Beginning with the obvious, we know that smokers do indeed have a less harmful option but what are the other benefits of electronic cigarettes?

Vapers, you are leading a cultural revolution!  Stand tall and enjoy your well-deserved status as trendsetters.  Shout it out!

When you let everyone know about all of the benefits of making the switch away from smoky toxicity – you are engaging in positive publicity!  And with that last sentence, you see the first benefit of vaping, you are suddenly able to rhyme better.  Okay, maybe better rhyming is a stretch, but there are plenty of obvious benefits. So what did we do?

We made a list of the benefits that come with using e-cigs.

The benefits of giving up cigarettes and switching to vapor are numerous, the most important of which is considerable improvements to you health and social life.

The first benefit to using e-cigs on our list involves restaurants, travel, investments, IRA accounts, college funds etc etc etc.  making the switch you will have more money to do all of these things and more.

E cigarettes offer smokers a substantial savings versus the cost of tobacco.  Even if you buy cigarettes by the carton from a guy who knows a guy whose cousin works at a tobacco warehouse, you will pay far more for tobacco than you will for ecigs.  An ecig cartomizer cartridge costs an average of  $2.23 and is the equivalent of more than a pack of cigarettes.  This comparison is no contest.

Imagine if everyone made the switch to e-cigs.

If you look up the statistic, the majority of detritus found on streets and beaches are littered cigarette butts left behind.

Time for a conversational side note, have you ever seen those storm drains that say “all drains lead to the ocean?”  Imagine all of the cigarette butts that wash out to sea every day.  When you save money with ecigs and go to a nice restaurant and choose the salmon, you will never again have to think about how many cigarette butts your salmon swallowed prior to its capture.  In fact, probably better to stop thinking about that now.  Ecigs equal cleaner oceans. Talk about being optimistic eh?  Moving on.

Okay, first we covered the substantial savings.  Next and also obvious is the cessation of smoky odor.  Tobacco stinks.  Breath mints and hand sanitizer only go so far.  If you smoke, everyone around you will know it.  Ecigs solve this problem.  There is no odor, no bad breath and no smelly tobacco fingers. Your family and colleagues will potentially love you slightly more than they do now.

Along with the odor reduction, there is also toxicity reduction.  After making the switch to ecigs, you will not have to worry about where that wafting second hand smoke cloud may end up and who else may have to breathe it.  Society will potentially love you slightly more than it does now.

Next benefit of electronic cigarettes? No fire required.

The most significant difference between vaping and cigarettes is the use of heat over burning, while e-cigs warm liquid they do not burn any material.

You will not need matches or lighters nor will you, in a moment of desperation, have to put your eyebrows at risk by using a gas stove to light your cigarette.  You are not burning anything.  If you fall asleep with an ecig in your hand your house will still be there when you wake up.  Oh, and you will wake up which is also good.

There are far less fire hazards.  Firefighters and Dalmatians will not have to be called to needless emergencies.  Yes, firefighters, and Dalmations, will potentially love you slightly more.

On to the next benefit, your social life will improve….

With the powerful odor, anti-social nature and detrimental health risks surrounding cigarettes are slowly replaced by vaping, it is likely you will see your social and love life improve considerably.

During breaks at work you will be able to mingle with colleagues.  You will be able to keep up to speed on the latest gossip or whatever. Think about it,  remember that time that you asked someone how his girlfriend was doing only to end up in a teary-eyed moment as he explains last night’s messy break-up?  Well, had you been able to spend your break in the coffee room you would have already heard this from Jenny and simply avoided the whole disaster.

It goes on, during half time at the Super Bowl you might have had to go outside to smoke, if you had an e-cig,  instead you could have stayed in and explained the complicated quarterback rating system to everyone.  Your friends would have potentially loved you slightly more.

We have to talk about the main benefit of e-cigs.

The health benefits of vaping include the return of smell and test, end of cough and phlegm and longer life.

It is the number #1 benefit after all.  When you switch to ecigs, you will not be exposing yourself to the thousands of chemicals and assorted toxins that wreak so much havoc on our health.  You will feel better and look better.  Your body will absolutely love you much more. 😉