When you get into a four door sedan, your body automatically relaxes, you sit back into the seat a bit, you’re prepared for a cushy ride. Reflexively, a race car is built for speed, every piece of cushion, every amenity ripped out and gutted to boost performance. Our Augvape Druga Squonk review took a look at a stealth squonking kit to figure out if it deserves pole position on race day.

Obviously, quality vape mods come in all shapes, sizes, configurations with a broad range of functionality specifically for certain amounts and varieties of performance. However, squonk mods are a different kind of animal altogether by design. They blur the line between box mods and mech mods, as well as RDAs and tank atomizers. Squonks create this beautifully blended landscape that encompasses some of the most enchanting aspects of vaping.

In the world of squonking, users often find themselves making serious sacrifices, whether it’s an increase in size or battery capacity, squonk bottle reserve, or performance. However, throughout our Augvape Druga Squonk review, we found this bottom feeding vape starter kit to make very few concessions for a thoroughly impressive amount of vapor and flavor output. Bear in mind, the Druga RDA atomizer was already a successful endeavor when they decided to pair it with a squonk box as a kit.

As a result, Augvape created one of the simplest, most minimal and yet tactile pocket sized squonking vape kits ever with very little to break or malfunction. Understand, unregulated mods aren’t meant for new users and those that are interested in making the jump to RDAs and mech mods should properly educate themselves on the details of power and resistance coefficients, the difference between voltage and wattage, as well as Ohm’s law before picking up anything without any built-in protections or regulating chips. Though, if you’re ready to make the jump, there aren’t many squonkers that come standard with as outstanding an RDA as the Druga at such an affordable price.

Pedal to the Metal (Sort of) — Augvape Druga Squonk Review

One of the beautiful aspects of mechanical squonk mods is that there is only one speed, go! Essentially, every time we pressed the fire button during our Augvape Druga Squonk review,  we went from zero to maximum voltage in a second because there is no computer doing the work for you taking time to think and process what you’re telling it to do. It’s the different between an automatic transmission in a passenger car and manual shifting transmission in a formula one race car; as soon as it’s in gear, the engine fires up.

Like any high-performance machine, much of the impressive parts are under the hood, and in this case the motor sits on top of the mod. For those unfamiliar with the Druga RDA, this rebuildable dripper made waves when it was first released for its ability to function as either a single or a dual coil atomizer. However, it took some criticism for the extra airflow as well as certain build aspects like its “thumb screw” build posts which had low profile phillips head threading making it difficult to get purchase on with most screwdrivers and liable to strip over time.

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Following user response, Augvape fitted the new RDA with an ultem block to fit in the vape juice well to block off the secondary airflow port, as well as deeper screw threading to accommodate a full size screwdriver. In addition, they offered a wide range of anodized colors including red, blue, purple, and green among others. Conducting this Augvape Druga Squonk review reminded us of how simple and accessible the build deck was to use, and the knurled post screws are tall as well as easy to tighten down with your fingers to a point before using a screwdriver.

The dual airflow ports can be positioned directly in front of where the coils are positioned for perfect airflow directly over them, and it comes with a standard 510 atomizer pin if you want to use it as one of your top RDA vape tanks in rotation on a non-squonking vape mod. However, the Druga squonk mod itself is impressive in both it’s lightweight simplicity and the overall performance. The attached squonk bottle is able to hold up to 5ml of vape juice and feeds into an attached tube which flexes a bit in the battery chamber as Augvape did everything they could to minimize the overall size of this squonking vape kit.


  • Mechanical Druga squonk mod is powered by single 18650 vape battery (not included)
  • Squonk bottle is able to hold up to 5ml of vape juice
  • Druga RDA can be built as dual or single coil atomizer and comes with ultem block to close off secondary airflow port
  • Comes with 510 pin to convert RDA to non-squonking dripper
  • Druga RDA is available in black, stainless steel, red, purple, blue, green, gunmetal or rainbow anodized finish

Augvape Druga Squonk Review Conclusion

Without a bunch of overbuilt or excessive features crammed into tight quarters, this handheld squonking vape kit is an outstanding value compared to larger variable voltage squonk kits like the USV Mach On3 vape kit. In fact, the end result of our Augvape Druga Squonk review found this to be simply a fun, lightweight travel squonk designed specifically for mobility and easy operation. Although there were some initial quirks and criticisms regarding the design and craftsmanship such as the squonk feed tube kinking slightly which could lead to degradation and eventual splitting or slicing, this little pocket squonker performing impressively well given how minimal the construction is.

Obviously, investing in an advanced squonker setup gives you a broader range of options regarding wattage and resistance adjustments, but those vapers moving from a simple mechanical mod and RDA pairing who just want an extra hand on the go without having to constantly drip vape juice on their coils will certainly appreciate what the Druga Squonk offers in functionality and vapor production. Bear in mind, we were already fairly fond of the Druga RDA when we decided the squonk kit warranted one of our full vape reviews. Truth be told, one of the reasons we weren’t disappointed had much to do with the fact that mechanical setups like this leave very little for users to be disappointed by.

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However, because of the slim profile and dropped scale of the squonk box, the bottle is much smaller than much of its competition and the 510 platform won’t accommodate many RDA vape tanks over 22mm without some amount of overhang. That said, we love the massive airflow available, the ability to build large atomizer coil configurations, the option to go single coil and the rubberized outer coating on the box mod itself which makes it feel both substantial and durable in your grip. Even though it’s not it is incredibly small and portable, by our standards it still ranked as one of the best mechanical mods for the money and every hit was satisfying and delivered impressive flavor from you eliquids.

Augvape is a name synonymous with some of the best high quality vape mods and RDA tanks. As such, we should have expected this one to perform on par with the standards they implement in the majority of devices in their popular product line. Overall, we were not disappointed by the confluence of quality, performance, functionality, and affordability which we found throughout our Augvape Druga Squonk review and would recommend this as a wonderful vape starter kit for users with existing experience enjoying building their own RDAs.