaded and fits snugly. It can be charged via an included USB cable when an external charger is unavailable. Incredibly, this box mod operates as a pass-through as well. Not only do you never have to put it down, you may never want to.

orange and green button


  • Maximum 150 watts
  • Intuitive temperature control and variable wattage modes
  • Able to vape a range of coil materials 0.05-1.5 ohm in TC and 0.01- 3.5 ohm in VW mode
  • Includes an automatic coil detection function
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Powered by 2- 18650 high-drain batteries (sold separately) that can be charged with included micro USB cable

VaporFi Vox 80 TC – One Of The Best Selling Box Mods Available in 2020

The Vaporfi Vox 80 Tc is the highest rated mod
The Vaporfi Vox 80 can go up to 80 watts

Among the best of VaporFi’s box mods is the the Vox 80 TC which provides the simplicity of full functionality in an elegant device. With adjustable and customizable features this vape unit is available in black or stainless. In addition, The Vox 80 box mod is offered with optional silicone protective skins in colors including black, blue, red, pink, green and clear.

With easily toggled temperature control, this slim yet robust box mod will vape both Ni200 and stainless-steel coils. Including three customizable TCR settings it will vape coils in the 0.05 to 1.5 ohm resistance range. Its variable wattage feature will vape between 0.1 and 3.5 ohm coils. Additionally, bypass mode at max 80 watts will optimize coils as low as 0.5ohm.

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A massive 0.96 OLED display shows wattage, resistance, amps, voltage and battery life. In addition, displays an internally programmable clock feature that includes the date. Active button lock features ensure no accidental setting adjustments or firing. Integrated protection suites include a low battery cut off to keep the battery from dangerously low levels.

A built-in 4000 mAh Li Po battery is USB rechargeable and delivers hours of high-wattage vaping. The charging port placement is right in line with the button cluster and screen. This makes the Vox 80 the best box mod for pass-through vaping while the battery is charging. This TC box mod is perfect for vapers looking for a serious upgrade of fulfilling features in a sleek design.

orange and green button


  • 80-watt variable wattage mode range uses coils from 0.1-3.5ohm
  • Temperature control and 3 preset TCR modes vape between 0.05-1.5ohm including Ni200 and SS atomizers
  • Bypass mode vapes 0.5-3.5 resistance atomizers at 80 watts
  • Built-in 4000 mAh Li Po battery is USB rechargeable and is pass-through vapeable
  • Massive 0.96 display
  • Internal clock includes date and time settings

Kangertech Dripbox – A Sleek and Elegant Vape Mod That’s Affordable

Kanger Dripbox is popular
The Kanger Dripbox is from China

The Dripbox box mod from Kangertech is the perfect device for users who want to think outside the tank. This bottom-feeding vape mod comes standard with a 7ml squonk bottle to keep drippers vaping full flavor and vapor all day. Whether you’re looking for an introductory drip deck with a one-handed ability for driving or using your phone, this is the most affordable solution!

Kanger has combined the simplicity of an all-in-one vape mod and the complexities of a drip mod to offer a compact, easy-to-use box mod that delivers impressive flavors and massive vapor. For vapers without the mechanical know-how to build their own drip decks, Kangertech offers pre-built replacement decks that are modular and thread on to the spring loaded 510 connector. The Subdrip RDA atomizer tank is specifically designed as part of the Dripbox system. However, users can connect any applicable squonking tank to this box mod.

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A built-in bottom-filling squeeze vape tank, or squonk keeps the 0.2 ohm coils firing big vapor clouds all day long. A single 18650 battery (not included) is the power source for the Dripbox. This battery is easily replaced or swapped by removing the knurled cap at the base. Squonk bottles are even easier to swap and held in place with a magnetic support cover. This box mod is available in red, black and white and vapes at an impressive 60 watts!

It’s USB rechargeable, and since there is no screen or fine tuning, there is no firmware to upgrade. While this can be disappointing for many experienced vapers, it makes this device ideal for newer users interested in giving dripping and squonking a try. This sleek, compact box mod is capable of massive cloud production and intense flavor at an affordable price.

orange and green button


  • 60 watt device
  • Single replaceable 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Affordable, easy-to-use design perfect for novice vapers
  • Built in squonk ensures users always get the perfect amount of juice on the coils
  • Battery and squonk access are easily accessible through magnetic access door

Eleaf iStick Pico 75w TC – A Stylish But Powerful Mod For Both Genders

the Eleaf Istick Pico 75w is very sought after
The Eleaf Istick Pico 75w is Pink

Eleaf has perfected the compact box mod in the iStick Pico 75-watt temperature control model. The design maximizes space, function, and user interface with an extended battery cap that sits atop the mod deck beside the 510 connector. A wealth of settings are included such as variable wattage, TCR temperature control, stealth, and locking modes. As a result, the 75 watt version of the Pico is one of the most tactile compact vape mods available.

In Temperature Control or any of the three customizable TCR settings, the Pico 75 vapes a resistance range from 0.5 to 1.5 ohms. Its variable wattage mode will vape power settings from 1 to 75 watts and coil resistances from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms. The temperature range is the standard 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The 75-watt iStick Pico vape mod is USB rechargeable and powered by a single 18650 removable battery (sold separately). Additionally, using the Pico as a pass-through it can be used while plugged in for charging. However, unique to the Pico, the battery is top-loading via the aforementioned extended battery cap. This makes this box as compact as possible without downsizing to a smaller battery. In fact, the fire button is the only one that appears on the body of the mod to streamline functionality and design.

The hidden + and – mode buttons are recessed into the base plate of the Pico 75w TC. An easily readable OLED screen displays wattage, resistance, voltage, amps, battery life and puff counter. The modes are easy to toggle through by pressing the fire button three times and scrolling using the up and down buttons on the base.

It’s USB rechargeable, and since there is no screen or fine tuning, there is no firmware to upgrade. While this can be disappointing for many experienced vapers, it makes this device ideal for newer users interested in giving dripping and squonking a try. This sleek, compact box mod is capable of massive cloud production and intense flavor at an affordable price.

Not interested any of these box mods? Check out our vape reviews section to see if there’s something else that suits you.

orange and green button


  • 75 variable wattage mod able to vape coil resistances from 0.1-3.5ohm
  • Temperature control mode vapes resistances between 0.5-1.5ohm
  • Three customizable TCR presets
  • Recessed +/- buttons on the base for an uncluttered body
  • Sizeable OLED screen
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Powered by a single 18650 removable battery (not included)
  • Able to vape as a pass through