The next generation of the Atlantis subohm vape tank is here. The tank is named Evo, which is short for evolution. Naturally, we have an Aspire Atlantis Evo review to test and find out if the new features on this tank deliver as advertised. Aspire is making several claims about the capabilities of their new product. Well, here’s what Aspire is claiming about their new subohm tank.

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The Atlantis Evo is said to have better wicking based on changing the size and location of the juice ports on the coils. The claim is that these wider juice ports combined with a new, lower location allows more flow of Max VG eliquids while at the same time being leak proof. They also say that the new quad airflow design enhances vaping. We shall see!

The new Evo tank also has improved airflow ports which will be another benefit when using Max VG ejuice blends. So, ultimately, the Evo should be able to deliver huge vapor clouds. The next thing that the Evo is supposed to do is deliver an excellent flavor experience. Typically, when you use a Max VG ejuice, say 90% VG content or more, the flavor level is compromised because while VG makes a lot of vapor, it is not as good a carrier of flavor as PG. So if the new Aspire Evo really delivers as promised, it will would really fill a demand for a lot of subohm vapers when enjoying their favorite vg eliquids.

Brief History Of The Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Evo vape tank in stainless with matching atomizer coil.

The Original Aspire AtlantisBack in 2014, Aspire launched the revolutionary Aspire Nautilus. The BVC coils that came with with the original Nautilus were a true game changer. Then they followed up on that with the Atlantis and suddenly subohm cloud chasing was easy. The original Aspire Atlantis changed everything. Cloud chasers were limited to using unstable and often dangerous mech mods before the Atlantis vape tank came out. Whenever you hear about a vape mod catching fire, it is probably a mech mod or a clone. Mech mods are still popular with vaping aficionados but by no means do you need a mech mod to partake in advanced vaping. No anymore.

To cloud chase, vapers would have to use a mech mod with an RDA and build their own coils. The Aspire Atlantis changed all of that and advanced vaping overnight. The Aspire Atlantis allowed vapers to be able to get the huge clouds without any fuss. Not only that, the Atlantis made vaping more enjoyable, accessible and safer. Since the Atlantis, the vape tank industry has become perhaps the prime focus of the vaping industry.

Then they came out with the Aspire Cleito. The Cleito coils eliminated the need for a chimney in a vape tank. The coils are the chimney! All of the Aspire tanks have been huge hits and we fully expect the Evo to brings something new and exciting to the vaping landscape. That includes the new Evo coils, which are Claptons by the way, which represent another step forward in coil design. Aspire makes some of the best if not the best Clapton coils in the business. Now, on to the Aspire Atlantis Evo review.

Aspire Atlantis Evo Review

Aspire Atlantis Evo reservoir tank is top filling, mouthpiece is removed and the tank is filled from above without any detachment.

Does the Altantis Evo deliver as designed? Yes it does and then some. It delivers with a surprising twist that we will get to in a bit. Given that it is an Aspire product, obviously expectations were high. There is, however, two distinct types of vaping that you get. While testing for the Aspire Atlantis Evo review I found that each coil performed very differently. The real star, in my opinion, is the vaping the Aspire Evo with the newly designed 0.4 ohm atomizer coils.

For our Aspire Atlantis Evo review we actually received our Evo tank with a new Aspire kit with the NX 75 mod. We will do a separate review on the mod. For now we are focusing on the Aspire Evo tank itself. What are the Aspire Evo vape tank specs? I don’t know. Just kidding! The Evo tank itself is made of 100% stainless steel. It has a 510 connection and the rubber o-ring on the bottom of the tank is the thickest I have ever seen, hence the leak proof claim. The drip tip is Delrin. To be clear, the drip tip is more of  drip cap!

The Delrin tip is not a 510 drip tip. It is a hat shaped piece that fits at the top of the tank. But, you can also use 510 drip tips if you wish. With the Delrin drip tip cap in conjunction with the colorful heat dissipation cuff the drip tip remains nice and cool. The cuffs are a rubber cuff and also add a dash of color to the Atlantis Evo.

The airflow control is located at the base of the tank. The airflow holes are larger than on the Atlantis and cloud chasers will love the new, smooth airflow. Vapers can choose either a stainless or black finish on their Aspire Atlantis Evo tank.

Aspire Atlantic Evo Atomizer Coils

Aspire Atlantic Evo flow design pattern demonstrating the movement of vape clouds when in use.

There are two new atomizer coil options currently available for the Aspire Atlantis Evo. The new Atlantis Evo coils have much larger juice ports that previous Atlantis coils. The new juice ports on the Evo coils are twice the size of the Atlantis or Triton coils. As you can see in the image above, the juice ports are also positioned lower on the coil. The idea being that the wick will be able to better maintain saturation.

The 0.4 ohm coils do have one big difference from the 0.5 ohm coils. The 0.4 ohm coils have twice as much wick. If you look inside each coil you will notice the much thicker wick with the 0.4 ohm coils. The result is a distinctly different style of vaping with each coil. When you swap the 0.4 for the 0.5, or vice versa, you will totally change up the vaping experience.

The Evo coils are Kanthal Clapton coils. Vaping The Aspire Atlantis Evo 0.4 Ohm Coil. The 0.4 ohm coil is a cloud chasing coil with a very airy draw. The 0.4 ohm coil has the extra thick wick The vapor production is huge. Vaping the 0.5 ohm coil offers an enhanced flavor with a stiffer draw. You will also go through less ejuice with the 0.5 ohm atomizer coils. Each coil offers a very different vape and both are enjoyable. I really liked the 0.4 ohm coils with all that wick because of the massive vapor.

Using The Aspire Atlantis Evo

Now a very important point for our Aspire Atlantis Evo review. When you first insert a new coil, by all means prime the wick. But after you prime the wick, wait an additional 5 minutes once you install the coil into the tank before vaping. The reason is because all that wick needs some extra time to fully absorb into the organic Japanese cotton. I know, it’s hard to wait, but it will be worth it!

To fill the Evo tank with ejuice, accessing the top fill is pretty easy. If you are using the heat dissipation cuff, it is easier to refill if you take that off first along with the Delrin drip cap. If you are using your own 510 drip tip, it is a bit easier. You gently twist off the top and drip in fresh ejuice down the sides of the tank. There is ample room so the process is very quick and simple.

One thing that did stick out while testing for the Aspire Atlantis Evo review was how much juice it goes through! Of course we found the same with the Cleito vape tank but the Evo really goes through a lot of e-liquid. The flip side of that equation, of course, is that while it is going through juice it is making a lot of vapor. Really awesome vapor production. Honestly, the coil does seem to take some time to ‘break in’ but after a couple of refills by the third time the flavor catches up to the vapor and it is truly excellent sub-ohm vaping.

Aspire told us that the Evo tank is compatible with Atlantis and Triton coils. We did some testing for the Aspire Atlantis Evo review and found that yes indeed you can use Atlantis and Triton coils in the Evo and both work very well. I think that you will prefer using the new Evo coils simply because of the enhanced vaping. Although, you will go through more ejuice!

Aspire Atlantis Evo Kits

Aspire Atlantic Evo atomizer coil and reservoir tank in standard and extended kit size capacity.

There are two different versions of Aspire Atlantis Evo kits. For my Aspire Atlantis Evo review, I used the “standard” Evo kit. There is also an “Atlantis Evo Extended Kit” that comes with a 4 ml tank as opposed to the standard 2 ml tank. The extended kit requires an adapter that you attach to the top of the coil to compensate. The adapter assembly is pretty strait forward and looks easy to use. I am sure it will be high quality.

My only worry about the extended kit, and it may be unfounded, is that the extra distance between the coil and the drip tip might affect flavor sensation. This is speculation but we have seen a number of “flavor chaser” tanks recently and one thing that the flavor performing tanks seem to have in common is a wide, short pathway between the coils and the drip tip.

The standard kit is designed with a 2ml ejuice capacity making it compliant with the European Union TPD vaping regulations. The extra wick and new design ensures that the Evo tank is leak proof, also a TPD requirement. In the US, you will be able to get either kit including the extended kit that has a larger 4 ml ejuice capacity.

Clearly the advantage of the extended version is the extra ejuice capacity. When you are using the 0.4 ohm Atlantis Evo coil, you go through 2 ml of ejuice in short order! So I get the logic of offering a larger size tank. If any of you have tried the extended version of the Aspire Evo tank, I would be very interested in hearing your assessment of the flavor and vapor performance. You are always welcome to add comments below or contact us directly.

Vaping The Aspire Atlantis Evo

Aspire Atlantis Evo tank size specifications for standard and extended reservoir tank versions as well as mouthpiece dimensions.

In testing this puppy out for the Aspire Atlantis Evo review, I particularly enjoyed the quad airflow. The airflow is very smooth airflow even with the tightened draw with the 0.5 ohm coils or when using Triton or Atlantis coils. Speaking of coils, we do know that the Aspire Atlantis coils are compatible with the Evo tank and vice versa. At the same time, Aspire Evo coils are a totally new design. Thick wick, does it clog? Aspire says no. It never clogged on me and it sure never leaked! They say they have figured this out and they can use extra thick wick in conjunction with enhanced juice flow and airflow to create an ideal subohm, cloud chasing vape.

Another thing that I can say right now in my Aspire Atlantis Evo review is that this vape tank is built for the subohm vaper looking to max out their cloud production. Subohm vaping involves inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs vs standard MTL vaping which is when you draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling. This is called MTL vaping and is a more familiar experience for new vapers. The Evo is not the tank for you if you are new to vaping. For someone just transitioning to vapor, the Nautilus series of tanks would be the ideal.

New Vapers May Prefer The Nautilus X

Aspire Atlantic Evo atomizer coils come in 0.5 and 0.4 Ohm, or between 35 and 50 W depending on the model.

By the way, just a very quick word about the original Aspire Nautilus. The Nautilus X is an updated version of the original that Aspire has recently launched. I love the original Nautilus, as do many others, and I still use it. But if someone were just starting vaping now I would have to give the nod to the new Nautilus X tank. I did a full Aspire Nautilus X review and it is simply superb. Very easy to use, never leaks and consistently reliable and satisfying vapor.

Back to the matter at hand which is an Aspire Atlantis Evo review. This new tank promises to be a boon to the next level of subohm vaping. The new design to get even more out of super high VG eliquids and to max out the potential flavor in Max VG blends. Also, and this is what a lot of you want to hear, a new coil design that vaporizes more juice thus creating more vapor.

Wrap Up

Expert Vaping is recommending the Aspire Evo tank as it has performed excellent through all phases of testing for the Aspire Atlantis Evo review. It fills a niche for vapers who want more vapor. Here are the main plus points:

  • Larger juice ports give you a better performance for Max VG eliquids. Drippers enjoy Max VG because they can manually saturate the wick. The Evo’s larger juice ports allow for more wick saturation bringing the Evo tank into the performance range of an RDA.
  • Quad airflow leads to a very smooth, breezy draw.
  • Very easy to use top fill vape tank.
  • This tank does not leak!

That’s it for now! We have found the vendor that is offering the best price for an authentic Aspire Evo 75 kit. It is not yet widely available as it is brand new. The kit comes with a 2ml EVO tank and the new Aspire NX75 vape mod. The NX75 is a beautiful 75 watt TC device with an impressive repertoire of capabilities. So you can get the EVO tank and a cutting edge, upgradeable device combined for under $50.