You’ll never guess what I heard from a Leprechaun friend of mine today. I’m debating telling you. Okay, why not! Would you like to get in on a secret? Apollo Ecig is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with an ecig contest and the winner could be… you!

Unlike most ecig contest rules, this giveaway is not just limited to US residents. Winners will be worldwide. This thing is global. By the way, that is winners, plural.

So, we have global entries and multiple winners. Free ecigs to be delivered all over the world. Apollo eCig is kind of like Santa. In a way. Hey, analogies are not always easy! Point is that this is a fantastic contest!

St Patricks day giveaway

The idea of the contest is to encourage you to help spread the word about Apollo Ecigs. Just by liking the Facebook page and sharing Apollo posts you can win. You have to be 18 to enter and the contest end on March 17th so act fast, enter often and take home a prize.

Apollo is an American e-vapor industry original and has truly distinguished itself as a special e-cigarette brand that deserves your attention. There is a good reason that Apollo now sits near the top of the best rated ecig charts.

Apollo endeavor starter kit comes with two tanks, two batteries, and juice

Apollo Ecig offers a selection of vape kits that combine the best quality and phenomenal values.

It is unfortunate that vape shops are stuck with the idea that the ecig industry is the same today as it was in 2010. Vapor stores import from China and largely ignore leading USA ecig brands. Retail consumers are missing out on the American innovators and the best quality.

You don’t have to miss out! You get the best and freshest product when you buy ecigs online. Apollo has a full line of products and accessories available. Why not get some for free? Try Apollo out and…. win yourself some sweet vaping gear!

eGo Box Mod And Free E-Liquid

Let’s talk about what you will win. First, you get some cool new hardware. You get an eGo box mod e-cigarette. This is a box mod style e-cig that works with your eGo tank and works just like an eGo. No variable voltage settings to worry about and microprocessor technology to ensure safer, smoother vaping.

The eGo Box contains a 2000 mAh battery. That’s a lot of juice! In fact, not only does the eGo box give you extended vaping, it will also charge your cell phone or other USB devices.

It’s like carrying a mini-battery pack. All of that and it still fits easily in your hand.

Apollo ego box mod. comes with charger

The eGo box operates in the 4.2 to 3.3 Volt range. This will give you ample vapor without overheating. Too many of today’s powerful ecigs and RDAs actually go overboard when it comes to heating the vapor. The eGo box gives you a satisfying vape without going to extremes.

It is also 510 threaded and will work with your favorite e-cig tanks. The three click on and off safety feature will prevent accidental battery activation. There is a bottom vent for additional ecig battery safety. You don’t want to overheat and the eGo box will not. It is a safe, solid, versatile vaping product that will make a nice addition to your vape gear.

When you win, you will get the Apollo eGo Box mod, an EVOD glass clearomizer, a USB charger and an attractive carry case. make sure to use your Apollo USB charger to charge the eGo battery. Mixing and matching chargers and batteries can damage your batteries.

So, that’s the hardware that you will win now how about the e-liquid.

Win Free Apollo E-Liquid

After you win a prize package in the Apollo St. Patrick’s Day ecig contest, you will get a bunch of e-liquid. You get three 10 ml bottles of Apollo e-liquid. If you don’t know about Apollo e-liquid, you are missing out on some of the best quality, and best flavored, USA made e-liquid that you will find. Bar none.

The secret is Apollo’s own in house ejuice lab where they blend gourmet e-liquid recipes at their very best. They are staffed by professional chemists and adhere to the highest production standards.

only at Expert Vaping win free apollo e liquid

There are dozens and dozens of flavors to choose from and you can count on quality. There are also five different e-liquid nicotine levels to choose from.

So, when you win three bottles of Apollo e-liquid, that is a terrific prize by any standards.

You are also going to get one 30 ml bottle of Lindbergh e-liquid. Lindbergh is a Max VG e-liquid made for cloud chasers and are compatible with higher quality e-cigarette tanks (such as the Aspire Nautilus of EVOD glass that comes with your eGo box). Max VG is also great for RDAs.

If you are using a Max VG and an uncontrolled mech mod or high voltage set-up, just keep in mind that vaping at safer voltages may not make quite the massive clouds but it may be safer than overheating your ejuice.

air mail flavor by Lindbergh vapor company

You are also going to have a shot at winning two 16 ml bottles of Apollo’s Fa-Q Max VG e-liquid. Fa-Q is made in Apollo’s lab and utilizes USP grade vegetable glycerin, food safe ingredients and lab grade nicotine. It is a max VG ejuice so it will not work in all ecigs. Like the Lindbergh ejuice, it will work best in high quality glass clearomizers or in an RDA.

To recap, you get all of the above in a prize package. Your winning vape mail is going to arrive with the eGo box mod, three bottles of Apollo e-liquid, a 30 ml bottle of Lindbergh VG e-liquid and two 16 ml bottles of Fa-Q Max VG e-liquid. With a little luck of the Irish, you could win it all!

How To Enter The Apollo Ecig Contest

This ecig contest is a special event to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Entering is easy:

  1. LIKE Apollo’s Facebook page, SHARE the Post, and COMMENT on any e-liquid flavors that you want to win in your prize package.
  2. Buy one 10ml e-liquid bottle from Apollo’s St. Patrick’s Day ecig contest page (click the link below to go to the Apollo e-cig contest page).
  3. Enter coupon code: STPATTYS for 30% discount on your e-liquid purchase. That means you get a 10 ml bottle of top quality Apollo USA made e-juice for under $5.
  4. When you receive your order, be on the look out for a winning ticket!
  5. If you find the Winning Ticket in your order, contact [email protected] to redeem.

UPDATED NOTE TO READER, THATS YOU:) This Apollo ecigarette contest has closed. In fact, you can expect there will be no more contests or giveaways in the US as per new FDA regs that went into effect August 8, 2016. You can still buy from Apollo and why not, they are one of the best US ecig brands. Use the link below and if you decide to buy anything make sure that you use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of your purchase.

If it is March 17 then – Happy St. Patrick’s Day and the best of luck today!

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.